I've been ignoring this coin for the past few weeks, even though I own some. Why did this jump so much in one day? Why is it staying up? How high do you see it going?

Sell all of it right now, its going against heavy resistance and didn't break ATH, buy again when its 39-40

everyone around the world similtatnousensly realized litecoin was undervalued and started buying it, so buyers just keep flooding in and there are scared people who are 'profit taking' r ight now, but in reality they are just losing money in the long run, when these people realize litecoin is no longer going down, they will resume buying and the rpcie will go to 1000$ overnight easily

tempted to sell and take some profit, but wondering if there will be an influx of buyers leading up to august 1st driving the price up higher

Of I had to guess why this one is going up, it is coinbase normies buying in who are too lazy to send money to the other exchanges. They see it as being the cheapest coin of the three available there and if they split their money three ways it has a disproportionate effect on Litecoin's price. Bitcoin is known for being somewhat stable, this also helps.

I have some buys at $51, I'd never buy below the $50 ceiling though.

LTC's creator traveled to China today and showed off the coin to a bunch of people, because of the BTC fork asian markets are worried and eyeing LTC currently for stability

Nope you're just a literal retard and newfag.

Chinese and Korean market make up the large majority of it's volume, Coinbase doesnt even account for 6 percent.

buy high and sell low bro thats the way to go

Did this. I bought in high last time around (42ish) like a retard, so it was nice to get out with a profit. Buying back in in the low forties

I made ~1.5% off it, maybe instead of spouting Veeky Forums memes you should learn trading 101.

So we have the lightning network coming August 1, wasn't there a project from the nerdniggers at MIT being unveiled around the same time?

Considering dumping half of my ETH for this, after the coming profit-taking that will knock LTC back to mid-low 40s. There will be some mostly artificial price pushing again after those announcements but they're rumored to be bigger.

It mooned because a chink article messed up translating Charlie Lee and said Amazon was picking up. Don't believe these faggots.

Once the US wakes up and realizes that it was a hoax they are going to dump on July 4th and the Chinese are going to dump on us tomorrow too.

Technically speaking it could pass $150

this. It's due for a massive correction soon

Didn't it just break all time high though in the last hour?

this shit is going below $35 by 6th of july

Yes and then it went up.

So when is the fucking dip happening. In the last LTC thread everyone said it will dump below 40. But now it is above 50

it's happening right now

it dropped from $53 to $50.44 on coinbase

By morning it will be below $50 I imagine.

i don't see it going below $40 ever again

between $40-$45 is a good price to get in at

>I invested in eth instead of this
Fuck me

i wanted to buy it for 35 euro, via gdax and coinbase, but MY FUCKING BANK blocked estonia to prove my bank, and the bank opend first on monday

sell and buy back in at the low 40's.

price rocketed because of an amazon rumor.

LTC is a good hold but there's quick money to be made here.

$500 incoming


If this place wasn't a complete shill I'd answer you.

why wouldn't people dump before August 1st?

Lots of chat about August 1st, what exactly is happening ?

I bought in at $45 via bank transfer and afterwards it went up to $48 and then went back down to as low as $33 over 2-3 weeks until it rose up over the last 48 hours and I was able to cash out at $52 around 1am today.

If you bought at $48+ don't be surprised if it dips again down to the low $40s and you have to wait 2+ weeks until it goes to $55-$75 for profit. Hodl and be patient.

i'm now waiting for it to dip to $40-$44 to buy in again and that may never happen. I most likely should have hodled until it was $75+ but

some of the bitcoin community wants bigger blocks because it is the original vision of satoshi and thus conservative bitcoin.

a bigger part of the community wants segwit and for blocksize to stay stupidly small.

bitcoin might split into 2 chains. if it does expect people to transfer out of bitcoin in panic.

litecoin and eth will moon short term, maybe long term.

using Kraken ,also in Estonia. Huge gains have been made. Bought when it was 33.- Stepped out now with 45.8.-

prolly i'll regret but fair enough

Laughing at everyone who is selling their LTC beccause they think we reached the top already

If you're selling now because of a Chinese mistranslation you're a fucking idiot

Hope you guys bought in at $50...

I'm pretty sure it's going to at least .022 at this point. If it double tops there it might drop pretty hard. If it breaks the top, the FOMO will probably kick in hard and we'll moon like crazy, especially if this volume keeps up.

I agree completely. I think 0.22 will be a peak, but yes if we break through we'll see gainz like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80's.

This FOMO is real. Litecoin is actually getting promoted now in China. This has the potential for real gains. It is a better performing coin compared to Bitcoin. Eth is dropping right into Litcoin. Strap in kids.

I love the smell of gains in the morning.

but you told me to invest in the ants FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Wish I had bought more than 300 LTC
Still not unhappy though

minister you, satoshi

Litecoin taking off

Heh ethererum btfo

Why did you listen?

west coast amerifats about to wake up on their holiday off and really get the fomo pumping

>that asshole whale at 205k
There's always gotta be a bitch party-pooper.

>3~5 BTC sells assholes driving the price down
The stupidity of some people is mesmerizing.

I really hope it will go down again to 35 euro, i was in my bank today and now its ok, but i have to prove me on gdax with passport and i made it wrong so i have to wait for 24h

>some of the bitcoin community wants bigger blocks because it is the original vision of satoshi and thus conservative bitcoin.
WTF? Spread your FUD elsewhere

>Hodl and be patient
>Sells last night at 1am

fuck off with your buzzwords normie. big blocks is the original bitcoin vision we all signed up for.

> a central ledger is the original bitcoin vision we all signed up for.

if you can't afford a 100 dollar 2tb hdd go to hell you peasant.

and take your rasberry pi 2 layer centralized hub block chain with you.

> eventually, it won't be impossible to download the blockchain, because we will overcome the speed of the light
> every transaction deserves to be in the blockchain forever
> size is a social construct

>speed of light
A single fiber can transmit around 200 Tb/s or or 25 TB/s


it's like bitcoin, but a million times faster to trade with. It's going to be around for a long time and it's what you'll trade with in the future at stores

Retard lmao

is that Lucio from Overwatchâ„¢?