Damn it feels good knowing you will have tripled your initial investment by X-MAS

Damn it feels good knowing you will have tripled your initial investment by X-MAS

I've already more than doubled my investment and am so long on IOC I'll probably never sell it, just lease it next decade.

my children and their children and their childrens childrens children will inherit the Dions that i am now accumulating

we will be (dramatic pause)
a part of the new Dionasty


god it feels good being a part of the Dionasty

Oh god I have 10k coins and I'm ready to get pumped full of IO moon mission splooge

Enjoy being a millionaire, user. Don't forget about us little people.

What if it crashes to nothing


I-impossible, w-we are in a b-bull market.

Then I'm super fucked obviously. But this is a pretty educated guess that up is the only direction. They will have a better product than 98% of the coins above it right now, and 99.999% below it. You can also be a whale user, this might be your one final shot after BTC and ETH


DIONS create an impenetrable, ever increasing buy wall of support on all exchanges. one of its key features.

A lot of faggots/fudders in a thread really tell you something.

These are the people who buy OMG after it hit $10 because they are such cucks they need everyone to do something and then they FOMO. Take charge for once guys, this will help you in real life as well

I guess you right. I'll buy 1k Low coin supply product coming soon... Presenting at fintech awards... No marketing so far but will be marketing soon... IBM on the board... And getting on more exchanges... Kinda sells itself. Thanks guys.

Glad to show you this coin. Someone else showed me a month ago and I started accumulating at $2.00 very happy with the investment.

Good luck mooning brother

When DIONS comes out in September this thing will explode. I also love the alias dns system, great for normie adoption.


Good luck bro the shilling is just getting started. We're creating an army of IOCeals.

Sorry brother, but you still have a few weeks

holy fuck user...

Redpill me on this coin. Why should i buy it. And when will the moon mission starts.

why is this so good?
why is it neglected by the market?

You'd have to be some special kind of stupid not to buy this in the next 3 weeks.

Quick rundown of IOC:
It's pretty much a custom wallet and platform made from scratch that utilizes the IO blockchain to:
>decentralize messaging and chat
>decentralize file storage, ownership and sharing
>create custom aliases for addresses (example: coffee-shop.io instead of i138jd47c3n45423nx4) staking (holding coins in the wallet generates you more IOC over time in exchange for authenticating and confirming the blockchain) as opposed to the inefficient mining methods
>dapps: decentralized third party applications working on the blockchain, using IOC tokens probably.

All these features are coming in 3 weeks user. Low Marketcap and Low Coin Supply.
And lots of other things down the line (read about chameleon).

You know when you have to check each and every number and letter on the smart contracts?
Too bad, you don't have to do it if you have an alias.

Not bad Not bad.

Thanks for the sum up. Very nice user. What are the competitors right now, so i can compare and then i might buy some.

Not much really.

Obsidian is purely messaging, but there's are in the very early stages.

Storage wise, storj and sia but they both again are very new and still in its infancies.

Driven by autism for perfection, the IOC team literaly has messaging, storage, and fucking aliases with the next shift being side chains that manage to interact with the main chain helping to take care of network bloat.

We're looking at a top 5 coin in the making

I think ICO is great but I probably needs a rebrand to truly moon.

Why would it need a rebrand? There is literally nothing wrong with the project.