NEO most potential top 10 coin

NEO is overwhelming coin to top 10 coins.

and heres why:

- NEO has just started
- first ICOs coming = price going to skyrocket
- marketcap already 1.7 billion dollars
- NEO is top 10 coin even NEO is avaleble only few exhanges, more to come and price going to rise

NEO is so bargain now.

NEO is triple digit coin

NEO didn't just start. It has been AntShares for a while

you not read the news yesterday or something?

There are enough actual pajeet and chink shitheads here without you larping as one.

news was not about NEO

regulated all ICO scams, that included Etheriums ICOs and everybodys ICOs

this news was not about NEO

yup. retards think NEO was banned from China or something

and China not banned ICOs, just regulated that it not tolerate ICO scams

Ethereum is already its peak.

Not to suprise if NEO is going to be bigger than Ethereum.

Given the number screeching neo threads at the moment it seems that real money has stopped buying in.

quit telling them they're retards so I can accumulate more

I bought the 8/30 midnight dip, watched it bounce off the 62%, now its settling on the 38% after dipping below 38% and bouncing off the 50%.

Prolly gonna go up somewhat from here as the 'news' fades. I wouldn't count on a large rise given ghost month tho

But seriously...
I don't get paid till Friday
If you believe in it just let it be and don't screw over those of us trying to buy in at the dip.

that and from 8/1~ to ATH on 8/14~, it was hovering at just above 50% which is considered a 'moderate' time to buy in during a retracement. The news brought it down to 62% - which is consider a safer bet

>ghost month

this fucking meme...

when does this ghost month end? september?

get a load of this guy. not respecting other cultures. go back to /pol/, dude

congratulations for good sale!

now thing has settle down and people realize that it was false alarm, and that news was not about NEO

now thing seems to return to normal by little by little, NEO is still sale now but looks its going to uptrend and return soon 0.01 level

>Hello Sir, I am pajeet man and Veeky Forums made me buy coin. Now it is going down and I have poo in my pants instead of street. Please everyone buy NEO so I don't lose my $50 please Sir.

You bagholders really start pissing me off. Just don't be greedy and sell at a profit. And don't buy the goddamn ATH and complain that it doesn't double within 2 days!!

>NEO has just started
Company exists since 2014 and they didn't do anything besides a rebrand and buy a shitload of PR. There is not even ONE smart contract so far.

>first ICOs coming = price going to skyrocket
Since ICO announcement, price tanked hard, if the ICO had an impact, it was a negative one because demand did not rise, it fell down like the price.

prepare for pink wojak september lmao

Also NEO is a shitcoin and absolutely overvalued. I hold a few but seriously - how is it better than NEM or ETH? No chance competing with them, they both are much further developed, have a bigger and better team and are the bigger brands. They outpace NEO as we speak


but seriusly, September looking good for NEO

China regulating ico is actually good for Neo. I don't understand why people worry so much. Neo is not ico anymore, it's a token. Just like Google isn't ipo anymore, it's a stock. Regulation decreases the supply of different tokens, more Chinese money go into Neo. Neo goes up faster in long term.

1.7 billion dollar marketcap or shitcoin, you have to choose just one of those

NEO is like stock, its share for company, stock for NEO company

my wiev is that NEO is much more professional project than Ethereum, and NEO has more potential than Ethereum.

also Chinese are more pragmatig their business compared to Ethereum business culture

Kek, there are shitcoins with a higher capitalization.
Anyways, you were warned

dub dubs

well fine, i'm drunk and i bought NEO


we smart people know this. feels good to own lots of NEO.

dummies like will continue to whine with their debunked FUD. seriously this retard is talking about NEM lol

why would you buy neo rather than quantum????? everyone exited gas has no use anymore and NEO communication is subpar.

QTUM upcoming things are crazy

nice shilling

Heil NEU!

>you buy neo rather than quantum????? everyone exited gas has no use anymore and NEO communication is subpar.
>QTUM upcoming things are crazy
im not shilling i barely hold any of those (might still have 10 Qtum sold 600 neos before dump and made a lot of money out of it)

Im just stating fact. when was latest neo rational news or communication?

QTUM has very low volume and it pays Bittrex that Bittrex show QTUM name its frontside, not today but many times

and because NEO got a really big community and a whole community DEV team (CoZ).
also da hongfei is CEO of Onchain, which is a pretty big startup in china cooperating with M$ and alibaba.
the community are developing ledger wallet support atm and NEO will build up trust in china due digital identity and the simple fact they are chinese - regardless of regulations.
more regulation = less scam in future.

in the end do your research.
you can tell me about qtum, looks good but I am not convinced yet!

anyway im not holding heavy bags in those. my only giant bag is metal

I brought them for $6 bucks AUD