Good luck, Won't dip till 200 sats

Could this ever reach $2+ a coin?

Are they retarded?

Why would anyone want a Monero version 2?

What's so different about Verge?

it dipped a lot now

Holy fucking shit. Whoever loaded up at 50 Satoshi is going to make at least 3x profits. Who the hell calls this a shitcoin?

Much faster. Pic related.

+70% from +50% like hours ago. If this shit hits like +50% profit, I'm treating myself to a free PS4.

So why hasn't it seen mass adoption by the darknet yet?

Possibly cause they still don't have considerable volume of transaction traffic. Let's see how this speed keeps itself if they get more popular.

It's not a Monero version 2, it's just a shitty Bitcoin clone

Just made me 1 buck within minutes.



Cause marketing. They are not as known yet, there are more famous ''privacy'' coins which are NOT PRIVATE AT ALL. Monero has been DEBUNKED! It can be traced.

Verge can not.

Verge is life.

Sold 3 different coins last night to buy this on a hunch. Seriously, why do I only win while all the faggots on here do nothing but lose?

Going to buy this when it hits binance

Aren't they all
>just a shitty Bitcoin clone

> shitty Bitcoin clone
> BTC is $4K

hasn't gone higher in the last half hour, what will happen? is the momentum gone?

Monero shill detected, enjoy that public blockchain.

>No Z-coins
Are you fukkin giddin me?

You'll see pink wojaks in this thread by morning.

whats you estimate high pal?

0.1$ by end of the year, 1-2$ next year

It's a shitty dogecoin clone actually. Started as dogecoindark.

And the BS fud in that pic about Monero having an infinite supply is retarded. The mining algorithm is similar to Bitcoin where the difficulty gets harder and harder until they are barely mining any coins. And with only 14 million in circulation now it actually might be more rare then Bitcoin.

With 13bn coins?

Look at the supply of verge. 21 billion+

$2 a coin would be 42 billion market cap right behind Bitcoin. I HIGHLY doubt that's happening.

These guys are idiots and don't know what market cap is lol

>public blockchain

So a 8-16bn dollar market cap? Are you stupid?

Money is not anonymous and has been debunked already. I can't believe people are walking into a scam like that so openly.

>public ledger
>rich list
>private currency

Monero wont be showing any more IPs when Kovri gets released.

This is a blatant lie. Monero transactions with ring signatures applied are completely fucking unlinkable, so basically every Monero transaction since late 2016. The Andrew Miller paper is a joke.

Verge is literally tier 1 trash. I don't want to shill Monero here but they have people with Math and Cryptography PHDs working on it.

You can also use Monero over For if you so desire and the team is working on IP obfuscation, the only thing Verge has going for it.

They are also trying to make it faster (and not less secure) with smaller blocksizes.

Monero has A LOT more going for it then Verge. The only reason people claim its better because they bought it for a few SATs so they can dump their bags.

So how come when they shut down alphabay they were able to track all the coins including Zcash but could not track down all the Monero?

> "Herp derp public block chain disqualifies it as a user coin"

Mass adoption, retailers and governments worldwide want at least some transparency. Businesses in particular need to verify transactions and be able to issue refunds and such.

>what about verge just being bitcoin + tor
Still waiting for a Verge or Spectre thread to go deep into the technology and not just spam "muh monero killer"

>mass adoption
>of Verge

I suggest you take a long moment to think about how big of a chance it actually has competing on any front (DNMs or legit big-name stores like Amazon and eBay).

If you.buy above 100 sats you'll lose all your money

It's being shilled so people can.dump their bags from June, don't give in to FOMO

if we would go deep into the technology nobody would understand a thing

All Verge holders are in for the long term. I bet you hate your life for not joining in.

Sorry retard.

>he doesnt know about payment IDs
>he doesnt know about integrated addresses
>he doesnt know about public view keys
Why even bother getting into crypto if you can't even be bothered to do 5 minutes of research?

That doesn't stop Monero shills from at least citing their claims. Verge threads are just filled with Reddit le MOON and HODL memes without any substance.

You are so delusional. Verge shills are the worst because the coin isn't even a true privacy coin. Tor? Probably backdoored and you could obfuscate your own IP if you gave a fuck when interacting with crypto. Public blockchain? Just link my shit up. DNM will not have it and bitcoin and a host of others are already competing for normie mass adoption.

What set off the recent Monero pump? Hackers that scammed a shitload of Ethereum needed to dump it and wash their bitcoin. Millions of dollars worth of bitcoin. Every single time a fuckload of money needs to be washed it is going to be through Monero from this point onward. Monero has nothing to prove at this point.

Meh, XMR is just a shitty cryptonight clone.

XVG is the longest running pump and dump rivaled only by ETC. its fooled so many biztards i can't even

There won't be one privacy/anonimity coin. It's healthy to have multiple coins. It really doesn't hurt to diversify into a few alternatives, especially when they are so so so cheap.

Cryptos like these are also not capped in market cap because they are an actual currency. And have a potential market cap as the euro or dollar.

While other crypto's, for example siacoin, will never be able to have a market cap of multiple trillions, but is limited to market caps of companies like dropbox.

Monero also gave itself a target on the back by being the number one privacy/anonimity coin. I love monero and hold monero, but get some other coins aswell.

But wait for a dip

Y bought 1000 xvg for more o less 1 dolar mi face now

Sell walls being destroyed. 47 BTC walls at 147-150 getting ruined

is it going to break ATH?

im out, looking toppish

If people start holding XVG instead of dumping it, it will go to $.1 next year.

$1 only if it stats getting used.

Thank you puppet master bro

Forget the moon boys. We're heading to fucking pluto.

Just bought 100k. Not even memeing.
Should have bought at 110 this morning but whatever. We are going to 1000 Sats.

Annnnnd here comes the dump. Should have known better. Oh well.

>drops 0.0000010

Have you bothered to do the math on that? What would the marketcap have to be, for it to reach $1? Get back to reality.

Monero fags, you guys are pathetic.

RDD is its sister coin.
They rose and fall at the same time, both with similar ROIs, XVG just going a bit the extra mile, but falling faster because of it.

Both ignored the most important rule of crypto: no news for too long = crash

I actually agree with this. And monero is obviously superior to xvg.

But it still doesn't mean xvg can't be worth $.10 or more in the future. There are plenty of btc ripoffs that have done well

>t. Monero fag who is getting increasingly nervous

RDD soon

Not really, I'm just a RDD holder who felt the similarity was uncanny

Lmao I hope I have 10MM of this shit

so what is now? why arent we flying?

How exactly does one go about "washing" through monero? Is it as easy as buying it on the exchange and then buying back the previous coin from there?

Because after the pump it gets dumped fuckboi.

Yes, that's it. It's a dead end as soon as it's in monero.

literally holding bags of shitcoins.

Idk about that... If the govt can get our trade history from the exchange then the back and forth trade didn't do much.

I think it would be better to use shapeshift or changelly but who knows if they are keeping logs too

The assumption is that anyone doing this would already be using multiple layers of IP obfuscation when interacting with an exchange.

The exchange is always the weak point but that has nothing to do with the crypto itself. The point is you can then take that dirty bitcoin, sell it for XMR, re-sell it for fresh bitcoin and then cash out to fiat. Since monero is fungible there is no way for that new btc to be "flagged" to any of the previous transactions because monero's blockchain is a brick wall. There is no way to distinguish someone selling monero for btc that was acquired illegitimately compared to someone who isn't.

The volume doubled since last night but price only increased by 30%. What gives?

Bot wars.

i listened brother, i listened!!!

>mfw I loaded up at 50 sats