Why is buying crypto so damn complicated? Yet it's still incredible valued these days

Why is buying crypto so damn complicated? Yet it's still incredible valued these days.

I'm a newbie and thought of buying SIA and ARK. So I calculated that these are the steps to buying them:

>acquire FIAT by working IRL
>put FIAT on your bank account
>certify for a Visa payment card and have it issued by your bank
>register to Cuckbase because literally no other exchange lets a non-American newbie deposit FIAT money
>buy BTC from Cuckbase because that's the only crypto you can buy with FIAT
>next, register to another exchange that has an SC/BTC market
>send your BTC from Cuck to this exchange
>wait, and pay transfer fees at every step
>learn how to place a buy order
>hooray, if you played your cards right, you now have an x amount of play money on a private website instead of holding FIAT in your hands
>go tell your friends about the 400 siacoins that will one day make you rich if this magical technology is one day put to use

yeah, but it easy once you get through the initial set up hoops, you just have to force yourself to do it

It's not complicated, you're just retarded. Using Coinbase is proof of that.

>buy BTC from Cuckbase...
Stopped reading here... Send your fiat to GDAX and buy there - avoid coinbase's fucking markup.

It's literally fucking simple.
Fiat > Coinbase/GDAX > Bittrex = DONE

I know them troubles, kid.

Meeting a group of buddies to tell them about the ponzi scheme that's running before they buy monopoly money.

Buying into ARK & ETH plus aiming for two mooncoins instead of partying. I'll let you know if its worth it in a year user.


I'm from Finland and I bet it's more complicated for me than Coinbase.
I will not provide the company selfies, gas bills and other stupid shit to buy crypto.

OP: you are one dumb son of a bitch

1) go to btc atm with bittrex QR code ready
2) deposit cash you withdrew from your bank account

It's that simple. It's that fucking simple yet you can't fathom to do even the most menial, easiest tasks. Fucking neck yourself.

Principles always cost a lot of money

Nigger GDAX is literally owned by the same people that own Coinbase, if you verified on coinbase you're already verified on GDAX you stupid son of a bitch.

no monopoly money for you then pheasant

Those have absolutely atrocious markup. The one in Norway had 12% higher cost than what was listed on coinmarketcap when i checked it out, while localbitcoins seller had a 5% markup.

Localbitcoins is by far the best method to convert from fiat when considering difficulty to use, time and price.

All of you fucking retards.

>have money on bank
> send money to Bitstamp via bank transfer
> buy LTC, BTC or XRP with the money
> ???
> Buy hookers

This, kek.

Europeans who use Coinbase over Kraken deserve to be poor.

>paying creditcard fees
just fucking wire transfer from your bank account retard

Is that Jasper Pääkkönen or really Varg?

I can't tell.

just wait until you try to get your gains back into fiat to buy shit

Won't need to in a few years, just hodl

not a varg.

>send money to exchange
>buy coins

WOW so hard OP
fuck me I give up on this crypto shit

Pretty elaborate shill thread on 2 shit tokens.

Crypto gave me more money than any jobs, thanks god for bitcoin

fiat >rsgp > btc

>get cash
>buy BTC from BTC vending machine

my bank are being a bunch of faggots and not letting me put any money into coinbase, why is this?