Pajeet here. How to Bitcoin paper wallet?

Pajeet here. How to Bitcoin paper wallet?

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1. Print it
2. Assemble it
3 Scan open key and transfer money
4 Open it, scan private code and use money

Do you need to generate key and code on secure offline machine?

And is there paper wallets for altcoins?

give to make point 1 and point 2 to some man
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Should I build Faraday cage instead, to prevent wifi?

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1- Access
2- Click on the link and go to github sauce
3- Download it and put it on a usb
4- Disconect all your Hard Drives and internet cables
5- Boot a debian on a usb stick
6- Unzip the github files and run the .html
7- Follow the procedures and print the generated paper wallet afterwards
8- Check if the address is indeed unused (it will be)
9- Transfer your coins to the public address. You might want to try and send a smaller quantity first to see how it works, but beware of the high fees.

9- Spare me some change:

What site

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you can use waves platform to hold BTC too

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Thanks based user. But I only see address there. Something like this:


Where is the key everyone talks about, like with trezor?

make sure to generate the walett offline Nakul

I use and it's self explanatory with instuctions

First I download Ubuntu linux OS to flash drive (since I'm windos user, run Linux OS from flash drive and so on. You'll need to maatch up the image properly if you want neat looking wallet so the frint matches the back, just folow the directions.

THink if it like an email,: the public address is your email address, the pvt key is like your pass word. Both will be printed on your piece of paper.

Later if you want to use it, NEVER send part of it at a time (as the paper says). Get electrum, sweep wallett to electrum, from there you join Bttrex or Binance. I like Binance because it's easy to withdraw money, Bittrex wont verify me even with a eal name and address so that's a real pain or will be when I waant to take more than $100 out. Binance is up to 2k/day unverified.

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then you can send some money to bittrex/binance/any exhange, keep some in electron, trade your bittrex for ethereum, litecoin, monero, altcoins.

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I make new thread about how to source paper.


what danger am I in if I simply generated a paper wallet from and printed it directly without disconnecting my harddrives/internet?

then you must born usb stick and used computer,
then pepole who buy you wallets will kill you for make sure

I'll tip you some LTC if you can answer a few more questions with a bit more detail;

what is Debian? I googled it and it seems to be an operating system? installable on a USB drive?

how do I disconnect my harddrives? do I open the case of my computer and physically pull the cables?

how do I boot my computer if the harddrives are disconnected? is there a safe way to do this without disconnecting hard drives?

what are the possible consequences if I just printed a paper wallet from bitaddress without disconnecting internet/harddrives

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This. My cousin Pajeeta would also like to know.