Why I bought 10k worth of ARK

Delegated proof of stake means I can vote for a profit sharing delegate and get like 6-8% interest rate
That's better than any fucking shitbag bank and any stock. If the price just sits there its still better than me having it in my shitty bank.

In the future I can see these delegates being run by companies, like building societys, there will be delegates for small accounts, for whales, for charitable purposes etc. All will be catered for

>> Wallet doesnt require downloading shitloads of data
Means no risk of losing my money if my HDD packs in. The wallet is totally mint and its still like a beta version so still room for improvement.
Also the fact it doesnt require all this data download means all that any device needs is a simple internet connection to operate with ARK.

>> Fast as fuck and fees are fixed and can be altered easily
I havent had to wait 20mins or 20 hours for a transaction. These things are instant

>> Big community and lots of nerds and geeks involved
This is an important sign for me. Take a look at SWT and see how many fucking hipsters are posing as developers. You know its a red flag and I was right.
With ARK these guys are flat out unashamedly geek fucks but have the bonus of having grown out of the ADHD phase. i.e. no 18 year olds.
That guy with the beard is literally the crypto Santa Claus

>> Potential for the best NFC/debit card service without needing a scammy ICO card issuer
The features of ARK like smart bridges and no need to download shitloads of data mean that there is potential to create a great debit/NFC offering.
Someone will end up making a terminal based on ARK that will accept every crypto going and all it needs is a basic connection to the internet for it to work

>> some cunt on reddit already made a service where you can create ethereum contracts by sending ARK
ez money

Agree on all points.
Would like to see Bitcoin Uncensored do a number on the devs to see if there are any weak points.
T. Sub 10 cent ark bag holder

is it a good idea to but ark right now? no shills plz

why is it just decreasing so hard then?
t. arkbagholder

I'm wondering the same thing. I wanna buy the dip and join biz_classic but I don't think we've hit the bottom yet

dont know, dont care
im in, thats all that matters

What price did you buy at?

20k sats

solid write up, user.

I purchased 2.2k @ .40cents USD.

I was always thinking about taking 20% of my eth holdings (125 total), and putting it all into ARK.

For whatever reason, I can see this shit hitting $100 in 2 years.

It's a long term hold m8. Almost all coins are in the red right now; the whole market is dipping.

Wait until Ark starts hitting their goals (check out the progress on their roadmap), and in 1-2 years we're going to see an insanely high market cap.

Price does not always equal value
Things can be high price, low value
Or high value, low price

140 @ 30k. Holding light bags.

>under $100

I sold my ark today but already want to buy back in because I just like being part of Veeky Forums shit

No whey

I bought 100k

There is none, this dipshit has been posting that same thing on every fuckin thread.

Great write up, only holding 9K of them but love the future of this coin and will aquire more. Do you have a link to that reddit cunt post?

Damn, nice grab user.

What price did you get in at?

hey i missed all the skelegates drama but i haven't got SHIT in the past month! i heard of biz_classic but it's not letting me vote for it. What do?


Trying to find ways to earn more ARK besides buying and forging. All the bounties seem to be development related so if anyone can drop some good tips I'm all ears.