BTC at 4738 ATH

I am scared

How high can it go?

BTC bull market ends in 2019 when BTC reach 40K

Remember, Goldman Sachs sets the price from now on.

1 million

almost 4k euro

will it ever crash again

Maybe in november.

Probably, but before that we will see 5k$ at least, because HF will give another free bitcoins.

BTC will be a rare collectors item at 200k a pop when we are older

didnt (((they))) predict a crash at 4.8k?


>BTC will be a rare collectors item at 200k a pop when we are older


came on here to say that

goldman to dump at 4800 uness something's changed

guys its never going to crash ever, we are all going to be millionaires

>we are all going to be millionaires
So... none of you are going to be rich, then?

If you're all millionaires, that just means your money becomes worthless. Because the increase in buying power just forces things up. So the poor will want to skullfuck you to death and the already super-rich will just laugh at you.

is it time to switch to BCC/BCH? or ETH? or LTC?

>goldman to dump at 4800 uness something's changed

what is this goldman meme? are people this clueless about markets in general?

TA is just self fullfilling prophecy, they can't crush it

>jews predict crash at 4800
>you sell
>they buy

there was an article that quoted a GS analyst predicting that btc would hit 4800, so we know that is when GS will dump.

Those who are all in on crypto like us are about 0.001% of the general population. Perhaps even less. We only need that 1% of the economy is on crypto to make insane gains.
by 2035 do you think that 1% on the global economy WONT be on crypto?


What are you doing to hedge against their dump? Eth, ltc? USDT?

My 2035 I hope an AI awakens and kills a third of the world population. I hope to be drained of blood and filled with nanofluid, reengineered into a hunter killer cyborg loyal to my electronic master as I chase down heretics and fuck neural spikes directly into their brains so they become good, happy citizens.

i'm out of btc and into eth. don't know if that's the right thing to do tho. watching the charts bigly.

don't you mean shunts?

You forget a robo-waifu.

>2035 AI kill third-worlder
>every one is happy

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