Just graduated, where is a good place to get a job?

Chicago user here

I just graduated college with a business degree. I don't want to stay in Chicago because it's a dump, and I want to re-locate somewhere that isn't a crime-infested dump, that has jobs.

Does anybody have any suggestions? My dream is to live in Wyoming, but I don't think there are too many jobs in the state.

I am looking for entry-level tech work or maybe something in sales/administration. Do you guys know of any good places?

This thread is proof that business is a trash degree, right up there with liberal arts and all that other bullshit.

The business degree is just to get your foot in the door for interviews and stuff like that. I actually have an interview here tomorrow, but I don't want to stick around Chicago

Utah isn't bad for crime and has as excellent tech market. Bozeman Montana has a good tech market building as well.

>Bozeman Montana

Holy shit really? I thought that place was a dump. Where did you hear that they have a good tech economy?

chicago has many corporate hqs, what the fuck are you on? I agree that some places are infested with crime, but many people make 6+ figures there.

I'm in Chicago too.

Anyway if you want somewhere decent with plentiful jobs, go to Utah.

But if I were you I'd work on an MBA here. Northwestern or U of C and you're set for life. In state tuition, too.

How many GNT do I need for a gf like this?

Yeah I have an interview at a decent corporation tomorrow. It's kind of a shitty position, but it pays $25 an hour.

You think I should just stick in Chicago? I don't know how shitty the rest of the country's economy is. I just prefer living in a more outdoorsy white area with less pollution and stuff like that.

Atlanta is good for tech

Is an MBA really worth it?

I have also heard that the mormons in Utah only give jobs to other mormons

Nashville, TN
>Growing economy
>one of the best police forces in US
>Tech is growing
>TN has the lowest taxes in the nation

He said away from niggers not towards them

Looks like a really comfy city

>Anonymous (ID: lV0Y7Cb2) 08/30/17(Wed)22:14:42 No.3277701 ▶
It is, lived here my whole life. I grew up 5 min from that bridge, I wholeheartedly love Nashville, and Tennessee in general

maybe, what corporation and what position?
unless it has a potential for good exit ops or promotions I would say get out of Chicago.

if you graduated with a meme degree like business and haven't found an employer while in your last year you goof'd

Quints where r u

The corporation is Uline

It probably has opportunity for promotion, can't really say for sure.

Business isn't that bad, gets you interviews.

I would be more interested in Tenessee, but I have horrible asthma and my doctor told me not to go south

Definitely more wealthy young professionals than Chi-raq

>in state tuition
>lists two private colleges


don't come to cali, we're full of midwestern shmuck instagram fuckboys.

California looks like a worse version of Chicago

Well do you want to breathe? Or not have to pay a state income tax?

hahahah you got a business degree.

Anti-business degree shills are all butthurt their parents told them to get one but they decided "FUCK OFF DAD! I'LL JUST START MY OWN BUSINESS!" but then it never really worked out and now they just move crypto around

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business degrees are a meme because its what everyone ends up majoring in because they have no idea wtf they are in college for. then they get a job in sales or recruiting lel

sf if you want money

>worse than chiraq

Business graduates only make up like 30% of every year's graduates though. It's a non-stem degree that gets you a job. Most job listings say "business degree required".

Most bachelor's degrees get you absolutely nothing, and then you have to get a masters/PhD. BA's in business are fine

This. You won't get a huge well paying job right off the bat but its a relatively broad degree. Find something you like, gain experience and move up.