Was at bottom of 8 this time last week. How is it dead again



Once a shit coin drops it usually doesn't go back up again.

I'm about to buy more so this is great.


>buying after a PnD

some crypto trading group i'm in just said buy under 0.0024 with target of 0.0031 - 32
literally, 5 minutes after i sold what i had lol

lmao at those who bought high

Fucking newfags i swear


Lmao no omgers this salty
We told you every fucking day when it was $8, but no no we were all bagholding shills, now your pride is so damaged you still can't see a good entry point

Grow up. You'll be a better trader because of it

Just hold you morons, weak hands I tell you

How new are you?

>still around 11$
>new floor is probably around 10$
>old floor was 8$

steady gains desu
more news to come
anyone selling would be a fool


just started crypto but this is obvious as fuck

Probably a week or two, he hasn't learned to zoom out and stop looking at 5 Minute candles yet

You might wanna leave that group. They told you to buy a coin on near ath which was due for some correction.

To bad it isnt a shit coin. Keep listening to Veeky Forums tho and stay mad

I take what they say with a pinch of salt. I'm aware that its most likely just getting small traders to pick up bigger bags

support at 230k super strong atm, went back into meme triangle

check the order book, there's a huge buy wall at around 230k.

Whether you think its dead or a good long-term hold, this is a lesson in hype. If there are 8 threads on the same coin and 50 people shilling it on /r/ethtrader, it might be time to sell.

OMG isn't a pnd

see pic related for a pnd

200k looks like a nice entry