Today i lost everything

I lost my OMG portfolio by sending to the smart contract address
Veeky Forums i have nothing left in the crypto game i am so sad.
If any of you care about the story I pasted my Meta Mask address into the withdraw tab on Bittrex and for whatever act of the OmiseGODS or KEK himself it autofilled the smart contract. I am devastated. i even sent 4 OMG just to be safe and make sure. saw that they populated and sent my whole load in :(
screen shot to prove it

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good goyim

So you have no more money then? Now you're worthless to me, can't shake more coins out of your pocket with the latest sack of hot air, you might as well go now faggot.

leave this board poorfag. you are blocking my sun

What exactly happened?

I can send you some ARK..

>screen shot to prove it
All I see is a red triangle...

Attached is the jpeg...
It autofilled the smart contract address after clicked the blue withdraw "max" arrow

screen shot

i even sent a small increment (4.5 OMG) to test the wallet

leave this board poorfag. you are blocking my sun


Holy shit.

no bully pls i have no feels left

rip wow
so your browser autofill had the smart contract address saved? i dont see where it could have come from, had you interacted with the contract before?

so bittrex auto withrew the rest of your omg?

Sorry OP send me 1 ETH and i'll double it for you.


RIP my man. That's definitely worse than me losing 27 Neo while sending them to BTC address. Trying to start all over again myself.
But how the fuck can it autofill anything? I have to be careful now

i added it to meta mask earlier so it had to have been there before
when you click the blue withdraw button it fills the withdraw with your max wallet... i was focused on my 2FA and not re validating my wallet address...

now i have to wagecuck longer and miss out on the moon mission :( was in OMG since $6 not as impressive as some of these savage crypto thugs but still i was hodling away


Rocky lost his title
Rocky trained hard
Rocky won title back
Be like Rocky

if i were you i would try getting in contact with the OMG team and they could possibly send the tokens back?
its not like they are inaccessible or that you sent them to an address that doesnt exist

1 misclick = $35k gone

press F to pay respects.



When will crypto address this problem? This seems to happen a lot?

Lets be honest, it's easy to mistake an address. They need an address book with names that apply to those addresses.

Thanks OP, you made all our remaining OMG more valuable. Sorry for your loss though.

If only we had some sort of alias system built to facilitate real world adoption, hmmmmmmmmm.

Wow that fucking sucks. You're taking it better than I would.

>mfw deposit/withdraw

I'm really sorry this happened to you. I guess just buy two BTC and hope that it reaches $30K eventually. :(

Hey at least he has a job. He will get back fast.

What is it?

Sad for you user. I lost .25 btc (25% of my folio) by sending it to my bch address... I double checked the address.

Really sorry man. It's still my biggest fear with crypto. One accident and you're fucked.

Stay strong user.

I lost $5k in unrealized gains today and I thought that felt awful.

>I double checked
Well you didn't apparently

i didnt even come here to beg like the pajeet you are acting like... and i only have like .04 eth from gas left over.. its salt in my wound

Someone explain to a brainlet what exactly happened here?

this could work no? if someone with access to the OMG address would do it, its possible to send back from the address even though its a smart contract right?

terrible man, but why do you have your entire portfolio in one coin?

This is why transferring shit is the most stressful part of crypto

I remember you

double checked the wrong address. The money was intended to buy OMG at 2.50$... makes it even more painful.

I pm'd Neo team again just now. I still want it back.

Will this problem ever get addressed though? Some sort of confirmation with a PIN would be a good idea. I guess it's a whole other problem to implement.

leave, no coiner.

i can be rebuilt
we have the technology
If there is a OmiseGOD out there you can bring me back from the grave you have the screenshot

NXT is addressing this I think

>ctrl-c deposit address 10 times
>triple check deposit address is the same as the withdraw address
>click withdraw
>open confirmation email
>check one more time
>click withdraw
>coin doesn't show up in deposit wallet immediately

fell for the smart contracts meme

Press F to pay respects


OP I want to help
Post wallet?

You gonna send 3.50 to him?

Shouldn’t you be able to export private key of the BCH address, import into BTC wallet, and have access to those coins?

Better than nothing. You should too, you sad sack of diarrhea.

It was on bittrex. I opened a ticket but they won't do crosschain recovory under 5k. Wish I hadn't told them, they just let them know and they most likely jewed me out of my money.

To OP's credit, he did not post his wallet even once. That alone leads me to believe his story. But then again, he is getting attention, hmm...

>under 5k
>lost 30k

never mind youre not OP
i need to go to bed

You got me confused with OP.

Had a similar story with .25 btc.

>tree fiddy
>better than nothing
Nope. Kys

Not an OMG holder so I'm not really understanding what happened here. What's a "smart contract address" and why wouldn't the coins just bounce back from an invalid address?

Not OP

how to actually do it
>check address 3x
>send a third of a single coin
>wait for it to show up
>triple check the address to the deposited address as a cross reference
>send the rest

thanks user
you can store etherium tokens in the same wallet to consolidate them you just need to import their address to identify how much of each you have hope that helps

devastating, this was a 30k usd lesson.

i did, see the screen shot, i sent 4.5 tokens lol it confirmed, then sent the rest, i guess i moused over the autofill options idk, fuck im so sad. it was my legit shot at no more wage cuck. i was more all in that the other thread earlier today

>d the smart contract address after clicked the blue withdraw "max" arrow
>screen shot
I know, i wonder how many millions has been lost to simple fuckups like this. I lost 12 bitcoins back in 2011 in a similar situation.

damn op... i dont have much (poorfag). give me your address and ill give you an omg or 2 for the sake of solidarity. we're all going to make it.

>hope that helps

not really, as I don't have an ethereum wallet. I feel bad for you tho, user. If I wasn't a poorfag I'd help you out.


I'm in tears for you, seriously.

Some one once posted it once. said ALWAYS SEND LARGE AMOUNTS IN INCREMENTS OF 25%... that actually the reason i only lost .25 btc. I was about to send .5 ....

So, yeah, anyone reading this thread. triplecheck and INCREMENTS,



>or KEK himself
You deserved to lose everything, don't worry

So.... is there no way this guy can get his coins back? Someone can't reverse the transaction?

trips confirmed it
anons only you can rebuild me

I'm sure the devs can but if they care is a different story

Okay, now let's move on. Buy Obsidian and make 10x in a few days. Move on!

It's called DIONS.

I don't think Diogenes would give a fuck about cryptos but I approve of the reference

I bought at ICO. When is it hitting the exchanges?

literally a poorfag now cant buy nothing for a while :( i had put what little shillings i had in crypto hoping it was the ticket

shit bruh.....sorry user, I wish you the best and hope you can slowly rebuild the empire

You're really taking this well.
Good stiff upper lip there. Ancestors be proud

I'm sorry to hear that, user


My guess Is they will take it as a tip
And spend it on coke and sex




my shame

I am a guppy but 3 OMG is coming your way so you can still be a part of the moon mission user. Any whales wanna match me?


Sent 100 eth. Good luck!

Fuck man that sucks too bad you aren't part of the expedition crew anymore

KEK wills it

I know the OP he's not lying guys i won't be able to sleep now thanks asshole!

Hope this was not an elaborate scheme to collect free shekels

Found your tokens, OP -

Thanks user
and yea, dubs XD only good thing today
my hopes were up, then i realized you cucked me, if i had any feels left they would be sad

dude plz get them out

Unfortunately, I don't have the private keys, Omise Go does though.

Is it safe to click that shit ?

Will op get his omg back ?
Will crypto ever address the transferring of funds to another address issue?

It's the OMG address on ethersca...yes it's safe to click. I imagine some software will at some point build in safeguards to prevent this, but I personally prefer having absolute autonomy over where I send my crypto. If you fuck up, it's your fault and no one else's. Period. It sucks balls, but that's the nature of crypto. It's just like cash. Drop it in the wrong place and it's gone for good.

IOC, their DIONS wallet to be exact. They will have a crypto alias system.

My fellow IOCeal....

Direct them to the thread general kind sir

3 weeks boys. 3 fucking weeks, its happening!!!!!