ITT bullets you dodged

ITT bullets you dodged

i-i-its gonna moon OP
you just wait 2-3 years
look whos laughing then

now excuse me while I tend to my siacoin bags

1 Sia will be worth 1 Dollar in 2 years

In 2 years, SIA supply will double, so I doubt it.

Was one of the victims whos first buy was at 500+ sats, tried to level it out by buying lower and lower until I switched it into LTC and flipped it +25%.

Now I like it for flipping BTC upwards, easier to follow a price with 3 meaningful numbers instead of 5+.

Bought $100 of SC at 700. How will I ever recover?

pic related

same bro... on one side I think, who gives a fuck, ill just sell my 25 euros of sia, but then again thats how poor people and biz thinks

Once they finish working on video streaming, it and steem are going to be huge in the free speech community. Where they go, criminals, and eventually normies, follow.

bought at 600
sold at 200

managed to dump all my sia when it was 650 or so, bought in at 480

thinking of buying in again now... it wont go much lower right?

Sold it for the DGB rocket ship that is coming.



why should it be coming

I made money with Sia. I'm very fond of it.

Sia got 400k to fund development. It'll be up in the following months. That being said, I don't have that much on it, only $600. However, now is a good time to buy the dip.

oct 2.


Somehow I managed to pick OMG, IOT, and ARK after considering all of those

Iota is legit my dude.

Why is not having waves dodging a bullet?

yeah but that doesn't mean it will reap gains, in this retarded market it probably means the opposite

nigger owns it

Missed both SIGT pumps but don't feel too bad about it now.


True. Short term, iota might not see much

It's one of the few long term hodls for me

I feel like the only people salty at Sia bought near ATH or something. It's a stupid easy coin to day-trade and make a profit on.

Bought $145 worth at 570. I don't really give a shit. I'm 40% down but it's got utility and I like the long term gamble. Worst case I lose $145 meanwhile my eth holding is up to $18k from my initial $600 investment.

My only regret is not buying more eth than I initially did.

That one I couldn't doge ;(
Took a serious hit with that shitcoin

Buying in at ATH doesn't make the coin shit.


>up 700% between ICO and further buying selling from faggots who can't into ICO or trading

I'm just kicking myself for not faking more accounts to get more.

its a bullet for anyone who didn't buy into the ico, overpriced af and bleeding out faster than you can say allah akbar

Sis will dip to 150 then pump back to 350. Its your chance. Goy.

I've been in this scene since early 2011 and I have to say that almost everything that is promoted on Veeky Forums is shit

if you see something recommended on Veeky Forums it's a big minus point for the project; it probably means it's shit

people here are really clueless ... but it's a fun place.. I guess most are here for fun and don't really care about long-term prospeects of crypto

I invested in bitcoin when it was $2 then again at $20 and $40

then I invested in Litecoin and Peercoin... but I subsequently sold all my LTC/Peercoin back for BTC, taking the profits

then nothing for a long time... until Decred... hold a lot of Decred (I believe it solves some fundamental problems with btc)

last thing I bought was BlockNet when it got delisted from Polo... was just cents worth ,now it skyrocketed to $30

reason I don't post here is because serious advice is completely ignored and shitcoins are promoted and hailed as "the future" - which is amusing and I'm enjoying every second of it

will be amusing to watch all the bagholders here in the future

I bought right after the ico on etherdelta. Still very good gains. Very comfy for now, this shit can only go up from this point

Same here, first big gainer for me

Antshares, shitcoin got delisted from all the exchanges and vanished

haha lol'd
good post

i know right. i bought 10,000 of those stupid things and now they're gone. where the fuck did they go? what a scam

>this shit can only go up from this point
its still up 6x from ico you dumb faggot, prepare to be dumped on

We'll see in 1 month dude.

Why do you have to tear up this old wound

So I'll go head and ask. Are you still holding any ltc, or do you plan on picking any up soon?


boy, oh, boy, glad I dodged that one