How would you counter this argument, Veeky Forums?

How would you counter this argument, Veeky Forums?

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Calling him a faggot

You got skills, user. I like your style


There is no argument to counter.

I'd say that global currency is a good thing

Oh, fuck I should've thought of that.

You can't say he don't have a point
>inb4 wer le proof

seems like a really elaborate no coiner cope desu

I would first ask him to source his claim (which he will not be able to do) then I would tell him that his ideas are extremely stupid:
First the number of currencies don't matter, you can have 1 or 1000 currencies, it doesn't change anything, what matters is who control them and noone can control Bitcoin volume, contrary to the hundreds of central banks which are ruled by interconnected globalists.
Second I would argue that a world government is the ultimate form of centralization, it basically replaces all the states by one and unique state, it's a top down form structure, which is the exact opposite of what BTC is: a tool for decentralization.

In fact I sincerely believe cryptos could fuck banks and globalists badly because it would remove one of their main tool to achieve their plan which are monetary policies, in the future they could allow direct democracy too on a much larger scale, solving the problem of e-voting and basically bypassing politicians.

>decentralized currency

I welcome our new BTC overlords.

I would ask him why bilderberger staged a hostile takeover through (((segwit))) if bitcoin was deep-state technology to begin with.

Oh shit, it this the sign of the beast? Each person's wallet address?

He's right: it's a trick to get enough people into crypto that the Governments of the world can then decide to """get on board""" and have instant control of what they created in the first place. Instant mark of the Beast. We're doing all the work for them.

This shit has been around since the mid 90's.

I was gonna write something of an argument, but this response trumps that.

I meant mark of the beast, not sign.

This is an interesting read, at least partly through.
The described ideas are archaic, like requiring a bank for identity verification or requiring the ISSUANCE of a card(wallet) from anywhere.
And I am glad developers decided to just forgo such aspects in favour of using a personally selected private key that requires no third party to create or read.

Whether or not bitcoin in particular was created or originally managed by governments I'm unsure.
But even if it was, in its current and open source state running across the glove, it would not directly give them power over it.
Unless they do actually own those famous giant wallets. Even then, moving any amount from them would cause a giant stir, potentially devaluing the coin itself, weakening its hold as power. That's a pretty expensive trade.

>implying the jews running the fiat scams are nationalists

schizo talk

Maybe bitcoin was created by the burger govt to subvert other countries by freeing the citizens from their government's monetary control. Just like they use twitter et al. to enable rebellion of other countries' populations.
Also it makes it much easier for them to secretly fund rebels aka terrorists.

I'll never understand the NWO meme. Narcissist psychopaths comprise the world's leadership. They don't care about money, only the power it gives them. How can you subjugate every single one of them but through war, and war is bad for business.

I am pretty sure he is right.

Schizo no. 2?

yeah but there's private coins/chains right? there won't be one coin/chain to rule them all ... maybe a top 9 though x.

Money is power breh, also with money you can buy war.

I can't belive Bitcoin is a fucking conspiracy!! selling now!!

Alex Jones accepts Bitcoin on his store.

There's nothing wrong with globalization though. So what is wrong? There's no arguement here.

MFW when BTC has literally been taken over by elite finance Jews with bad intent.

You have a really simplistic understanding of things if you don't realize how profitable war is for those at the very top. It's not just "business" at that point

Are you stupid? Have you not been paying attention?

Globalization will steal people freedoms to be ruled by nannystate fucks. It will turn the world into one giant walmart.