Tierion (TNT)

Did I just find the next goldmine?

>Partner with Microsoft
>Partner with Philips
>Trading below ICO price
>low market cap
>exchanges will be announced soon


This shit gets posted here daily
How exactly did you find it?

no thanks pajeet

Yeah I'm all in at the moment.
I think we'll see a nice 3x 4x from here in the next week or 2.

>>Trading below ICO price

ICO price was $ 0.071, the current price is 3x that.

In fact, the TNT price shot up 3x the second it hit its first exchange.
The price will moon to Mars the second it inevitably hits its first major exchange.

Tnt is the poor man's FCT. Keep shilling though friend.

FCT was largely the brainchild of Vaughan, who is now the head guy behind TNT.
TNT is much easier to use, and offers much better control of one's own data, without having to rely on dedicated servers like with Factom.

Factom is doomed long-term because of the reliance on in-house servers.

But suit yourself.

wait for the trex rumour m8, for now let's see how low this baby can go

I bought 25000 of these off etherdelta for 17p (22c) each yesterday. They are still that price now so if you want to make money then go to etherdelta and buy those fuckers right now. This coin is a solid one, but DYOR though. I'll be driving my lambo on the moon soon.

You and me broseph

Fuck, maybe I should buy some more?

I bought on the ICO and right now its at 3x, but yeah you'll be definitely making money guaranteed even if you buy now.

Its definitely going to be at least $1 by November

>trading below ico price

Where? Ico price was 2784 sat

It's not. OP fucked up.


I might wack it up to 50k, or at least 35-40

OK guys, I see this logo every now and then and it piques my interest. I have some gains I'd like to put into a quality coin.

Would any of you care to enlighten me as to what is so good about TNT? Also I often hear people saying it is a scam, why would they be saying this?

I did see the Microsoft / Philips logos on their website but not really sure what this entails.

>Would any of you care to enlighten me as to what is so good about TNT?
DYOR and read the whitepaper. Half of Veeky Forums are genuine, the other half are trolls and FUDders. You don't always know who to trust. Listen to Veeky Forums, but don't listen to Veeky Forums
>Also I often hear people saying it is a scam, why would they be saying this?
FUDders. This is a solid coin. Read the whitepaper

Where are you guys storing your TNT. coins

eth wallet...

In my ass, come and get them :)

LOL good advice, but so many white papers to read. I have quite a few coins in mind so I was just hoping for a quick rundown.

Sounds good, wish I gotten more in the ico

where can i buy

Liqui, etherdelta


TNT will change the world.

>tierion fully operational for 2 years now
>team led by Wayne Vaughan who is a crypto legend
>its premier tech "chainpoint" is being adopted by major companies like philips & microsoft, and has spawned companies of its own
>ico goal of 25 million dollars raised in 1 day
>ico price tripled as soon as the token hit the markets three days ago (has since stabilized)
>been picked up on average by 1 exchange per day since its release onto the market
>will inevitably get picked up by its first major exchange any day now, resulting in a guaranteed moon mission

Also, they're having a 2-year anniversary meeting today, with announcements coming later today or tomorrow.

i can already taste those juicy gainz

tfw I'm all in but all I have is 3000