Who /hands of steel/ here?

Who /hands of steel/ here?

Let me guess, Etherium? This looks like a doubletop formation m8 are your hands ready for another shakedown?

I have 13 coins but the bulk of my portfolio is in ETH yes. Only because I bought at $16

Look at my hands

what coins

I had about 80% of my portfolio in LSK for that pump, sold it all off at 0.0016. Distributing profits into BAT, ANT, and BCH currently


Check out these hands lads

Started out with $1500 in April. Taken profit here and there

Ez to hold when you are making money. I got the real grip of life here. Holding all the way to $0 or $100000

similar to me OP


>Selling at a loss

Checking in. Started back in February but I deleted blockfolio several times because I was getting addicted to checking every 10 seconds.

97% Ether
3% OmiseGO


ARK is my only long HODL but I never sell at a loss.

Just noticed everyone ITT is a fiat fag, here is in USD. Remember fiat keeps losing value while BTC keeps gaining it, acquiring BTC should be your primary goal.

Showing the fiat value can be more accurate in these times of BTC rallies and instability
You might have a downward BTC graph but an upwards fiat one because of it

Exactly my point and next year the fiat will be worth less while the BTC will be worth more making keeping track of fiat pointless and misleading as you could be losing BTC but not notice due to gaining fiat.

>all these massive dips where everyone has had to edit their bitcoin transaction when buying alts

get your shit together, blockfolio

>acquiring BTC should be your primary goal
No. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency just like all the others, and it has no use or real value. Acquiring ETH should be everyone's primary goal.

I don't know...

BTC: 18FxdnX4kri4VqQDaae5F8Wj5N86xWUuMm

I emailed them about this and apparantly its in their pipeline to have API inputs from the exchanges, meaning you won't have to do this manually

I don't want to fucking give my exchange info to an app, since every single one to have done this so far has turned out to be a scam to steal money.
I just want sales to increase my btc amount, and purchases to decrease it, is it so fucking hard?

So instead of selling for a 10% loss and moving funds into winners, you basically just made literally nothing over the span of weeks or months?

Wew, bravo lads

ZRX marine here. Platinum hands hodling


when the bubble pops, you retards with hands of steel will be holding your phones crying.