Notice something in the logo?

notice something in the logo?

The Czech flag?

Nice. Just bought 100k.

they dipped some iphones into water ?

The OMG logo.

I mean maybe kinda



What ever do you mean, user?

Who knows?


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It's not OMG. I mean, it might be at the event in some small way. But it's not in their fucking logo you retards.

Probably coincidence but those are the colors of the Thailand flag.

thats clearly the omg logo u shitfag

Not me, that's for sure


this apple rumor is such bullshit i wish the meme never took hold

>red white and blue
well thats like 50% of the flags in the world

The September event is for new iPhone, like it always is. Even if OMG is mentioned, it will be very minor and the majority of people won't care.

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