Ark worth investing in right now ?

Ye ?


now's a good time to buy in

you had your chance, your teams mary jane habit cost you $5 this month.

invest in something that hasnt already been shilled to death

good price now. Soon 5$ currency

Fuck yeah!

biz shitcoin of the month

will be forgotten in a month when blocker makes it obsolete

the new dgb

devs are literal potheads who never deliver on their promises

a literal shitcoin

much better solutions

time of ark has passed, no network, no community, no life in this cryptoshit, i'm selling it high

yeah. I dont think its ever going to drop below $2 again. I mean, the smartbridge literally works, and is just in beta form. Only good news from here, and the fact that people think ARK only dropping to $2.40 is a "dump" shows how strong it is.

Next bull run is to $3

hi newfag. Im not sure if you realize this. But ARK WAS LITERALLY ALSO MOONING IN JUNE ALONG WITH AUGUST. why is this significant? because, DGB, SIA, XVG, and NEO all Mooned and june too, and guess what? which of these coins is still hitting an ATH in August? Thats right, ARK! Dont you think its a sign that out of all the coins that mooned and june and never recovered, ARK is only one to recover and 3x its ATH? Im sure because you were only here for a month, you dont know how the crypto market was in June, but try to imagine.

Blocknet doesn't even compare... their "team" isn't even identifiable on their shitty thrown together website and they (or he) is mostly inactive

Blocknet is always shilled by pajeets which leads me to believe it is a total shitcoin.

meanwhile, ARK has been actively developing and networking with other teams since it began.

Pic related is SOME of the AMA's they've hosted on their slack channel...

>No community

Slack is active and their subreddit is active, plus the DPOS ensures an active community

>Much better solutions

Where? There are 0 smartbridge equivalents on the market right now and ARK is closest to enabling it

>No life

Volume just jumped from $1.5M on Monday to $5M today

Are you new to crypto?

I wouldn't right this moment, however it is one of the most based coins out there:
- DPoS werks great, 51 forging delegates overall
- great team that churns out updates, fresh solutions and supports a vast community, the only minus being a total lack of release timeline so they may come as a surprise
- many full-time employees on the team, their funding is not an issue which means they will stick around for a while
- bounties available if you're a codefag, vibrant github

as soon as it breaks out of its downtrending channel, go for it and make sure to vote pic related, best and most profitable pool out there

now is a great time to buy. it's in a dip/accumulation period which will lead to stable ~$3 levels in the next couple days.

I can't tell if whales are pushing it down or just people selling because they expected it to go higher quickly.
ARK is going to reach upwards of $10 very soon, so now is the best time to buy.
Doubt it'll ever hit below $2 again.


been here since /g/ days made a fee hundred brands with by back in the day, been here and bought ether, now eth when no one else was and became really filthy rich

bought ans before neo etc etc

I tell you ark is a shitcoin if I ever saw one

Watching for a nice dip to buy into it now.

>Because I was right twice I am never wrong

I love this board

being right twice is better than being not right at all

>this much LARPing
>cant provide argument for why ARK is shit other than saying it is
I made a shit ton of money catching the DGB the bull run in may, and now ARK in august. That means ive literally been right twice too. lmao.

Also, if user isnt LARPing, he is just one of those fags who believe that if you missed out on BTC and ETH youre fucked, and wants new investors to lose money by not buying ARK.

>never delivers promise
>completely ignores the fact that Smartbridge works

Smartbridge isn't going to be useful until the rest of the ecosystem is up and running.
Go with blocknet for now. People are scambling to buy 5000 units. The price is only up from here.

Blocknet has already gone up a ton, especially over the last month. Does it still have more juice?

>ark sucks because I say so
>guy on the internet

Nice just sold 100k

Question for Arkies....

I voted for biz_delegate but a few days ago I moved my coins to shittrex for some swing trading. I put them back in my wallet today. Do I have to re-vote or will I start gaining payouts again now that they are back?

your vote counts even if you hold 0 ark

you can still check in your ak wallet who got your vote

unvoting would cost you 1 ark anyway and you would've had to type in your passphrase for that to happen

if you ever want to vote for anyone else you have to pay 1 ark to unvote and then pay 1 ark to vote for someone else

If you vote for two people, your ark vote is split equally between them

You can vote with 0 ark hold but you'll most likely get no profit from shares. Keep in mind that delegates pay transfer fees for sharing profits, and the more ark you hold, the more of the share you get. If your share is higher than the transfer fees, you profit from the vote, if not, your vote and ark goes to waste. That's why many delegates have a minimum requirement of ark hold before you can vote for them to ensure their place in the top 51 and ensure that you profit from your vote.

Is ARK going to break out in September? Any big news?

ark is slowly going to rise in value as its technology gets worked on and released. smartbridge already works for eth

>If your share is higher than the transfer fees, you profit from the vote, if not, your vote and ark goes to waste.

biz_classic rolls over your balance until it's enough to cover the tx fee. Your vote never goes to waste. You always get paid exactly what you're owed.

Based Uncle Chang.

I see the average holding is 1968 in biz_classic, but do you know what the mean is? I imagine the average is skewed by whales at the top. I want to know what the average poorfag has.

Oops, meant to say biz_classic

Thanks user

Well I'm a poorfag and I have 305 ARK if that helps

college poorfag, holding 6,238 ARK voting BIZ_CLASSIC

Do I have a shot at making it

It'll go back down to $2 then you should buy, buy theres no way to move your ark to BTC

1400 here.

So based on a sample size of 3 biztards we arrive at an average of 6250 Ark.

Veeky Forums confirmed rich.

Hope to see it dip down into the 1-something range again

>buy theres no way to move your ark to BTC
that's not true

will happen by tomorrow

this shitcoin is done

Arkies get ready for the next 24h low

here we ggggooooooo

Errmmm, no.

305+6238+1400 = 7943

7943/3 = 2647.66 average

We need a larger sample size.

Ark has been dumping for 3 days now.
At this rate I'm gonna fall out of my profit zone.
Time to sell and buy back later?

Typo. Swapped the 2 and the 6.

i only have two coins - 80% OMG, 20% ARK.

wondering if i should pull out of ARK to go all in OMG.

Yeah, and then you miss the next bull run and buy in at a loss

Just hold like a man

Also, look at the fucking 1 month chart, ARK has done this after the last 3 bull runs. First there is a big bull run, then it goes down for about half the value of the gains of that particular run, then it goes back on a bull run

We are near the end of this drop

I've yet to see any convincing proof of this.


so you can buy high again when ark pumps

the true Veeky Forums way

ark is done


How do you exchange ARK for BTC? NO SNARK but I can't figure it out.

Bittrexx, changelly, shapeshift and coinswith wont work. What do you use? Novaexchange?

you posted this question here several times today and also on reddit

>Bittrex won't work
What the fuck do you mean?

Ye .

anyways you fucking brainlet

go on bittrex "bitcoin markets"

then search for ark

then you scroll down to see limit buy and limit sell

if you transfer your ark to bittrex you click on limit sell and choose "max" as amount to sell then you choose at what price you want to sell but click on the dropdown menu "ask"

them confirm

and then wait until your sell order completes

It's called "selling".