Why is ChainLink hyped to go 10x shortly after the ICO ends? Is this the next OmiseGO?

Why is ChainLink hyped to go 10x shortly after the ICO ends? Is this the next OmiseGO?

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bet your fucking ass it is.

it's only because of anime-chan desu

it's a good project though. wish I wasn't in burgerland.

Anyone has a unfilled presale link?

I've been waiting for almost two weeks to get in and still havent. I'm losing hope

This threads shilling has gotten my curiosity

Presale url pls anons

Mfw no presale link



Wish I had more chainlink smart contracts to throw eth on. 300 ain't enough.

that'll buy you a pic related

A lot of heavy hitting ICOs coming out this month user.

It is best not to put all your eggs in a basket. I also put down 300 ETH in the presale.

What othre ICOs are you doing??

Enigma, Kin, Science as I am an "accredited investor" according the SEC definitions and my accountant

Might start scooping up some ZRX before all the 0x protocol based exchanges start popping up as I believe trustless exchanges is the future of Ethereum based tokens and hopefully Bitcoin and its copies if that line ever gets crossed.

Kubera will bless you.

How long will you hold for before selling?

Why bother? Sure kyber looks good (probably 5x on day 1) but I have the foresight 20/20 vision that this is a 500x coin within 1.5 years. Five hundred times, nigger. When you have Ace's in Texas holdem you go all-in.

What hoops do you have to jump through to become an accredited investor? I know you have to be in the two comma club but any paperwork or anything?

I was thinking sell 20% when it 10-12x's to recoup my initial investment. Then cash it out gradually as it hits different milestones - 30x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x. Im going into crowdsale, was too scared to pool in. Fucking take my 2eth gas! Take me to the moons of parallel universes.

Ur going in kin even with their trillion coin supply and knowing kik is a failing business?

how fast will crowdsale sell out?

Pretty much proof that you have assets worth in the two comma club minus mainly your house if you have a house.

I will always go in on tokens that bring major players on board because I like doubling up.

It is just based on the notion no major investment firm is gonna put major fucking cash up without expecting some major fucking returns.

Hmmmm, maybe I will get into kin then. I was watching a vdeo by spreadsheet boy and he passed up on kin

It has incredibly strict KYC requirements. Actually the strictest I have ever seen.

But hey if that means less people that wants in that just means I get a bigger piece of the pie.

People see that 10 trillion tokens number and sperg out, but the devil is in the details.

The 1 trillion tokens will be the only ones in circulation for 3 months, after that it will be 1.4 trillion tokens and by the first year I believe 3-4 trillion tokens. Three months is an eternity user in terms of ICOs to be the only kids selling pokemon cards on the block.

If you are a believer yeah hold. I'm not. I only believe in profit.

now your confidence got me curious user. I have myself put 200 ETH into chainlink, so shilling will make me feel good, but why the fuck do you think it will go that much higher?


Max 300 eth on that address.

Thank me later bros send that eth awaY!

250 on this address, buy some if you want.


How's this work? Won't all of the LINK go to one address?

Fuck off shitskin

They will allocate the LINK tokens according to which eth address it came from.

Sorry, I have no clue. Aren't ETH addresses for ETH only? Won't you need a new address for LINK coins or do are all ETH related coins able to use ETH addresses?

Does it matter even if you reside in US/Canada?

make a myetherwallet and you can see that you have over 50 tokens linked that that ethereum wallet

Dont send from exchange

100 ETH is lowest contribution amount?? Damn this is Veeky Forumslitist-tier. Am I missing something here senpai?

Probs not desu

>Pretty much proof that you have assets worth in the two comma club
Does it count if its all crypto?

100 ETH min is only for first class.

Economy is up next.

pls no scammy

What about red pulse ?

Yes, because the IRS considers them an intangible property which in turn is an intangible asset which in turn is an asset.


Is this legit? It looks legit to me.

someone send something to this and tell me if its a scam

Can someone verify if this is legit? I'm scared anons


Looks legit

what if you dont get 100 minimum?

It has to be legit because it's from the real website that you can verify yourself, and the lowest eth contribution ceiling was 100 eth.

This is only at 13 eth so there is still lots of room

Is the line at the bottom how much was already bought from this pool?

Yes, and you can verify it yourself by viewing the address on etherscan: etherscan.io/address/0x9677f888E576274079465d076753a4CF7416Bd77

I'm the guy who just sent 3 eth in, based on nothing but faith

>I'm the guy who just sent 3 eth in
Did you receive the tokens in your ether wallet yet?

doesnt work like that user

Tokens are coming at the end of the presale (7 days)

What I want to see is something from smartcontract.com that says the tokens will be going to the contribution addresses, and not some preset address

So there's zero confirmation until 7 days from now?

Ya there's no guarantee I'll get anything back, which is why I only contributed a small amount. But if it actually does moon (the Salesforce icon in their infographic sold me because I work in the industry), it is worth the risk of 3 eth imo

You receive the tokens at the end of the sale...

Can you preset an address or is it really sending to every eth address?

So who administers this particular pool?
Chainlink itself? Since it's on their site?

this is what im worried about

So what are the kyc requirements for ChainLink, I can't find any information on it.


worst case - you get a refund. you think they would steel your money?

One more thing, it's a clusterfuck in the Slack and there are mentions of the presale already being backlogged and oversold. There's a good chance any more contributions aren't gonna get through and you'll be walking in circles waiting for a possible refund.

So is this legit?

some random user would

just look at all the people posting these scams

not saying that this user is scamming, but we still have no proof all the tokens arent just going to his address

ive applied to the presale myself, so if i get details, ill make a thread sometime.

admins said multiple times on the slack that the tokens will be distributed proportionally to each adress. so you should be fine as long as you did not send to an screenshoted address ;-P

The ChainLink Ico got out of hand with this Veeky Forums hype. Get scammed and stay poor fags

can i use metamask for this?
or do i have to use MEW?

Welp, I put in my 1.5 eth

Do we get refunded if it doesn't hit 100?

thanks, can you link the slack?

can anyone answer this for me

should i dew it?

either. as long as you have the private key, the wallet doesnt matter.

I like MEW though

that's an answer you get before you send in money...

I got one that's almost full if you guys don't want to risk this one not hitting 100 ETH. Cap is 300 ETH so get in quick.


I chucked 1.65 ETH in, thanks for the link user

thanks pajeet, just sent 100k


what a fucking loser

Link doesn't even match address. Nice try guy.

there's an entire thread on people doing this, take care where you send things

I'll bite, no risk no gains, fuck this pleb life.

die scammer

Alright, I'm in.

just sent as well, 1.3 eth
we all gonna make it bros

Nice, just about hit the 100 ETH minimum. Any reason why they can't just refund us if they find out multiple people went in on one address?

How to get into ico? Are they traded on exchanges?