Cryptocurrency flaws exposed

>it is run off of fiat currencies
>it works just like Wall St
>it has value because central bankers allow it to exist
>the world still spins without it
>all initial coins mined for any type of its 700 currencies are mined with little to no effort
>designed to show you how all fiat currencies collapse when no one believes in them
>tracks every financial transaction you make with extreme accuracy to be used for nefarious purposes at a later date
>promises to give wealth when it actually steals wealth

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>tracks every financial transaction you make with extreme accuracy to be used for nefarious purposes at a later date

U wot m8

nice third grade level of analysis. Does this make you feel better about 'missing the boat' ?

why its better than gold and fiat:
>can be divisible to a fraction with accuracy and scalable
>cannot be taxed when transferred
>large to small amounts can be transferred at lightning speed across the world
>cannot be counterfeited
>cannot be taken away easily
>cannot be discriminatory against other nations
>users can be their own bank
>can be anonymous or transparent
>cannot be hacked into
>anyone with enough wealth can be a minter and mine new coins

Wow you are smarter than all of us.

here is your prize

>he's still on the boat and doesn't even care where it is going

More flaws:
>literally cannot exist without gold or fiat

Show me a Cryptocurrency that exists without either of these two.

You can't?

>can be divisible to a fraction with accuracy and scalable
so can fractional reserve lending which we already have
>cannot be taxed when transferred
IRS thinks otherwise
>large to small amounts can be transferred at lightning speed across the world
>cannot be counterfeited
700 + versions of Bitcoin
>cannot be taken away easily
Delete key
>cannot be discriminatory against other nations
Look at the Bitcoin node map and get back to me
>users can be their own bank
HFT bot traders coupled with exchanges control your destiny
>can be anonymous or transparent
But it isn't
>cannot be hacked into
Viruses can render Operating systems useless via email. Are you telling me crypto is more robust than the operating systems that run them
>anyone with enough wealth can be a minter and mine new coins
anyone scamming a new coin can mine most of the coins with a cpu and leave all the "effort mining" up to future bagholders

Sorry Prometheus you stole some fire and no one cares.

Cashing out to fiat as an end game that many people have been discussing on here only seeks to support states and centralising practices
> Muh decentralisation

fiat exists without gold.

so crypto will exist without fiat. and its likeyly heading that direction.

>>it has value because central bankers allow it to exist

even worse, when the nominative value drops to zero, all you're left with is wasted electricity. it actually has negative value.

>he's unironically this retarded

I turned 2k into 30k in 2 months, you mad OP?

Federal Reserve Notes started as $20 = 1 once of gold. It was literally a receipt for gold. Therefore, the base of recent fiat expansion was gold based. We could go back a few thousands of years to reiterate that cycle.

Todays fiat which is mostly one's and zeros need computers.
Computers contain gold and all Rohs compliant devices contain silver.

Crypto, which is computer based, uses the same computing hardware that digital FRN bucks use. Take away gold and silver and the raw material you need to build your slaved out tech devices don't exist.


You can dream big dreams and tell me about "likely in the future" but your present day and past situations prove otherwise.

I'm sorry you have a hard time with facts.

"b-but it's fake money DO NOT USE THAT please" or something like that.
Fucking jew probably got lost around Veeky Forums.

"if you don't make money how I make money you should feel bad"

OP is genuinely autistic

>I turned 2k into 30k in 2 months, you mad OP?
You wot?

You multiplied how many debt notes you have to dig yourself deeper into the illusion that you are wealthy?

They are debt notes son and you are pricing your digibucks in that trash?

Did you tell the IRS user about all your gainz?

You sound like an addict that needs his fix.

Like Wall St. is so watched over that you guys had to create an unregulated environment to get more gainz to keep your buzz.

The word is tolerance and yours is past the moon and all the way to god knows where.

we need mental health professionals on this board badly

I couldn't agree more. It would only work though if those health professionals were wholly invested in Bitcoin or one of its 700 derivatives. That way it would be completely unbiased.

/sarc/ off

>muh goobermintz

>implying the dollar is going to be worth fuck all in a year

You shouldn't talk about your regulators that way.

Any advances in quantum computing would completely destroy Bitcoin. Sounds a little farfetched in theory but when you got that much money on the line....shit happens

Who is this fine female?

>the state of no coiners on Veeky Forums

give him a break man he probably was tricked into thinking drop shipping and trading NVDA and RAD on (((robinhood))) is a respectable career choice

>the state of occult faggotry gone wild on Veeky Forums cause they think no one is looking over their shoulders

What exactly do you think fractional reserve banking is?

Dumb troll

I wish we could get some demented wojaks for this type of poster too.

It seems like the next logical progression.

Did you just get triggered?

Hold your composure soldier.

Protip bro. You can trade either fiat or bitcoin for gold if you're really that autistic about it. A 15x is still a 15x.

Didn't they teach you anything in brick laying camp?

I'm just trying to figure out how long it will take before all this freedom dries up and you realize you are bagholding the biggest ponzi scam meme of them all.

Master of Coin they said.....

Gold at zero and crypto at 7,000,000 doesn't mean anything when your morals and standards are out the door.

Just keep on printing the lie.

posts like this, lacking any critical thought, is the reason crypto subreddits will always be far superior to /biz

Post like this that get worked up when they realize that there are people out there that are not on their team and know exactly what scam they are up to is the reason why collective crypto shills get mad when someone openly veers from the agreed narrative.

I really hope crypto runs the banking world so then and only then you can use your dust pile to silence dissenters in an attempt to validate the ill gotten power you have received.

Unless of course it was always a trojan horse....

you tried

What the fuck does this have to do with morals and standards?

It could be said that trying to save currency from the ridiculous fractional reserve system we use now is a moral positive, though.

I think its funny when people say digital currency cant survive without fiat or will never go anywhere or has no real value or ect.... Im sure people where saying something relatively close to the same thing when a small group went around waving a piece of paper calling it a dollar and claimed it had value. Something only has as much value as society puts into it.
And society has been putting a lot of value into digital currency.

>Nocoiner is this mad

I'll pay taxes when I cash out, already looked into it :^)

Will we continue to see delusion like this when the crypto market cap reaches $200 billion or will nocoiners continue to spiral deeper into mental illness?

Here's my free advice for you. Spend your money on crypto instead of abusing opioids and you will be richer and happier.

Fuck off nocoiner.