His boss pays him in fiat

>his boss pays him in fiat
>his boss has him on record as working there
>he pays taxes on his wages
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t get paid in monero

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I work at a software startup and get paid 0.5 XMR/hr

no recording an employee and paying the proper taxes is tax evasion. getting paid in monero doesn't help you evade taxes, at best it can lower your taxes but it still leaves a paper trail the IRS can find. so i hope you are putting away a little bit every pay cheque if uncle sam comes knocking.

I'm not for or against Traps.

It's just fap material.

>paper trail

how do you pay for your food and rent/mortgage?

does your grocer take monero and landlord/bank?

I sell monero at in person trades. I live in the bay area and have no shortage of customers. I keep cash only and have no money in my bank account. I pay for everything in cash.

This man is right. Thinking that the IRS can't find you just because your being paid in Monero is dangerously naive.

The IRS will get their money, one way or another.

and you've never filed your taxes before and your employer doesn't either?

I'm currently recieving SSDI as my only reported income. I highly doubt my company is solvent at this point so I have no clue what my employer is doing

>no recording an employee and paying the proper taxes is tax evasion. getting paid in monero doesn't help you evade taxes

Can confirm. Happened to a female friend of mine. Except her situation was different. IRS caught up to her pretty quickly and she got fucked.

If they go down, your going down with them.

LOL you are on government benefits and you don't know if your employer files taxes and lists you as an employee?

are you kidding me? how much is your monthly rent and how much are you receiving in disability because right off the bat if uncle sam looks at where you live and its way more then how much you should be able to afford on disability, boom red flag.

I have an escape plan and dual citizenship with a country I will leave unnamed. Worst case I never come back to the US. I have enough monero to possibly retire in the country my parents are from.

I'm pretty sure he doesn't. I think this company has another month or two left. A week ago i came in and they had shut off water in the building.

>I have an escape plan and dual citizenship with a country I will leave unnamed.

They can easily track you with your passport and cancel it anytime. Then once you get caught you get extradited back.

Already checked my dude, no extradition treaty.

haha, get your plane ticket and passport ready. the fact that you don't even know if your employer has listed you as an employee while you are on disability is already cause to start planning. you really didn't think this through. lol, giving up American Citizenship for a couple thousand dollars in taxes while other people in the world pay millions for it.

fucking hell.

OP you are so fucked lmao

I just texted my boss and he told me he doesn't have me or anyone else listed and in fact the company itself does not exist on record.

He also has 90,000 XMR. He's shown me his wallet. I'm not persoanlly worried about not being paid.

It's only me and one other employee.

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Especially since once your under investigation your prohibited from leaving the country and they cancel your passport immediately.

This monero poses danger to the very foundations of society

monero poses no big danger because governments will not allow exchanges and banks to work with it. if people who use monero keep it on a personal level where they exchange physical cash for monero then yes, they can evade the system. however physical in person transactions are cumbersome and will not allow for wide spread adoption.

monero will never reach mass consumption though there is a niche market for it if you are criminal scum, but then again if that's the case you can always just use any other crytpocurrency with a tumbler service.