Bought 500 at ($2.5) it crashed and burned after the Mayweather fight and now it took a nosedive head first into concrete after the alpha release ($1.3) lower than ICO price.


For anyone who cares, BTC: 121VWn3RNXRTNbTMjKTfC9U4afJ8WHwx2F

Sucks bud got dumped on by literal Jews so kys

>tfw I was going to buy but never figured out how to use liqui

Not always bad to be a brainlet might try at it again and buy now though for the dead cat bounce

Do a stox giveaway

Rolling for dubs

You avoided a train wreck, congrats!

>it crashed and burned after the Mayweather fight
WHOA, just like everyone fucking said it would! Incredible!

We haven't even pumped yet, it's on shit exchange only, bittrex add basically confirmed this morning, just shut the fuck up and hold. You bought 500? I have 15000. But I'm not sitting here crying like a retard. The true pump hasn't even begun. I don't even trust selling my shit on liqui anyway.

The alpha looks great and we FINNA PUMP

The fact you though a nigger would make you money is laughable. I mean it's not 1859 anymore. They don't like to pick cotton anymore

ico was $1

I send 0.5 btc good luck

>2 niggers come up with a plan to take a picture of another nigger laying in money
>yo nigger how much cah you got
>i only got like 5 racks nugguh
>iz cool nigguh we justy cash em out into ones so it looks like more money in the picture
>yeauh nigga we fi'n make millions

got any left for me my dude, im down -47% on this


wtf fuck that dude, he's bad with money. I only have 1/4th of that in my entire portfolio starting from nothing.

hep me plz. 1PF2qTutXJtykVo37JvPMcpXXAAVJHj3bY

Only if you haven't rage quit deleted that Screen shot you said you took "If Stox wins" lol

Did you guys really thought he sent me 0.5 BTC? lol

dude just sent me .5btc too. best birthday ever! thanks brother, you spoil me.

It's good that very optimistic senpai but I can't HODL it no more! :/

Cool, I guess it will drop some more then.

i had my doubts but it never hurts to just try

as long as i keep asking the chance of being blessed with some btc is never 0

Wait, where was it confirmed STOX will be added to Bittrex? Sauce please?

i'm going to pay someone on /x/ 1btc to curse you with butthole cancer.

i'm tired of having this discussion in every thread. where have you been?

Psst. Don't listen to black people ever.

just give the btc to me, im sure the cancer will come someday anyways with my luck

I was drinking and crying in my bed, thinking about the poor investment that I made.