How did they know?

How can I cash out my crypto gains

Please explain

what did you do

They knew you were buying drugs because they Mark all of their coin and they know exactly where it goes. Coinbase works with the NSA and IRS

you are fucked

Idk what happened desu.
I might have sent coins to a Btc tumbler and they had that blacklisted

shapeshift or buy monero if you want to buy drugs on dark web idiot. now you are flagged

Vendor didn't take monero.
Anyway, is it safe to go from btc to monero on an exchange? Is that trackable

Party van rolling out eta in 10

>uses coin base
>Is that trackable????
lmao dude what are you even doing

Use QuadrigaCX now if you're in the US or Canada


only use vendors that take monero
or you can go btc -> xmr -> diff btc acct if you are desperate

once it goes to xmr it is no longer traceable

looks like you got coinfirm'd

transactions on exchanges are handled on an internal ledger so it depends on how easily these watchdog groups can get info out of the particular exchange you use, I imagine keeping track of Monero withdrawals is probably a valuable piece of information

>Anyway, is it safe to go from btc to monero on an exchange? Is that trackable

The fact that your even asking this just screams you were doing illegal activity.

Well yeah but it was mixed supposedly

It was actually a legal product, that just so happened to come from a site with illegal products.


OP good luck in pound me prison

OP, I'm sure you'll be fine.
Like you said you were buying a legal product. It's probably just a flagged website. Surely if you google how to cash out, you'll find a way.
By the way OP, how much BTC is at stake here?

The mixer I used was probably flagged.
I've been moving away from cuckbase anyway, It was just my link to my bank account.

Now I just need a new way to cash out

Haha you bought a sex device you degenerate

buying into ICO's without informing the government has now been ruled as illegal activity.
hope you reported those buys

Or just send the BTC from literally ANYWHERE other than coinbase.

Quadriga is alright, only problem is a week long withdrawal if you're doing large amounts.

like directly from your coinbase wallet? That's pretty fucking retarded bro.

Lmao now you and your credit card /bank account are blacklisted . Expect even police at your door you junkie

I use my Coinbase wallet to buy rc's on the clearnet with no problem so far. But... I've realized that if I cash out and do my taxes, they'd probably trace it down and shaft me.

Good god almighty you are a special kind of faggot retard aren't you


The OP is slow. Not realizing eventually coinbase is going to hand over that ytpe of information and he'd be fucked anyway. op is probably b roke anyway and cashing out to him is like $50

good goy using cuckbase. enjoy your fees

you can just send it to gdax, why do people ignore this? Coinbase is fast and works perfect, and if cucks want to pay them their optional fees, let them