BTC Is Making All Time High On Daily Basis

Why would not you sell all your shitcoins for king BTC?

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Writing is on the wall. Past performance is no guarantee of future gains.

looking for an entry point help a brother out, just cashed out 1.6 in eth

These so called shitcoins are increasing my BTC holdings, actually.

because the shitcoins is how we get more btc you dummy

Because many alts rise and fall by 50%+ in a single day. Btc is beyond that sort of extreme volatility and if you pick good coins or know what you're doing the return is higher on alts.

>hold 10+ BTC
>be making more daily gains than normalfaggots for next several years

can't stop the BTC train ha ha ha ha

buy LTC

lemme give you a hint the all time high of almost 5,000 is probably not the best time to buy in. see how it always shoots back down for a while after some solid gains?

ATH will be $4800, maybe $5000
There will be a correction to maybe $3000
Buy then

>hurr durr i can predict BTC's price

altcoins have grown much more quickly over the past year than btc, although BTC in general seems more robust.

>BTC Is Making All Time High On Daily Basis
true of almost any non-meme coin if you smooth out its price.

people were saying the same thing when it hit 2000

"They" said 4800$ is the top.

>There will be a correction to maybe $3000


Maybe to $4500

yup when it broke 4 i waited a few days a bought in around 3700

just thought maybe some yall experienced TA's would care to share a price

Because i put it all on OmiseGo and its going up quicker than BTC

dude we will never see sub 4000 BTC again
the price is now dirt cheap

I'm mostly happy about the fact that the new price people will consider to be a dip increases while btc moons. $4200 is the new $3600

fellow omigod

2200 coming

I'm not even that good with TA but you have absolutely no idea what you're doing, go read a book. These indicators don't mean shit in this context, it's like you're looking at random oscillators and pretending to make sense of them.

With the second hard fork coming soon, there probably will be sub $4000 sometime in October.
People will want to get their free money.

Why aren't you faggots investing in Nvidia, AMD, and micron stock as well? The mining equipment will make you wealthier later when the Normies buy in.

This, and checked

Those old farts and their Elliot waves. No one in their right min would sell BTC

The Market Cap is too big for that kind of Corrections, that's penny stock talk.

people with lots of BTC don't even view fiat as something they want to trade their BTC for these days. they think BTC > fiat. that's the difference between traditional company stocks and BTC.

It may just dip 500 to 1k only.

Own your own gold BTC bar before it goes to half a mil

thats their strategy. let you believe they can predict the market by saying "she predicted that bitcoin would hit 3900$ and it happened" Then they'll tell you that after 4800$ it will dip, you think that they must be right because they correctly predicted the past so what you and all sheeps will do is sell at 4800$ witch causes the price to dip and then they will say "i told you so"

Anyone noticing this extremely fucking obvious "smug-anime-poster-know-it-all-supprt-bankercoin" shilling? So fucking tired of it and it's only been adapted within the last 3 weeks or so. Get the fuck out pajeets. No one wants segwitcoin.


BTC just broke another ATH
bow to your king

He's right, though.

TA doesnt work at ATH, we can only really tell when a rally will be coming to a close soon once it breaks the moving averages and/or the trendlines.

so in essence nobody can tell you how high it could currently go... most is you could use TA to see how far it would likely drop if it were to drop right now...

>No one wants it
Fuck your mother if you want you fuck



>but not in rl


lol altcoin pajeet crying

Because Monero is the king

Said increasingly nervous man for the 10th time this year

This the fucking idea that 1 BTC = 1 Lambo is fucking dumb. And it certainly won't be worth a house fuckwads.

>the idea that 1BTC=5000$ is fucking dumb

That was posted when Price was at 4261, August 27 Look at it now.