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- VISIT THE WEBSITE FIRST DAMMIT!! - www.robinhood.com

> How is it free?
Robinhood earns revenue by collecting interest on the cash and securities in Robinhood accounts, much like a bank collects interest on cash deposits and by collecting fees from robinhood gold.

> It's been X days, why isn't my account verified yet?
Not being approved in 3 days seems to be the new norm. Nevertheless, call/email their support if you've been waiting more than that.

> When is it coming to my country?
The only "plans" are on an Australian and Chinese beta. Neither of which has gained much traction.

> I hit sell when the stock was X.XX, but it actually sold at a lower price, why?
Robinhood graphs are shit and only show you an average, not true real-time prices. To get Bid/Ask prices and important things like candlestick graphs, you should use a more robust platform.

> Where can I get better charting or bid/ask?
Real brokers, like TDAmeritrade's thinkorswim. Otherwise you should be using tradingview.com, stockcharts.com, finviz.com, or a non-pile-of-shit for your graphing in addition to Robinhood.

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Where my DXTR Lads at. You holding or selling?

I'm holding, desu i just started trading with $100 so I could get comfortable while learning and cancelled a 50 share order because weak hands:(

Debating whether to sell my NTNX gains before earnings. I have a bad feeling about it.

Also if you bought the OTIC dip yesterday, congrats on the tendies

XIV wins again, UVXY fags BTFO like that chemical plant in Crosy, TX.

PI looks like it's about to take off

Hell of an opening so far. Hopefully we don't get Thursday'd

Go NAK GO!!!!!

>ULTA hitting $220 by end of day
I tried telling you goys but no one listened

Told y'all to buy ALT last week. Up 25% since then. Buy now, in 4 months it's gonna be knocking on $8-10.

Holding until $1 like everyone else right?

Whys it going up?

Big thanks to the user that recommended MNKD awhile ago.
Bought in at 1.60, just sold at 2.07.

I'm getting a little nervous fir my XIV position. The VIX's floor is usually around 10 and we're at 10.78. Probably going to be time to pull out soon and jump on the next UVXY pop. The problem is the VIX can float in low 10s high nines for days before we get a catalyst that causes the spike.

I didn't listen, feels bad man.

Any recommended cheap stocks?

I might sell mine by the end of today. I feel like tomorrow will be slightly more volatile from selloffs since the market is closed monday

buy the dip

your welcome man.. seriously.. your welcome..


stop giving that stock ANY attention either good or bad. Just STOP.

NMM is a much better shipper and will actually bring in nice comfy gains.

I've mentioned HIMX 3 weeks ago when it was in the sub $8. it just hit $10 today cause of the Qualcomm collaboration news. They lifted the NDA.

HIMX has NDA's with every single one of their customers and their biggest customer is Apple. Once NDA's are lifted for the rest of their customers or when people take apart the iPhone 8 and review the insides, they will will see that they are using HIMX and it'll skyrocket

VSAR to moon this month

No need to be upset.

Now is a great opportunity to get in at a low price.


I refuse to provide liquidity to those crooks.

Shorts and longs BOTH should stop trading that and let the volume dry up. It kills investors confidence in the market. same with SNAP. we need new people in the market thats where the money comes from if every newb gets tricked to buy a constant loser they'll pull all their money out and never enter again, which isn't good for us in the market...


Been watching, when is the FDA announcement schedule for?


Any non-cuck stocks?



GBR guys get the fuck in.

check out market cap

PYDS has potential to explode if you're feeling like a degenerate gambler

looks like it already exploded user

if you want to gamble get in GBR

thank me later

look at the volume and the float niggas


According to biopharmcatalyst.com/

>The catalyst date is the LATEST expected date for the catalyst to occur by. For example, if the catalyst date is 12/31/17, the event is expected to occur BY 12/31/17. It does NOT necessarily mean that the catalyst will occur ON this date. In most cases it will occur BEFORE.

This was the case for PRTK back when I was shilling it. Their data was released two weeks before the end of the month deadline.

Should be a good buy, though. The average of all price targets is $29--the most common targets for the next 3 months being $20 and $45. If the data is really good, one analyst says we could expect a price target of $70. Growth hormone deficiency usually requires daily injections, and there are only 2 companies that have extended release products. If Versartis' extended release GH proves successful, it could capture 30% of the GH market by 2020.

Screenshot this


id rather buy GBR, look at GBR float and short interest

Nobody mentioning MNKD?

Holding--there's more news in the pipeline. Looks like it's staying around 37 cents now.

WHY IS EVERYTHING GOING [email protected]

XIV and BTCS are up.



get the fuck in

What's a good entry point for VSAR? Should I wait for 17?

look at $mbrx n tell me we


who else here got comfy seats on the NAKetship? when do we land? someone give me a realistic end-of-September price prediction

still bagholding @ $2.62 from January.

all my stocks going up

MNKD, NMM both doing well

I want to say XIV is based on VIX futures, but not exactly sure which ones. The short term ones look mid 11s still so it may run up more with consecutive green days.

When you sold MNKD last week when it was up .16 but is up .80 this week

I'm riding that MNKD spaceship but I'm assuming its too late for that NMM ship, right?

Stop having weak hands little girl.

bless you child. may your NAK bags be light come October.

Opinion on getting in on OTIC?

Tanked 80% but still has products in the middle of trials

I took a small position yesterday. Holding long

>its too late for that NMM ship
Not at all!! could get past $3 could even hit $5 if you read the filings its setting up for a very very nice climb.

I had 1000 shares at 1.32 sold at 1.58.
saw it keep going so i bought 100 @ 1.62 and sold at 1.92
saw it at 2.05 this morning and bought 100 more

if only i had more dry powder this morning or yesterday

Watch what you say about DRYS, faggot.

Think it will continue to climb? I could get back in

I got in at 19.30


Ok faggot, kill the market.

You want new people to flow into the market to put money in YOUR pocket not some fucking crooked companies pocket. what are you? some cuck beta?

So, your point is that DRYS is killing the entire equities market? Seriously? Fuck off and leave us be with our big, beautiful ships.

Who's going to ship all the gasoline from Europe to America to supply the North East after Harvey took all our refineries out? Is it a good time to buy TOPS they've got liquid tankers.

no but its preventing people trading stocks that have "high risk" because stocks like DRYS cause every new comer to think a stock is a scam.

If no newcomers come into the market no new money flows into the market. How do you not understand how that works? where do you think money in the market comes from?

SNAP is another one that has probably already killed alot of the young generation optimisim to the market because again they think everything is a scam and then they don't put money in the market.

In the long run you want to incourage investing in the market as a whole to bring in new money. Trying to get newbs to lose money on scams is a good way to discourage growth in the equitys market.

do they cover that area? of all tripfags you seem to be the only that has actualy had good context to their post.

not even once.

become a patrician and build a lazy portfolio of broad indices, rebalanced quarterly.

If you guys aren't getting into GBR right now, there is no hope for you

I jumped in your meme you better not like to me

gotta have both

I have 3 brokers, tdameritrade for otcmarkets, Wellsfargo for my grandpa stye "investing" and robinhood to play hyped up pennystocks on the nasdaq.

Even have some crypto trading going on

Do all limiting yourself to one thing could make or break you, everyone is different i guess

Nah it's worth it. Even if they do have a piece of that business they're still fucking TOPS. We can find something else to profit off of in this disaster.

boats, hoes and drugs.

unless you are shorting business that got flooded out. like walgreens or something

I have $500 in spending power

give me a fresh meme


GBR don't miss out

You retard scum don't know a thing about making money until you get into commodities. UGAZ UWT DWT USO DGAZ Master race. Doubled portfolio last 3 months

How can you be this grumpy today when my entire board is lit up green?

mine too.

just tired of retards trying to give DRYS their money. Let it die off in the corner of the market.

>i turned $200 into $400
i'm impressed

We're all friends here. I doubt anyone in this thread actually believes DRYS is a good investment. But, if anyone loses money investing in DRYS without doing their own DD, they really needed to pay for that lesson anyway.

4 digit dubblin mein friendo

fair enough.

>We're all friends here.
thats why we shouldn't try to get people to buy that garbage, everyone itt should be working together. /rgt/ used to work together back when DRYS went to 100 but not anymore because you got trolls trying to get fellow anons to lose their money. We should have everyone in this thread buying stocks that actually have a chance of going up.

Morning faggots.

I hope you're all buying DRYS today. It just hit its bottom and gains are easier than a betas girlfriend, I just made 2.5% in the last hour and I'm expecting more.

>m-muh scammers
Guess you don't like money.

I only know the trick to trading DGAZ/UGAZ which only works like 80% of the time on thursdays when the gas report is released.

How do you trade UWT/DWT?


buy GBR

GBR buddy... get in. not sure you understand how this works

If UVXY dips below 30 I may take an overnight hold

Guaranteed selling tomorrow before Labor Day weekend

Are you US markets closed on Labour Day?

he's an idiot


3 days of solid buying and now the Friday before a long weekend, probably time to get in


Bot mor NAK

Markets will be closed on Monday, Thanksgiving Day, 1pm close on Black Friday, and Christmas Day.

As if I wouldn't know a samefag when I saw one. Quit shilling.

Maybe, but I'm a richer idiot than you.

>1pm close on Black Friday
This seems silly. Do all workplaces do this on Black Friday?

I used to think the stock market was saturated with clever people one upping each other with sophisticated techniques and intuition

Then I started browsing stock message boards and comment sections

Cheap shares.

>Maybe, but I'm a richer idiot than you.
doubt it.

im also not he's right tho you don't know how this works.