BitDice valuation

I've seen a few posts floating around regarding BitDice, many are saying it's undervalued but I was wondering where they are pulling their valuation from?

According to their ICO their to date earnings are $5 500 500 USD. If investment continues at the current rate we can assume the ICO finishes with around $15 000 000 raised..

So $15 000 000 / 0.7 / 0.68 = $31 510 000 USD value for their site. With a supposed 5.5 million profit over 3 years is this coin more of a long hold?

The money raised will help to pay to get through all the red tape to let them operate properly in a lot of new markets
Introduction of sports betting for Normies...
70% of profits to be paid to token holders

Its definitely a holder, and a good one

Thanks op i forgot i threw some eth at this

You should just forget about it consider it lost this is a bad project no one put money into it :(

Their profit could 100x if crypto gambling does ecome mainstream

Gambling revenue is discussed in billions

The tokens are not equity. Ownership of tokens =/= ownership of the company.

Are they repurchasing the tokens with profits? If not, there's really nothing but hype tying BitDice to the price movement of their token... and I guess people that /think/ their token should reflect the financial performance of the company that issued it.

Do you know how this token thing works?
Lets say there are 100 tokens in total. If you have 50 tokens then you get 50% of 70% of all money that the casiono generates every month. If you sell them you are retarded.

how long has BitDice been around? This one seems like a nobrainer 2bh.

yeah no I had no clue how it works.
Sounds like a solid deal if they actually make money.

how are the revenues distributed? Gas? Staking? Or are they repurchasing?

You guys have to tell me how bitdice is going to compete with edgeless (edg), a gambling system which offers zero edge games.

Sounds like the same shit as etheroll

Off-chain distribution using ERC223
Ethereum smart-contract standard.

its on the ico page.

You will get ETH

It could if gamblers thougut it was more profitable. Edgeless does that.
But bitdice?

bitdice is a huge established casino brand - maybe one of the most established other than something like satoshiDice

name recognition is huge in gambling

Do people find that more attractive than repurchasing?

Like would you rather them repurchse $500k in their tokens or distribute $500k to everyone holding them

its eth only
crypto is 5% of the gambling market, bitdice wants to go usd

no what happens when there are no tokens left

I put around 0.02 BTC into this, what sort of returns could i expect?

fully depends on how good they are at what they are doing

Am I still in time to get this or the price has already raised?

Its still in ICO. Google.

Yeah but how long until the hard cap will be reached?

Also how do you guys exclude the possibility this could be an exit scam?

There is no hard cap - only 100 000 000 CSNO tokens will be created but they get distributed % wise among the investors depending on how much money was collected in total.

That's why you should be glad that you've found this, invest in it and then never talk about it to anyone again until the ICO finishes (if you do so you will get less tokens).

Because Etheroll is up 5500% since inception and this follows a very similar model?

Granted it isn't guaranteed, but it is a goddamn good indication that people like ICOs that pay them back with an actual business behind it.

The identities of the entirety of the team are a fucking secret. How come none of you shills has mentioned that yet? A rhetorical question I guess.

Well that's a red flag

Except Bitdice makes more profits than etheroll which tokens went up 5000% after its ICO.
The less people get in the better desu I wish OP had never made this thread but it gives me a chance to ask if I need to keep syncing my wallet to receive the dividends once I get the tokens or will I "receive" them but they won't show or be accessible until I Sync my wallet, because continuously syncing my wallet is a pain in the ass desu senpai. I do it like once every 6monhs just to look at the ETH I kee longterm.
If someone knows anything about how that works for ether wallet I would appreciate it.

no need to sync your wallet.

It's related to the fact that gambling it's a shady business in many countries where they operate or wish to operate, in their experience is better to keep it that way, which makes sense.
Most ICOs are dangerous investment some borderline retarded, at least this one is backed by a company that actually makes money unlike 99% of other ICOs, gambling is perhaps the only thing that actually makes any money in the crypto world, the rest of the cryptos literally relay on someone buying ur bags and then selling these bag to some other idiot at a higher price.

Plus 70% of the renevenue to be redistributed quarterly, do the maths, gambling industry it's in the billions, bitdice wants to expand with this money, their profit could easily double or triple in the next couple years, you might just rather hold the token for the dividends than sell it for profits, but if u want the quick profit this is still a good way to do it, since like I said Etheroll went up 5000% and bitdice makes more money than etheroll and has a wider market.

So when I sync my wallet say In a year I will be able to access the dividends is receive from the smart contract?
Sweet, thanks bro

This whole thing is a confirmed scam, they have been lying about the amount raised and repeatedly changing it. Stay away.


I definately wouldnt put a dollar into this one.

dividends will likely be handed out by posting a transaction to the dividend contract address using your wallet that holds the tokens during the dividend period, same way etheroll and vslice work.

I put .7 btc, did I got jewed?

Bitdice is more profitable
Zero house edge is a scam. And bitdice is provable fair you can check the independent audits yourself

He wants more tokens obviously and is tricking ya

If you idiots going to invest do all of us a favor and don't post it anymore until the ICO is finish, you're literally cutting your own profits.