Is crypto safe

Uh you guys I thought crypto was supposed to be safe. Not trying to FUD just concerned. Pic very related, read the top part.

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buttcoins is a cia op to monitor money transactions of the enemy, it's perfectly safe for the average normie

the dedicated hardware platform will always be better than a cloud solution, cloud solutions are cheaper and in that regard, you get what you pay for.

hardware vpn vs software vpn.

also, they say theyre leaks from bilderberg conference, but source is clearly given.

Satoshi is a secret task force of the NSA. When Bitcoin becomes the world reserve currency they will own millions

So all the fags on here I see in every thread saying bitcoin is mathematically unhackable and that (((they))) will never screw with it are unironically believing a lie?

bitcoin has been compromised
bilderberger owns blockstream and (((segwit))) opens the door to all kinds of kikery

also, just days after activating (((segwit))) suddently the US department of homeland security is backing bitcoin

what a strange coincidence huh?

so when bitcoin is 500k USD a loaf of bread will cost 5,000 USD ?

>unironically posting stuff from cripplechan
that place is a gatekeeper and honeypot of the worst kind. No wonder only mentally ill NEETS lurk it anymore


I know user
unfortunately dead broke right now
when my paycheque comes itll probably be at 500 lol

how to make routers safer ? whe are f***ed :/

What kind of retarded shit is this?

>tfw I'm finally the Jew

God this is what I was thinking

anyone noticed ethereum transfers are really fucking slow right now?

I never understood why nobody bugs the hotels that are announced as the bilderberg location.

It'd be so easy

Ethereum is constantly overloaded because its network doesn't scale and people are dumping millions into ICOs every day

I am prepared.
>While they were plotting the end times, I studied Satoshi's vision.

is the thread still up? what board was it on?

Pretty much this, it was created by the CIA from technology the NSA developed. Don't forget Satoshi owns over 1 million Bitcoins.

that makes no sense whatsoever.
why would bilderberger start a hostile takeover and buy out blockstream if bitcoin was deep-state technology to begin with

>implying they dont do a full sweep before they start sacrificing babies to moloch

basically this :

no one can access the genesis block. those 1 mill coins will never leave that "wallet"

terrible fan fiction bruh

It isn't that unbelievable really. You don't actually think that cryptocurrencies will wipe out all of the problems we've faced with banks for hundreds of years right?

yup. only reason for ETH's recent "mooning" is people using it to buy ICOs

That one user was right I posted from cripplechan. I go there sometimes just to lurk threads when I'm bored. It's probably still up I got it from a Google thread. I'll link just gimme a sec.

The thread is still up can't post link because spam. It's a thread about Google and the highlands forum

i know its from cripplechan you dummy i was asking the board to find the thread and read through it

It was pol