Skilled trades a meme?

is skilled trades a meme?

Give you background of myself.

social anxiety and depressed because ugly and bullied hard.
always had dreams of becoming chad from wolf of wallstreet

starting to realize that i'm
a) not white
c)M E N T A L L Y I L L

Is skilled trades a good career for me?

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You mean trades like plumber etc? They’re very nice, because you mostly don’t have to study useless shit.

Go to your doctor and ask to start taking Paxil.
It will change your life, if you're okay with not being /you/. Can't stress that enough. You will not be the same person with the same passions. There are a shit ton of side effects. One of which is that it can make your dick numb, not even memeing here. I could hardly feel my dick. I don't take anything anymore.

I'm sure there are other psychoactive drugs out there. Paxil is the only one i've taken. I hear good things about zoloft.

can't help with the non-whiteness. maybe you can get a diversity-hire at some office. Or, if you can improve your mental state who knows what could happen.

but uh yeah, I could use a plumber right now. My toilet is broken.

for you not sure

you can find some less social trades like cnc machinist (just you and machine)
trades pay decent and skip the useless parts of college

but with dreams of being a wallstreet chad i feel like you'd be impatient and hate the job no matter what

i mean you could work a trade and play with crypto easily investing 1000 or so

i'm never going to take (((anti-depressants))).

I don't blame you. As someone actively considering suicide I didn't really care what the negatives were so I went for it. I can say that it had a net positive effect on my life for the 3 months I was on them and after I was off.

yeah seriously. The floaty thing in my toilet's water reservoir is broken. The plastic part holding it to the pump snapped some how. how much 2 fix

I want to live a life of hedonism—only cure to my depression—and having a non-functioning cock would be devastating. I would rather die than have deestroyed sex drive.

I'm in a similar boat.
> skilled trades
Vague, but trades are as lucrative as engineering degrees once you get older. I'd look into IT though desu. How old are you? If you're a high school student, try to look for an IT job straight out of high school.
> You don't need any certificates, but they help.
> Your peers will be in university and graduate in 5 years.
> You will be working in IT for 5 years, and by then you'd be close to obtaining a senior position, making 6 figures.
ya dummy

i'm not aspie, just extremely depressed. I can act normal, just inside i'm not as of now.

My anxiety comes only when in public or with strangers staring at me.

In a professional setting that wouldn't bother me.

No boomers will eat you alive

I'm not doing anything STEM related,
Nothing is more pussy drying than being an engineer, computer scientist, IT guy, etc...

and i'm not good at math + not interested in computers

What the fuck does this have to do with crypto? Back to the loo with you Pajeet.

I'm still in highschool and I've changed what i want to do many times, from engineering to pharmaceuticals, to business to rockstar.

I'm going to pursue business and music as those are my interests and complement each other.

I was thinking skill trades would be good for me as it's realistic, i'm quite ambitious but life goes to shit sometimes, doing a 4yr university degree just to please my parents, then doing some soul crushing office job is something i dont want to do.

i was attracted to business initially because its common knowledge people who disregard ethnics flourish in business. I have no problem doing unethical business.

Music is something i want do on the side, if an opportunity arises, i would definitely pursue it full time.

skilled trades definitely not a meme.

source: im an electrician in tasmania (not heaps of work here, small place) and i make a but under 80K AUD.

add on the fact that:
>get company van
>Company phone
>genuinely handy skills for increasing value of IRL investment meme (bought a house, doing renno's)

everyone wants to pay me dank amounts of cash for weekend work because electricity is scary to normies.

have enough spare change to dabble in cryptos for good lels.

but if you are socially anxious it can be a rough time in trade world.

If i were going to business route I would be self employed—real estate or sales—or entrepeneur.

>but if you are socially anxious it can be a rough time in trade world.

can you expand?

are trades people 6'9 ultra masculine chads who stare you to death?

Chad Grey, he was a blue collar worker before his rockstar career.

Is this what the typical blue collar worker looks like? ignore the eye makeup and dyed beard

like do they all have this chad alpha male i dont give a fuck appearance?

that's a terrible advice, dont try to drown people into your own hell
Even micro dose LSD or psychedelics would have a better impact on OP without those nasty side effects. Exercise, adjust your diet, go out, face your fear and find a passion, master it . This won't make you the wolf of Wall Street meme, but we know too little about you the judge you. Even the above advice might be irrelevant in your case. this is just basic stuff .
Trade skills are good, but never put all your eggs in one basket, hence try to have many sources of revenue/develop other skills

they are literally all walks of life. guys at my work differ heaps. Honestly no chads at my work. they are reserved for building.

very broad assessment:
>builders/carpenters are chads
>plasterers are useless
>mechanics seem to be just rev heads with an actualy passion
> plumbers and electricians are roughly on par pay wise here. training is also a bit more complex than with say building. (its not hard though)

blue collar workers in AUS are kinda different, in that here we have the "tradies get the ladies" sort of mindset. not just feral looking spuds become tradesmen. Its hard to describe because you can generalise too much. honestly would recommend though. Become an electrician, its fun and challenging, endless shit to learn. guaranteed carreer for the next (insert number here) years

also never have to pay some fuckhead 90bucks an hour to change a couple of power outlets.

i'm definitely going to do psychedelics.

I'm never going to do anti-depressants because
1) Muh dick
2) i dont want to become mediocre

what about welders, are they chads or incels?

im guessing incel as they look like engineers lol with their blueprints and shit

isn't electric work the most dangerous?
getting shocked would be terrible

heart stops and its fucking over buddy boyo

become electrical meme
god dose of mushrooms
now you are brian cox
welcome to the moon, traveller

upvoted if i could, that was funny

i dont really know many. its the kind of trade that school drop puts do. As far as i know its really hard to master though, and highly skilled people make bank doing on site welding for random shit like high pressure gas pipes etc. Also making cool stuff.

bridges, trailers, gates, memes

it is the most dangerous but honestly once you work with it for a couple years its nothing, so safe. you only have to be aware of pajeets who leave shit on and forget to make it safe.

i have been shocked a few times and its all good (was isolated to my hand though, if it went from one hand to the other, thats when you get issues)

thats why we get paid > most trades. but its all a lie. its so easy but people are just scared of what they dont know

Electrical is easy work, nothing is heavy and you just end up bending conduit all day pretty much if you are in commerical.

welders make bank, we have to pay ours 100/hr for some shit, most are stupid as fuck because you only need grade 10 to go to school (here) but dangerous to the health because of fumes and etc

plumbing - heavy work, obviously have to deal with shit if you are in resi, commerical you dont deal with that, you make the same as an electrician (i made 110K last year, canada)

trades are great, but you have to know how to work and be willing to go to school and learn so you can get a raise (plumbing takes 4 years to finish).
those are the ones i interact with everyday, and i wrote this quick since i have to go to school now

pajeets are so bitter about being currycels that they try to kill low class hard working white people lol

>canadian plumbers

give pasta pls

i see, but i don't want to dedicate my life to blue collar shit, i want to start a successful band, would trades take away majority of my time?

majority yes.

doable though. i play drums and our band played at tassies biggest festival a couple years ago.

Cyber security.

Interesting, easy to proactively demonstrate your skills on your resume, no shortage of work, plenty of opportunities for grads / juniors, great contracting / self employment opportunities.

I'm not doing STEM, nothing dries pussies more than a STEM career

my father says skilled trades is for people who dont use their brains and therefore use their body.

he also said it deteriates/taxes the body and very dangerous.

what would your argument be to that?

how would you prove you arent a low class blue collar worker

my father is retarded, i'm looking for a counter argument btw

i have a counter argument but i feel that a counter argument coming from an actual skilled trades person would hold more value

im an electrician.
>this means EVERYTHING electrical
>i do nurse call systems as hospitals that use integrated iphone/android apps to recieve patient calls/secutiry alarms/fire alarms.
>i do occasionally crawl round in roof spaces
>only while an apprentice though, now i get pleb younglings to do hard work for me.
>cant say that all trades are taxing on the body, stupid argument. too broad of a statement
>after doing my 4 years training i make more money than most uni grads i know, accountants, nurses, teachers etc.

whos really using their brain here?

some trades (like electrical) can absolutely be as complex and challenging as you want them to be

skilled trades is perfect for niggers of allllllll colors because of affirmative action you niggers get the right of getting a job simply because of your color so yes you will get a job easily u fucking nigger

I was earning 1200 to 3200 a week straight out of school working in the trades (roofing)
I can't ever imagine being an office cuck. So god damn boring
In telecomms now and it's a lot more cruisey, the hard manual labor element is no longer there. Kinda miss it but eh

Also the rich young bitches love a tradie
Forbidden fruit from their perspective:^)

it's not a fucking accomplishment to make more money than a fucking teacher.

lol at you, better fix my pipes so i can take a SHIT for my next financial markets meeting

Pipes need love too you know

can confirm

The ideal career is real estate, sadly i cant go into real estate right away.
Need to work slave labour to fund my surgeries and acid

go back to depressed meme posting then faggot

i have to take a shit first, fix my god damn fucking PIPES you fucking low class slave labour beaner

how many hours a week were you workin?

Where do you live?