I was making threads about Blocknet last week when it was $19 telling you it was way undervalued

I was making threads about Blocknet last week when it was $19 telling you it was way undervalued.

Now I'm making this thread when it is at $30 telling you it's way undervalued.

I'll be making another thread when it's at $45 and it will still be way undervalued.

Do the research, this shit's still under $150mil market cap somehow.

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TFW bought at 19$

TFW when going to accumulate so I can run a node

Once the DEX launches, $500 will be undervalued.

I feel like this coin is only just starting to get mentioned regularly, but it's about damn time.

Fucking jealous. I'm at 2200 right now, not even halfway to running a node.

service nodes will become the goldmines of our lifetime

i was telling you at 5$ two months ago that it was undervalued. lol. comfy 1k blocks here

where to cop?


>Once the DEX launches
Hasn't it launched already? At least there's a beta version up for download on their site

Is this a competitor to 0x?

New chain going live tomorrow with DEX. New wallet is out now, but don't move funds to it until the chain switches.

No, if anything they will be partnering up, because the devs are thinking of using 0x over the Blocknet as a way to implement ETH to their DEX. They already spoke about this with 0x.

(Blocknet and 0x are also both partnering with Ethfenix too, gonna be good fat fucking volume!)

Downloading the beta Dex

>tfw only 1111block
Fuck you rich fags reeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Bought 5k of this stuff at $8 in preparation of the nodes. Made threads here constantly since then but mainly was called a shill. I've already made bank from the price increase, but the real gains are gonna start when I can run the node. In my opinion it's still pretty cheap atm, there's still time to buy this stuff at the current price before the nodes actually run.

what are you looking at now?

Don't worry user. We'll all be rich fags soon enough.

I still can't even comprehend the fact that I've made double my yearly salary in less than a month trading crypto. I feel like I'm dreaming.

Who the fuck uses blockshit?

no one will, block is a bubble fueled by high expectations

Gone up 6x since then.

So he's gone $5k to $30k.

Bought it at $1.62

comfy af right now

Looks like a massive correction due. Will buy at 300k

this shit is just an experimental gimmick