Buy OMG right now

>buy OMG right now
>hold for a year

Can someone seriously, honestly tell me why they wouldn't do this?

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>hurrr it's already gone from $11 to $9
>hurr already started losing money

Can someone genuinely give an example of how they've made serious money applying this in a hodl strategy?

better gains on other coins
>already 500 bagged

Consider ETH
>hurrr it's $80, literally never going to go higher
>fucking bail out now, sell it all

You know why I kept hodling and still hodl ETH? Because I researched who's running it, what their strategy is, what it's unique value proposition is, and it's business value ratio; and decided to stick with it.

Can someone please slowly explain why this is an ineffective method of making a lot of money, and detail why it doesn't apply to OMG?

You'll make money. It's just people chasing bigger gains that will tell you otherwise.

Other coins may give you a higher reward but there is also a higher risk of getting burned.

>buy bitcoin now
>hold for a year

What if you did that a year ago?

What if you did that two years ago?

What if you did that three years ago?

What if you did that four years ago?

What if you did that five years ago?
>etc. etc.

I have bought bitcoin this year, and held onto it. Just the same as when I bought bitcoin in 2010, and am still holding it. I'm going to do the same for OMG until it's valued at an amount I determine to be achievable, likely and extremely fucking profitable.

I don't have enough money to make a significant profit even if it goes 30x.

>put 100€
>gets to 3000€

Not significant?

There are other coins that can net me 10x in the span of couple of weeks. OMG is nice and steady gains but when you're a poorfag you don't want steady gains on your $100.

Hurr durr I turned my $5 into $150 better cry about it because I'm poor.
It's free money faggot.

Imagine if you had a spare dollar. You put that dollar in a draw, and left it for a while. When you pulled it out, it was worth 30 dollars. Would you consider it a profitable, and worthy investment?

If you put in 2K right now, and it goes to $20 in a month (which it will), you'll have made 2K.

If it's a chance for over double your money, why wouldn't you put in even a single cent?

i'm holding 1.2k worth of OMG at least until Q1 2018
I see no reason not to do this if you have the money to do it

>There are other coins that can net me 10x in the span of couple of weeks.

such as?

All in boyz!

Well you won't be poor long since those 10x coins are so easy to find. You are one of the few rare poor intelligent people

jesus. finally some honesty on /r/biz/

Same, bought 2K yesterday and bought another 2K today. Going to hold until at least December '18. Good for you user, when the suborbital lunar module detaches, meet me at viewport 5D-1 in the medical bay for a drink while we watch ourselves approach the surface.

Wellp, so far no one's given an answer. Is Veeky Forums stumped over two lines of greentext? Surely not?

because i'm tired of all the shilling around here

Other coins are free money too, more than I can make with OMG in shorter time. Don't worry, I'm not shitting on your bags, OMG is decent but I have better opportunities.

Of course I would, but OMG is not guaranteed. I make the decision to never invest into a coin that's at its ATH, usually invest into promising coins in their ATL. I might buy some OMG though when it goes to $8-9.

It's not going to 8 dollars.

Look at OMG's price. After each spike in price, it went down by about 30%. It's basically guaranteed to go under $10, possibly as low as $8 before continuing to go up.

I bet you 250 OMG it won't drop below $10

Good luck with that while smart money rides the rocket to the moon and beyond.

Fine, user. I'm expecting 250 OMG when it drops below $10 today.


>His wallet has a 0x infront of it

Nah but in all honesty user good on you for having a plan. Stick to your guns, and may many profits befall you and your kin. We're all in the same game together; and ultimately if crypto's win all-round, we all win all-round. Best of luck to you good sir.

Is there anyone familiar with the history of OMG who can answer these questions, I am trying to see if a Clif High prophecy applies to OMG:

-what was the ICO price?
-did the price ever dip below the ICO price and if so for how long?
-most importantly, was there ever news of some sort of disagreement between the founders on the direction of the coin? Preferably in the last 3 months.

If you know which coin this is if not OMG, let me know

thats the spirit man. You can buy at 8$ you can buy at 15$.. in a year you made good profit no matter what. We're all gonna make it, maybe not to lamboland anytime soon but we're good.

whats the problem with 0x in front of the wallet? My MEW address is like that.

Bought ETH last year right before the DAO hack... hodled it and now we're here....

We get it, you're a poorfag and desperate to turn your $20 a week allowance into big bucks
Go chase those moon missions... your opinion is irrelevant to those who actually have money

If you're looking for a "yes" answer to any of those, OMG is not your coin

That's the point, you hodl'd it instead of activating almonds and dumping. Nice job user.

It's in hex format, and when dealing with interchangeable hex/non-hex formats, shit goes wrong (i.e. boards.Veeky