Shittrex thread

How can such a large exchange fuck up so badly.

I'm trading around $80,000 worth of crypto and I work pretty hard to time the market. Last night trading was going well when suddenly the system won't let me pull an active order I've got in the market. It's throwing a red ERR:No_Open_Order report or some shit when my order is clearly still open. I ended up losing $3,000. Fast forward to an hour ago and the same thing happens again, but this time losing $1,000. This never happened before last night.

And what the fuck is up with all this new IP address verification bullshit? It should be optional. Just let me get online and trade my shit.

Fuck you, Shittrex.

I agree. I am so fucking tired of clicking captcha cars

Past two days Ive had to do the email 2fa to login even though I already do mobile 2fa.

I have to do it daily because of my ipv6 ip that constantly changes.

Nice blog. Bought 100k.

i have a feeling bittrex will close one day and everyone will lose everything

>coin moons
>oh shit better log in and sell!
>could not connect to captcha
>could not connect to captcha
>could not connect to captcha
>could not connect to captcha
>could not connect to captcha
>select all street signs

Same. The 2FA and all of these verification layers that are being implemented are seriously slowing me down. Sometimes it takes me several minutes to log in when those Blockfolio alerts start going off and by the time I finally log in I've lost a shit ton of money.

Hahahahahahaha. Story of my fucking life pal

Quit being a faggot we are still the early adapters plus I'm sure they wouldn't trust anyone to "fix" it

Hoooooly shit the IP email thing is driving me craaaaazy

An API key and a little coding and you'll never bother logging in again.

I'm sure it's not a big deal to you peddling sheckels to shitcoins but when there's actual money at stake the five degrees of verification involved can cost big bucks

>not being logged in 24/7 in your neetcave to react to the markets
stay poor outdoorsmen

Same here I just disabled ipv6 on network adapter. I am glad they have new ip alerts myself but still annoying

Larp harder pajeet

there have been a slew of phishing and other malicious activities targeted at bittrex lately.

im ok with doing more bullshit to log in if that means my stack doesnt just disappear one day.

Lolz, yeah fuck this site. Im just in for some coins I cant get elsewhere


Holy fuck you are all so new, go back to my days when the market was text command lines and there were no safeguards in place, you'll be glad those are there when Pajeet and co. try to access your account.

Moar like Bitch Tricks

my accounts been disabled from trading for 3 days because i changed my password after getting one off those ip alerts. got a reply petty quick saying account would be unlocked after 24 hours and accounts valued more than 1k need the enhanced picture id so i did that shit and so 24 more hours later no reply still locked