You dullards need to jump ship now before it tanks

You dullards need to jump ship now before it tanks.


Just bought 100k

seems legit

t. whale who's going to pump OMG to 50k sats.

whale from le secret discord group here, we're pumping omg to 50usd tomorrow.
Don't tell anyone

*500k sats

*5mil sats

Close your shorts, faggots.

Sounds accurate. I have 200 OMG and selling 30 now. Maybe more

do you really think someone would do that?

just go on the internet and tell lies?

>we simply invented the apple rumor

Actually, it was the McDonalds news that caused the spike.

Do people here really believe that an OmiseGo sticker on a MacBook is proof of collaboration or is this just one of those memes where everyone pretends to be a retard?

> the bullshit Apple rumor was literally started on Veeky Forums
> Veeky Forums NEET basement dwellers literally makeup .005% of OMG's international, global trade volume

you faggots won't do shit to the value of price of omisego. It is a legitamate company with existing operations. It doesn't need 4chans approval. You all are massive faggots.

Good day

I believe this, because no one would lie on the internet.

ohhh nooo please don't sell sir please pleasee

lmao what a fucking faggot, I bet your mother cucks your loser dad too

Whales are smart people, they've been in this game for a long time. If you thinking they are going to dump their Omise at 11 dollars you are retarded - they can double their money once again within a month.

GTFO of here with this BS LOL

even if you're naive enough to believe the larp post...

>Expect a lot of shilling and hyping over the next couple weeks as the whales try to push the coin as high as it can go. Then they will dump.
>next couple weeks ... try to push the coin as high as it can go

That was posted yesterday so why the fuck would you sell now instead of waiting for "the next couple of weeks" of pumping? Are you illiterate?

dumping at 10m sats. Right in time to buy that christmas lambo

I am also part of said whale discord group and I want to say that we planned this FUD post for a week now to dump the price of OMG as we accumulate more for the upcoming news. expect OMG at 20$ by the end of the year, this is all just FUD we have payed a few indians to spread on here.

nice FUDding there. So you think they're going to be presenting a desktop wallet on techcrunch disrupt ? And how do you explain the Omise company and FacePay they're working on.
Yeah guys, go dump your bags so this faggots could buy it dirt cheap

My question is, how would a whale even know what they're releasing in the future? Unless one whale in that discord is a developer who is ballsy enough to leak to his other friends in the whale group his shit job at developing a wallet app? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

sure, dont trust anyone on the internet. but it makes alot more since than an apple partnership.

What a load of shit. They 'came up with' the Apple rumour, did they? You mean the rumour that started following, and is founded entirely on, the photos that OmiseGo put out of an Apple sticker on a skateboard? What did they do; photoshop it and hack their Twitter account? I have no issue with the claim they shilled the rumour, but the claim that they started it shows this post to be bullshit.

>pumping a market to 1 billion for 20 million
Yeah, sure.
I hope you are all not retarded enough to believe these LARPers.
Ah shit, I just remembered I'm on biz.

Nice just sold 100k.

As someone who's accumulating OMG I like this kind of post.

Better than the constant shilling moon posts.

See you at $20 faggots.

Whaleshit FUD is always the signal to buy.

Hahahaha I'm a white American Male Alpha Motherfucker invested in OMG and have shilled OMG in this board myself. I am not a paid Pajeet, shitskin, nigtard.

I bought this coin because it's a good investment. Not because Veeky Forums told me to.
I have advice for you thoug: pic very much related

Fuck, meant to reply to this little bitch here not you

> 3285115

I don't expect any of you to believe me. I wouldn't believe myself if I was in your shoes, but I'll throw this out there in case any ears are open to the truth.

1. I am close friends with a member of the SG dev team (Lithuanian expat living in Singapore) who has been focusing on the development of the facial recognition integration. He is privy to information most are not.

2. He has... told me things. I can't say much as every detail could put his job at risk. But... jesus. You do want to pay attention to this coin. You really fucking do.

3. Come on guys. How much more obvious can it be? You've researched the history of the company right? You realize the sort of clout some of the team members have don't you?

Apart from the 'hints' and 'tips' and 'insider info', its a fucking well established payment processor that is dominant in SEA and has years of experience, a large team and an official partnership with McDonalds.

This coin is getting shilled a lot - sure - but it fucking deserves to be.

No its not gonna hit $500 by the end of the year but it could very well hit $100 a coin and that would be a reasonable value that is fair when you consider what these guys are setting out to achieve and the sort or partnerships they're developing.

Anyway, thats my essay and one and only bit of input into this whole thing. I've been watching from the sidelines (usually frequent Veeky Forums) and decided to chime in.

something always felt fishy about OMG.

i guarantee you whales don't think in terms of USD.

Wrong. But I understand why you'd think that based on this board.


Have you bought into OMG yourself?

I hope you are being honest btw.

What are you saying? That you're the OP whale and it will go to shit?

Because it sounds like you're saying that this coin is going to the fucking next stratosphere

this guy is just LARPing

Hold at least until 2018 fuck this retard shill.

>whale here

Nigga You better have $10mil or more if you think your babby dump even stands a chance of even being noticed.

Oh, you dont? Probably just kill yourself then.

I'm holding 1600 OMG.

I believe strongly in the coin and think that it will skyrocket in value.

Oh and that OP screencap is the most obvious troll post I've ever seen. Come on man...


jesus fuck that's retarded. the internet is autistic enough to make that rumor up themselves.

for the summerfags this is a buy signal just fyi. this kind of larp is exactly what you do for something you want to buy

this confirms my bias, so i believe it. is 850 enough to make it with this fucker?