How are you supposed to use Bitcoin with such fees and speeds?

How are you supposed to use Bitcoin with such fees and speeds?
It costs $40 and takes a couple of hours to transfer $1000.

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t.btc maximilist

i just sent some coins from a exchange and the fee was 0.001 witch is 4.7 dollars. i was on the next block. yes that alot of money for fee. but since i sent alot of money it was nothing. yes i would like to see if drop to 20 cents. but at what cost? we get that faggot that runs bitcoin cash and lies about everything? ya im good

the fees may seem large but remember that you're paying to use a decentralized system with no fucking banking jews controlling it. that's the benefit you're getting.

It'll be fixed with segwit and block increases, or whatever the fuck they're actually going to do.

this is what i see happening. when they figure out lightnet work and make it easy to use poeple will start money money around with other coins. like litecoin. but i think this is not a good option, there are very few coins that run bitocoin platform. i will not talk about the coin that will be used the most in this case, 1 min blocks and 0 fees. this is all i will say. bitcoin furture is bright

Good to know, I will use a lower fee.
If (((they))) truly feared crypto, they would easily attain incredible amounts. Or maybe that's what happening with some of the coins.
I believe that a global currency would be very useful to them.

We're still talking about Bitcoin core, right?

Hey guys, I found the pajeet!

if you truly believe bitcoin core is controlled by jewish bankers, sell all your BTC for BCC. we'll see who is richer by the year's end.

SegWit already activated.

>It costs $40 and takes a couple of hours to transfer $1000.- 10 posts shown.
It doesn't

How big of a fee do I pay to get the transaction done within 3 hours? I need to know this.

BTC has been Taken over my dudes. Blockstream wants to suck blood out from every transaction and protect the international finance Jews.

Look into the true heir. Bitcoin Cash.

Do you have like 20 inputs on that account? user you are supposed to sweep accounts like that on Sundays. Otherwise you need to pay $40, yes

181 sats/byte as we speak

Shit, I have exactly 20 inputs.
Thanks for the advice.

>It costs $40 and takes a couple of hours to transfer $1000.
no it doesn't, retard. I did a 15k tx and paid 1$ fee using segwit.

Cashcucks on suicide watch

That's why you pay for 20 transactions, not for 1. for future reference as to how high to set the tx fees. In BTC speaking we are lower than 6 months ago so please don't FUD.
Obviously the fees are an issue but the different scaling solution parties are working on this. Also, every coin would have massive scaling issues with the volume of bitcoin.

I hate that I'm asking what is probably a noob question, but what do you mean by this?

You don't.

You use memecoins

Doge is coming back baby

you received 20 transactions. then when you send the funds you will see the tx coming from a lot of different wallet, which takes space, so more fee. you need to sweep to a new address when the fees are low

You don't know what you are talking about. The fee doesn't depend on the amount of $ sent.

If you send 20x $1 worth of BTC to a wallet and then want to send 1x $20 from that account, it then needs to combine all 20 inputs (which all have different blockchain histories). Therefore your transaction fees will be multiplied for this combined transaction.
If you are in a situation of having a wallet with many inputs, then it makes sense to do such a combined transaction during a time of low fees. Usually Sundays. You could send to another address owned by you and use a low fee so it takes a few days. Then when you actually need it you could send it from that address and only pay 1x the fees

I'd be mad too if I wasn't holding bitcoin op.

Hang in there little buddy

Why wait that long? We'll see who's richer by november when the next hard fork hits. :^)

Where would you recommend to read about the protocol to understand it better?

Those $1000 is just some "dust" from 2013.

Don't have a single good source. Can't remember where I first picked up that stuff. Reddit is usually good when it comes to technical questions.

Also remember to withdraw your BCH from that old wallet! Just import your private key into electron cash

Thanks for the tips.