make $50k a year

> make $50k a year
> take in $25k in cash (I never report it)
> write off $10k in business expenses

So according to my tax return I make $15k a year.

Well I want to buy a house and I'm getting rejected by mortgage brokers even though I have $20k in the bank and make about $1k per week.

Any way around this? I want a $150k home.

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Say the cash was a gift from your parents.

They look into your parents' finances for that.

Good, fuck you i hope you never own

They didn't when I bought a house : )

Save up cash, seriously. Just get in and slap down 115K and they'll usually take quick cash.

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Pay the Taxes Scum.

taxes are theft

The cash is not a problem, they won't qualify me at my income rate. Even if I put a large sum down, like $50k, they still won't do it.

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Sadly I think this is my only option

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Quote me on this. You're going to go to Prison in the next 3 Years for Tax Evasion.

Good luck trying to prove where that $150K House is coming from.

You sound like Ferris's sister from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

You know what you're problem is?

>mountain of black cash
>doesn't pay taxes on income
>writing off personal expenses as business expenses

You reap what you sow, faggot.

I'm afraid you only option now it to start paying your fair share of taxes to Mr Sheckleberg. Yep! Being an adult stinks, sorry honey.


Veeky Forums blown the fuck out by OP in this thread.

>sorry honey

Why do all IRS cocksuckers talk like this?

don't listen to him, user. move to eastern europe. start a new life. be envied for wearing real adidas.

No one wants to pay taxes....unfortantly it can be a double edged sword.....I came across this problem myself. I got married and put everything in his name. Get a partner in crime and preferably one with a cleaner paper trail than you.

Don't listen to these fagfucks telling you to pay taxes. Faggots who promote that shit are bootlicking knuckle draggers from /pol/ that came over here when some cocksucker needed to dump his bags spammed pol with crypto news.

Their decision to lend is based more on your ability to pay back rather than the amount you give upfront. I have £111.5k to put down for a house, but because I only earn £28k I would only be able to borrow £133k. Best bet is buy outright or do your taxes properly so that you're making more on the record. You could also get a guarantor mortgage which is based on your parents financials (if they're any good)

why not just wait until u can buy one with cash? if ur able to save over 25k a year, then you'll have one pretty soon

What should he pay to "the Taxes Scum"?

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personally i would rather pay just because i live in a major metropolitan area and services getting cut directly effects me (feels less safe, more homeless, etc)

if you dodge paying tax you forfeit your right to complain about a lot of things

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Sounds like your in need of some Jewish accounting magic OP.

Even though this is exactly what the rich do.

Good lad then. Pay just enough taxes to make sure services run adequately, but undercut them just enough to cheat the jew