>shill it for weeks
>post at length about the fundamentals and also the TA
>nobody listens
>post yesterday talking about the upcoming news
>thread 404's with 3 posts
>meanwhile people are still posting le epic digimarines threads
oh well

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literally sold 5 hours ago to fund a fucking day trade

900 sats lets go

When can i go to Vegas to lose all my FUN?


we tried to warn you, you fools

the news has barely hit

>tfw finished rolling my entire stack into FUN last week

tfw just bought pre green dildo feelsgoodman

Also comfy hold, their ceo is fucking legit tier

its hapoening


Sold yesterday, breaking even. Figured it would dip. Instead sails up 25% today. Eghhhh

I bought at the ATH as is tradition.

when will it end lads

is it too late?

probably for today's pump, but this is a billion-dollar coin

but you won't listen, they never listen

good time to buy actually

ofc its too late. its always too late when you see any pumps posted here idiot

Literal definition of a pump and dump shitcoin.

literally only just begun
get in on the fun lad

>been posting for literally weeks
>nobody paid attention
>it's too late hurdur
so it's always too late

Fuuuck. Was waiting for my NiceHash payout tomorrow to throw down on FunFair. Missed the boat by 24 hours.

I remember when it launched on bittrex; there's an user somewhere, user who FOMO bought FUN at xxxx sats

kinda stings in the short term, but if he doesn't sell, he'll be happy when it hits 7k sats

Just read papers and bought 1EHT of this shit OP, we'll see.

implying 20k will be enough for a lambo

Not a shitcoin though

it's enough for a down payment on a small house which is still great

Bought at 940 sat and was bag holding for ages but with zero worries as the CEO behind this coin is as good as it gets in the gambling space. Anyone not buying into this is an idiot.

Just pushed a good bit of my stack into fun.

Can't wait for more exchanges over the coming weeks/months, still holding from ICO

+20% today, nobody even gets this token yet. Crazy gains to be had.

Any news on when it will be live?

there's too much supply but this ain't rational market so why not

I got 5X return from funfair and 10X return from Etheroll. Looks like next on the list is Ethbet in 10 days from now, should be another easy 10X. Read this shit and tell me it won't be a 10X

Anyway, Funfair seems fine but it's normie shit at this point. Grats on the gains bros.

nice try user, we can see the color of the text on FUN is not consistent with the rest. But that's none of my business, shill satan.


>there's too much supply but this ain't rational market so why not
look at the supply of NEM
consider that FUN is doing a burn
simple stuff


Bought $90 worth the other day. Up 30% since then, but it's just $90... The biggest problem in crypto is deciding what will make me the most money. Most of my portfolio had been held in OMG.

this is why

Am I too late to sell?

Buying more

Sell it all, it's a pump and dump! :^)

Same, I'm 20% in this.

U guys... ffs... They r gonna burn a huge amount, meaning that each token will be worth x2-4.5
Have FUN fgts

When will this reach 1k sat?

FUNfact: I bought FUN because it has the most amateur MSPaint looking logo in it is the biggest % gain in my portfolio by a mile.


Reminder: The FUN CEO can't run a business for shit.

That's funny because he seems to be a multimillionaire with a number of successful businesses under his belt. When was the last time you got an OBE faggot?

nice subtle shill ethbet dev

this one looks scammy as fuck

it's a joke honestly but i didn't want to bother giving him attention heh

cool story bro

the time to buy is nigh

If you read their whitepaper you can see that their business model can't make much money.
Even if it hosted every gambler in the world they'd still get fuck all.
Their plan is to take 10% off the house edge of makers, AKA Fuck all.

It's the gambling site version of cuckoldry. Seriously.

>biggest gain is 12%