I wake up in the morning to 3 Japanese whores sucking me off...

I wake up in the morning to 3 Japanese whores sucking me off. I simply lay back and ejaculate 34 times and they eat that for breakfast. I give them all 0.0000001 MIOTA and they go buy themselves mansions.

I get out of bed and use a jetpack to fly through my closet. I put on my suit then
I Throw my jetpack in the trash and get a new one. I Fly to my car where 2 whores are waiting for me. I approach them and say, "Wanna tangle?" One of them says yes, I take my jetpack and a knife and stab her to attach the jetpack onto her and then turn the jetpack onto full throttle. She flies away and I pay the other whore 0.000000001 MIOTA to keep quiet.

I get in my Lambo and drive out to the dock, where I put my lambo ontop of a hummer then we drive onto my Yacht. The whore is giving me head inside of the lambo and I am navigating the lambo-hummer-yacht to the US to do some business.

As soon as I arrive in the US the 46th president welcomes me. He says he is very grateful for my appearance. I give him 3 MIOTA and I fix the American debt crisis. I proceed to fuck the first lady live on camera and get royalties on that porn video of 0.00001 MIOTA a year.

The whore from before crashes onto shore and breaks all her bones. she says she is going to sue me. I transfer her 0.0000001 MIOTA so she can get a brain transplant in a new body then i proceed to fuck her limp broken body on the sand. the crowd applauds.

Damn, I better buy some Miota.

This shill is of excellent quality

Stopped reading at request for tangling. Autistic shilling/10

>then I wake up and realize I am nothing but the money I idolize for the sake of pacifying my greatest fears

Too real, more illusions of grandeur please

not a shill im from the future

you seem a bit repressed

Wtf? Dude just get a real job and real girlfriend and stop living these autistic fantasies.

nice i just bought 100k











sounds like you use crest whitening strips to bleach your asshole and sip ranch dressing by the glass.

I laughed. Post more autistic fantasies. Maybe one about ant shares?

Making one now,don't let the thread die

>Making one now,don't let the thread die

AKA work for me to bump this thread so ppl buy my bags

nah how about we all just stop replying to this scam thread and see how much effort the op puts in to sell it

btw no one buy iota its #1 scam

this should be the last post.

OP go fuck yourself bagboy

>Year 2018
>Be me,Father of three
>Wake up on a sunny day
>Use my inter-dimensional thingymajig that I got from my nearest experimental military research base for the cheap price of 1 ANS
>Brush teeth with custom-made toothbrush made of pure diamond that is so thin it doesn't hurt my teeth
>Throw it in the dustbin after brushing up,only cheapskates re-use objects
>Get carried outside by my 4 personal butlers
>Tip them a 0.0000000001 ANS bonus
>They fall to their feet and cry out in joy,as they will not need to care about money for the next 80 generations
>I fall down since they fell to their feet whilst they were carrying me
>Doesn't matter,I throw away my pure gold clothes and order a new one online that will be delivered in my new lambo that I had ordered a second ago
>Drive across the street
>Get to my local Veeky Forums pub,by this time,I had bought over 2 million acres worth of space for my fellow Veeky Forumsness men.
>As I drive along the street,I see a former noANS that I knew begging for 0.00000000000001 ANS
>I generously tip him 0.000000001 ANS
>He ejaculates spontaneously as his iphone7 receives a notification of my transfer
>Life is so good,all because I bought ANS at $8

Lol,I just delivered

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>I Fly to my car where 2 whores are waiting for me. I approach them and say, "Wanna tangle?" One of them says yes,

ONLY ONE WHORE WANTS TO TANGLE?? What lame ass fantasy is this??

10/10 pasta

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i-o-ta *clap
graph looking really tough *clap*
we gon go fly moon *clap*
laugh at nocoiner buffoons *clap