Let's discuss Omise/ OmiseGO for serious once

Let's discuss Omise/ OmiseGO for serious once.

>Do you think their platform has a future?
>How will other payment systems adapt?
>Can they even deliver?
>Are unbanked people in SEA really gonna be interested in OMG as an alternative?
>general thoughts and predictions

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Mick fucking donalds

cuz like plasma and stuff

There's no way the announcement is for an Apple partnership. No idea what it actually is though. The coin still has a bright future with how hard asia has been adopting it.

honestly, I sold all mine today. The McDonalds news was fucking pathetic, Omise the payments company has a partnership with McDonalds, not Omise. As of right now, OmiseGo does not even have its own wallet, as of right now the framework behind OmiseGo does not exist, just the token. I might buy back in later once this McDonald's hype wares off and people realize that OmiseGo has nothing to do with Omise or McDonald's.

>implying we're not serious once

>OmiseGo has nothing to do with Omise or McDonald's
u wot. you're going to ragret this

what if the big news is a desktop wallet? saw that rumor somewhere. will that be a positive or negative catalyst? i'm thinking it will trigger a sell-off because people are expecting yuge news from all the shilling.

>OmiseGo has nothing to do with Omise
Yeah its just a coincidence they share the same name.

the news was fucking McDonalds today, it will be a desktop wallet next. and then maybe we will get some info about collab with the Thai govt, trying to help people enter the financial system in december

>people are expecting yuge news from all the shilling.
Veeky Forums expects apple normies do not. i have never believed this meme nor will i.

$20 by september

>the news was fucking McDonalds today,
you're saying that like it's nothing. that's huge. you will unironically be able to buy burgers with your omgs

OmiseGo grew out of the blockchain lab at Omise, Omise is a payments company, like debit payments OmiseGo seeks to get unbanked people in third word countries into the financial system. the two are seeking different goals and Jun has been trollig/teasing with the news so hard. I really wish Jun would stop being so fucking dodgy and greedy because I love the Idea and I think they can pull it off. Jun jeeps saying "oh we have moa newsa cum soon"
>Shit news drops
>is this the news?
>"Ahyessu, but moa newsa cum soon, bery nisa newsa"


No you wont, Omise not OmiseGo, is a payments company. Omise recently signed an agreement (weeks ago) with McD's that they would process their transactions (Debits credits) as this is what Omise does. You will not be able to buy burgs with OmiseGO, you will however be able to use an Omise card swiper and have your payments processed by them.

how many lady boys will I be able to buy with 250 OMG


Whales are doing whale things, send help

nice response faggot

I think the point their trying to make is that OMG stands to benefit (in the future) from any existing infastructure/partnerships Omise has. If their machines are already in 1000s of locations across Thailand, OMG's crypto payment aspects will be easily implemented. This means that, once OMG is a finished product, it can be adopted quickly and seamlessly since the infrastructure for it is already in place.

The exodus desktop exist already supports omg

>Are unbanked people in SEA really gonna be interested in OMG as an alternative?

sorry about this. maybe people from HK,Japs,Korea,Tiny SG and some of Chinks & Thai will Interested in OMG.
but I said no on Majority People on SEA, they prefer real things like mineral, Gold etc than digital currency, cuz SEA region was rich as fuck on Mineral things etc.
my dad never trust about Cryptocurrency even he know about Bitcoin Price Rocket since 2012.

t.SEAfags & hodl 24 OMG


thats silly, most people dont do any investing, but asians are massive consumers.
its about their reach, the market potential is massive if their (what is now) niche becomes mainstream even in the slightest

>the big news is a wallet
Yeah, I don't think this semen slurping coin is for me

it's silly to other especially to western people, but this is the true, yes asian was massive consumer, but they prefer real things than digital, majority people in here still invested in Gold, Diamonds, Silver and other mineral

I agree that Omise being an established company is good, but a 1 billion dollar valuation for a coin that doesnt even have a desktop wallet? I believe OMG has a bright future and this is why i hate the Jun is always so sleazy about "News". I'm fucking sick of it and it causes hype bubbles.

>OmiseGo has been around since 2013
>70+ team

He has no idea what he's talking about. Omise, the company has been around since 2013, omiseGo grew out of the Blockchain lab at OmiseGO.
It's almost like he hasnt researched it past the home page.

This is your own fault. The hype is in yours and the other idiots heads.

Time to sell? Rising wedge and bearish divergence. Might be time to get into LTC

i sold all mine today for 200% profit

XMR and PAY is what i dove in to, LTC is fast and cheap for sending transactions right now while btc is high so that probably a good pic too. PAY hasnt mooned yet while similar platforms like Monaco and token card have. I dont actually think that the MCO, PAY or TKN coins have value since they are essentially just reward points for using the cards, but i think there is enough retards who think is does for PAY to moon a little more.

you just made me burst out laughing at that last bit, thanks

>they prefer real things to digital
its not what they prefer its what they have.
asians dont hold gold and silver

alipay makes more sense. also heard of something with the Australian govt but dont know anything bout that

thanks for this info. i kinda had a feeling that these blockchain payment coins dont really have any real world use and the tokens are overvalued based on hype.

do you think neo has a better future than omg?

u sound upset about not catching the omg rocket every time it moons

Juggling with the idea but September should be a very good month for OMG. I probably will hold, try to flip it if patterns become more predictable.

Vitalik Buterin as a co-founder is what really legitimizes this coin for me.

Am I an idiot?

I don't see how a coin with the inventor of the second largest crypto is a scam coin destined to fail. I think these great gains since the coins release is just indication of the coins ETH-like potential.

same. He only advises one other ico, so having money skeleton on board isnt nothing

Is this a dump?

>questioning coin with billion dollar cap
shut up and buy it, or sell me your bags

Yeah buy back in when "everything is up to your standards" and the price has doubled. We are never going under 11 again unless btc tanks and takes everything with it
Why do people type on the keyboard this bullshit thinking your opinion matters when it's literally worthless

you are so scared about losing your gains. being aggressive wont stop it.

>He only advises one other ico, so having money skeleton on board isnt nothing

whats the other one? kyber? isnt that the same as omg, though?

no, neo is even worse, built off nothing but "Chinese Ethereum". I honestly only trust monero ARK, Qtum and Bitcoin at this point.

i wish this shit will dip a little

I do think the idea behind OmiseGo is good and is valuable because its backed by Vitalek and an established payments company. but Jun is jerking everyone around with his News cycles, he builds the hype and its literally fucking nothing every time which makes me think that not much work is being done. ill buy back in at 9.50


No do not buy NEO

Sell your NEO

MG that was ??? autistic screeching


some goy was spamming bitfinex with .01 orders to lower market price, idiots fell for it so now we have to start the $11 climb over. why is there no system in place to block spam like that? or at least not let it change the market price

Well neo is direct competition to him eth the fact that he acknowledge it makes me want to buy some more

>billion dollar asset
>backed by money skelly, asian paypal
>$11, wallet not even out yet
>techcrunch disrupt presentation
hold and remember this moment for when your grandkids ask

no and it's not a person it's a bot hitting the API programmed to do exactly that

im all in on margin
wish me luck

Re-read their whitepaper and it will make you want to go all in

>whales will take your money

>idiots fell for it
There is no system to make idiots know their shit.

WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING? Honestly, are you just going to wait for it to shoot to $20? To $50? To $80?

Will you still feel good about having waited for a pull because it was *just* out of your reach?
Fuck man, just buy that shit right now. It's quite simply not going to drop below $10.

Do you know how rare it is for a coin like this to come along?