Finally getting the attention it desevers! 1000 sats is the goal, then 1500! Then 2000! Sky is the limit!

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Hahaha someone else noticed it. I'm looking at the charts now and I've got 0.26 BTC sitting in my bittrex account that I'm considering putting into this...

Only wish I'd done it yesterday. Volume increased a lot overnight.

What the fuck is going on with pink

put it in and help me spread the news !

I'm waiting for the dip a bit longer right now buddy.

Have you read their "pinkpaper"? It's fucking insufferable. Why the fuck are they mooning? I don't care though, I'm gonna ride the pump. I don't deny they have a unique use case and are a first mover so could do extremely well, I just don't like the horrendously gay way they conduct themselves

Agreed with most of it. a) i dont think its a pump tho, 10 mio is still not a big value for this kind of purpose. b) yeah, Pink and they way they act..very gay.

Agreed, 10m is a fairly low market cap.

I do think they will have difficulty marketing themselves with all this faggy shit they do, but then the market they are appealing to may like that. But those types of people often aren't nerdy crypto enthusiasts. Also I think they're a first mover in their niche so good potential there

We'll see. For now its pumping.

My ID changed...weird

Fuck it I'll hop in, if it dips to 590

They introduced sidestacking, that's why.
Read Twitter...

what is that and why does it cause pink to moon?

It's a pink Signatum. Developers can play Rothschild on their own shitcoins, and they do.

I don't fuck with anything that doesn't get interest from mainstream businesses. BTC, ETH, and Monero are the holy trinity and that's where I stay for the most part.

what was wrong about signatum? I don't know what you're getting at

Objectively I'm looking at a cheap coin with super low market cap and rapidly increasing volume. Why would I not buy in (genuine question)?

Stacking, you dumb shit.
They introduced splitting of stacked income into different wallets. Pimk seems to be a coin for donations, that's what sidestacking will be used for, you give some as a donation (if you like)

It's not gonna moon. Don't you hear OP? The sky is the limit. It can't get to the moon.


Fuck it I'm in. Volume keeps rising. Why the fuck does this coin keep going up while BTC is also going up, ALTS ARE MEANT TO GO DOWN WHEN BTC IS MOONING WTF IS THIS MAGIC

Hectic hey :D

geh I had a sell on this at mid 800 but it just keeps going up slowly, i feel like it'll blow past my sell point
what do

Jeeeesus volume still pumping where is this coming from???

hold on you fool look at the volume

Some of you guys are allright, buy PINK today

that sell wall at 640, lets see if thats gone soon!

>Jason Crowe, known fraud and thief, was heavily involved
>developers use screen names like "The Doctor" instead of real names
>one claims to have a Phd in """cyber warfare"""
>mouthpiece is a fuckin Discord
>fucked the Bittrex listing with their high school drama bullshit

>"what was wrong about signatum?"

With this stupidfast increase in volume is shouldn't take long

and that's got what to do with Pink?

I hated signatum too, but it's got nothing to do with pinkcoin

Looks like I should be done 600 not 590, we expecting a dip back down?

Pink is in the same fashion. A shitcoin by shit developers, shit marketing (but at least they made a better effort than the Sig team) and pumped without reason, likely by the devs.

I'm just tired of seeing people shilling dog shit like this. Lots of pain to come for those who jump in too late and end up holding bags.

They've just hired a Monero dev. Please learn about the project before sounding like a cope faggot

Almost Everything on here is mooning. You know what that means? Many people/whales have found something with yuge potential on a smaller exchange

I just bought $4k worth.

I only say this once to you, OP: don't you fuck me. Don't you ever try to fuck me.