For what?

LTC at 67 dollhairs

Only because bitcoin has doubled in price in the last month. It's definitely not because people are investing in that shitcoin.

oddly enough, this shitcoin is the only one that's actually good to use as a currency

Amazon is about to accept BTC and LTC for prime members..

Git fukt fagit

but biztards dont recognize the affiliation with btc and ltc. they dont understand that they both came out to compliment each other and that every coin is a threat to their precious eth

ltc/btc has gained from 0.01 to 0.014 in the last couple weeks - that's a 40% move right there

there are already 5 or 6 threads on this in the catalog



It is because BTC is controlled by that reddit shithead and his cabal of fucking niggers in Blockstream pretending to be the Illuminati.

This is why I only hold ETH and LTC.

ETH/LTC/XMR master race reporting in

The real trifecta right there

Being a feg

I'm sorry Satoshi Jr.

youve got it all wrong. btc cant be controlled only this and all future forks can. the foundation of crypto is what decides its fate. all newcomers are opposition controlled and manipulated by bankers

Tell that to the fucking Jew Cabal suing Segwit2x by patent trolling them so Bitcoin can no longer evolve to what the God Satoshi wanted it to be, the future.

>price completely stagnated for months
>literally 1000% gains elsewhere
>someone comes along at 12:00AM in the morning with millions of dollars
>pumps it up
>every time the pumpers stop, it bleeds it's value down
>every market's LTC is bouncing between two huge walls controlled by the same guy who continually sells his stock into people placing buy orders

wow so good, so not only are the gains shit, but the market doesn't control them. Hopefully they don't decide to sell away all the gains and drive the price down to accumulate again

Doesnt need segwt, all satoshi said was up the blocksize. It's already nt following Satoshi whitepaper, solving scaling with any solution but bg blocks.

BTC will get worse and worse until there's no good will for it and no one pays the Lightning Nettwork subscrption fee.



can anyone back up these claims? usually a pump means a crash afterwards. i havent seen a ltc crash since back in '13. only a steady appreciation, as a reliable currency should

>can anyone back up these claims?
Yeah, it's called looking at any graph, or being there when it happens.
Every time LTC's price moves, it does so quickly in less than an hour, sometimes in less than 10 minutes. Buy orders of 2000+ a placed repeatedly devouring through any sell walls sitting there.

They then place a massive sell wall at a price they want to cap (because they're the only one buying at that volume) and a massive buy wall at a bottom price so they can bound the value, and as people place orders, they sell into them. They move the walls around to be safe sometimes, but that's the general idea.

>i haven't seen a ltc crash since back in '13. only a steady appreciation, as a reliable currency should
You're either a Liar or when you see "I haven't seen" it's because you don't look. It literally crashed from 58 down to 35 in July

You Litecoin religious nuts are insane, and liars too

LTC going up is a good sign that fresh newfags are entering the market

you're fudding in this thread too, sad man, what did litecoin do to you?

That's one thing I can agree with.
Newfags buy it on Coinbase and read into all the cultists pushing it.
It's no wonder they drove the price up, easy gains off retards who got into the market too little too late

"Bitcoin" stopped existing in all but name on Aug 1

momentum attracts momentum
it might be wise to take a position in it if you haven't, simply because it's cheap and on coinbase
if this bubble is going to continue, there's no reason litecoin shouldn't be in the triple digits

no it still exists, it's called BCC now

Sorry cutrate Satoshi

why, because it stopped crashing?

Wrong. Bitcoin doesn't have an EDA