AdEx is dead

It's over guys. Time to sell your shit and start something new.

also fuck yall for shilling me

t. weakhanded cuck who cant wait a week for new exchanges

Uh oh, the FUD is starting, must be time to buy.

What new exchange should it hit? Fucking random rumors of any fucking exchange as if it would make AdEx any less shit. Also almost every coin hitting on a new exchange dives dude. Seriously

Ok, anyone saying otherwise than OP needs to look at asks and bids:

Bids: 204.835 BTC
Asks: 42989.797 BTC

what more proof do you need? Its also gradually breaking all support lines

Yeah, I expected no response because you know its bs. AdEx is so fucking dead and you fuckers will hold bags worth 30ยข in 1 Month. Enjoy your binance kiss of death or whatever fuck exchange you're dreaming about. I'm screencapping this shit so you know how fucking stupid you were and had the chance to leave

People are selling this like mad, feels bad desu, bought some at 25k sats.

But looks like everyone is leaving this coin, them sell orders

I just sold my shit a minute ago and keep it a little until omg drops a little more hopefully. I have way too much money in AdEx to just hold it while it continues to dive without any bottom in sight


Whitepaper is trash, no prototype.
Also, how the fuck are they going to compete against Google Adsense & no cookies to visitors?

Pure pump & dump, DYOR.

Same here dude. Thought 25k was low enough but now I want to kms.

Yes goyim, underestimate chinks buying the fuck out of this when it hits binance.

No one is going to buy the fuck out of this. Also binance kills every coin, not just the fucking shitty ones like this.

26k reporting in


You famalams still hodling? I'm still on it but my flesh is getting weak

The real question is do you hodl when it hits 20k

Still hodling, i refuse to sell

Ehh I've been riding the train for a few days. This 32k to 24k BS isn't bothering me. It's not going to be a long ride, but I'm not selling low like these pussies.

You should be shorting not holding if you want to win.

32.5k here, also holding till profit


I keep telling myself that whales are pushing it down to accumulate.

There are 273x more sales than buys. That must be manipulation

Sometimes, whales cash out and never return.

still fuck those cunts who shilled it last weekend

I'm the guy who didn't bother to get it but I set a 0 buy record on my blockfolio, fucking shit is now like -40%

fuck those people who shilled shit and intend to create bag holders, there is a special place hell for you cunts

Nigga when you wanna cash out your gains who are you hoping to dump your bags

25k it's nothing i got 35k get on my bad level

>tfw turned 40k into 15k in four days going all in on ADX and WTC while the rest of the market went up

I can't fucking take it anymore... I out 13k of my own money in back in June.

What should I do guys? Im so lost, thinking about just cashing out and taking the 1k gain.

You guys need to do what feels best. Honestly I hope you people that bought high will eventually break even with this shit. I sold my adx at a pretty hard loss (I had a fuckton of this) and put it all in OMG. Won't touch this shit for at least a year so no stress for me. Godspeed ADX bag holders

Dude you bought at 25k. Don't hold. Right now you have only lost 5%. You can make that back easily if you sell now. This will only keep falling and you will be kicking yourself for not shorting or buying something else. Sell now and buy lower if you want or else it will be an opportunity cost. Bitcoin will only keep moving up pushing alts further down and you will never break even again. Don't be like me buying ripple at 10k and selling at 50% loss when i should have sold at 5% loss.

I got extremely unlucky and extremely careless by doing no research. Bought in just before a whale decided to crash it and bitcoin decided to go up. Was making steady gains for 2-3 weeks beforehand with no losses, then lost it all through this coin. Just imagine how it feels to slowly build it up with patience, time and research then to just lose all you worked on. Obviously I still held in other coins but thought anything under 30k would be a good dip in adx. Now I'm just battling real hard with my emotions after losing everything I worked for in just a few minutes. Of course I still held since I expected it to still go back up. Very risky and emotionally draining all of this is.

I kept telling you people, adx is a total ripoff of basic attention token

Damn, when did you buy in?

You weren't extremely unlucky, you were more than likely seeing a pump and got extremely greedy.

Same boat. Bought between 28-31k, almost all in. Still have hope it will rebound but have a stop loss in at 19k... If it actually triggers I'll probably just go 50/50 BTC and Monero and forget crypto exists.

Monaco did in fact dive for a while after hitting binance so probably best to buy after that if ever

same for dnt

Just under 30k, like 29.8k.
It was around the 32-35k range for a while. I was convinced I did good because I was monitoring this coin and waiting for a dip, thinking the support would be where I bought in. Also I did believe in this coin's fundamentals but I guess other didn't and kept on panic selling.

Get out of crypto if you are not trolling. You are far too emotional, its barely gone down 30% lmao. How much of your total crypto money did you put in? This drop is nothing, youre a moron if you put all of your money into one coin.

Pump it and we can all sell this garbage

wow 30k to 23k, end of the world stuff right here. Get out of trading or shut the fuck up. No one makes money every single trade

Going to laugh so hard when adx hits 5 dollars in the next couple of months

This, chart is ready to explode when whales decide to pump it. And the will eventually. The coin sounds like a total shitcoin scam but I'm only interested in the technical analysis. 22k support should not be breached, if it is set your stop loses and move the fuck on

As long as long term uptrend is maintained all is fine. It will pump this month


What am i looking at? To me this says it has potential to moon like crazy, what does it really say?

We are in the middle of a full on Elliott Wave son.

put it all in chainlink.

>chink shitcoin

Never ever.

I'm balls deep and would love for adx to moon, but this is seeing patterns where there are none


you know when they say buy low sell high

this is when you buy low

This is one of those times I highly want to sell but everytime I followed Veeky Forums advice, it backfired.

Holding this shit. Everyone should. Instead of focusing on the last/next 24h, focus on the big picture. Don't fall for the panic selling.

Nope, not this time. Holding all the way!!!

Amen user.

Confirmed news next week. They're trying to shake us out, user.

Hodl, check this news they dropped. Massive pump incoming.

So many people still fall for this.

The best thing we could do was not look at Veeky Forums for a whole year and find our crypto with massive gains.

Instead we come here everyday, looking for some mystical gains and basically fuck ourselves over some retarded user playing us.

People, don't fall for anything anyone says here. Including me. If you wanna sell, sell away but not because some moron here told you to sell.

This was how I ended up buying adx, but my lesson is learned. Hell, if I had just stuck to LTC (which everyone bashes here) I'd be doing pretty well.

dont get emotional on money based decisions.
be rational with clear thoughts.
your weakness diappoints me Veeky Forums

You followed biz advice and bought this shitcoin. Stop telling other people to bag hold. Maybe, this coin might pump in a week, maybe 2. Maybe never. But, right now you know that the coin is falling. So start shorting to accumulating more and lower your buy in price.

I'm not telling you to sell and walk away. I'm telling you to short the shitcoin, you idiot to maximise your profits if it does go to the moon and minimise losses if it keeps falling.

Good luck AdExmarines. This shit was being shilled so hard a few days ago that i almost bought some. Ultimately decided against it because the videos of the team with that fat chick look retarded. Also, their graphic designer is a qt but something about their website/marketing/branding just looks terrible to me. like Reminder to thoroughly research the coins you invest in, make your own decisions, and trust your gut.

don't trust people that don't know what shorting means

34k here, this is what i get for listening to Veeky Forums

short-selling: selling and buying lower in hopes that it will return the current position or higher in the near future kys




If it doesn't involve borrowing coins then you're wrong.