Buy monaco dip?

buy monaco dip?

I'll go all in on her dip, if you catch my drift

Gotta reply

wait a day. ask again then

if you want

how many espers on yobit for a girl like this?

oh fugg


>Tokens represent your share of asset contract
> asset contract value is zero
> people still try to say it's undervalued
> only in crypto

trips of truth. shit

We're trading memes user, not just a token, but memes as well. That alone is the most valuable asset today.

Not yet, it will go deeper.
Learn to use stoch rsi.

No, it will tank hard.

Ni hao Ni hao sexy schlutty white woman!!

funk you

Would def pick some up if I were you.

Gay people will never reply to this thread.

obligatory rpely

haha made me look

must reply

Dumping to $5 screenshot this post

That pussy looks like it has a zipper on it

I already touched trendline

That was very clever user, Im tipping my fedora right now

what does asshole taste like

you're welcome, mom

open bobs
very secksi
show vegnago

Do you know this chick's name? Reverse search only finds meme version of this pic

I sure as fuck hope it grows back


replying to save my mom.


Buy shitcoin stay poor

God damnit OP, fuck you for exploiting my love of upskirts
>buying the dump

Shit reminds me of when Antshares mooned from $4 to $17 overnight and then crashed hard. Stayed at around $5 for a couple of months. You all know what happens next.

>tl;dr: buy the dip, faggots




kys OP

lmfao someone made that,

dont care about that mother bullshit teenagers fall for but someone post the akarin version of this image

monaco is over, it's not a dip, it's the beginning of the final decline

why did Monaco fall so much?


it dont look right.

Keep telling yourself that

where the hell did she get her knickers from


I went all in on MCO today @ 10 EUR

Just replying.

Keep telling yourself that it'll moon,just like the same guy making "Bancor is unstoppable" threads everyday



nice toes

Replying because I luv momma

Kind of like black pepper

oh fuck


imogen dyer

>No, mom, pls don't kill yourself because I lost money on a wrong shitcoin. I found new one and this one is going to the moon, I promise mom.

Nice crotch

Include me in screen cap. I recognise your waifu

LitecoinUltra moons this weekend

You bastard.

mco is cancer first time I lose so much in a shitcoin

Fug well this deserves a reply.

have to reply



When you say "Ultra Moon",
what numbers are you talking?


oh shit

Will this shitcoin ever recover?

>mfw bought it when it was twice the value

my goodness why

dont kill my mum

not sure