I am so angry today

I'm up $27,000 on my portfolio. I shouldn't be angry there's no reason for me to be angry but I'm angry as fuck I'm so fucking pissed off. I'm sick of this bullshit life it's lonely as fuk you make a lot of money but it's lonely as fuck. This crypto life is boring as shit I can't fucking stand it anymore.

fuck off

chill -> cash some out -> do something "real"


Well, I don't have any money and I'm lonely. My portfolio is worth $42.

Beat that.

Cash out 5k and go stay in a party hostel in Eastern Europe for a week

Then come back to me


ill take some of your BTC 12BjoZSaoDEDhpUhLjv5sRW8LE6gqCaLxi , the more you give the less you can invest the more you need to get a real job

no problem user

chill bro remember that we're all gonna be filthy rich one day, then your real life begins, right now you're in cocoon mode. when you finally make it life will be the best

please eat the biggest dirtiest dick you can

Thanks guys much appreciated

Beat your dick if you want rich

If you can donate some BTC to me it might make you feel a little better, knowing that someone's gonna be able to afford to buy food once they move into their new place.
Thanks user


Lmao get a girlfriend loser

imagine playing poker in a casino full time!!! Stop being a fukin little fag enjoy your profits!!

you could be poor and lonely, fuckin bitch

Send me .5 btc and I'll let you talk to my gamer wife for a while


I'm exactly the same except I'm dirt poor and hedged so much my gains have been stagnating since May.

Literally every night I dream about crypto.

I'm not in a good place rn user. Hold me?

It's a good deal, bud, you should take it.

This is a means to an end. Warren Buffet felt the same and suppressed it, now rich as fuck and does nothing, has no real power, doesn't swing his dick like Soros. Find more passive means of income (crypto miners bro!!!) and go do something you care about. Not everyone was meant to be filthy fucking rich, because most would have to sell their soul to get their.

I wish you the best.

You are a failed normie. If you were a genuine robot who trades crypto you would be grateful for the chance to make money from the safety of your mother's basement.

wrong board buddy

>Up $27k
Nice. I did some forex, fell out and then didn't get back in again. I actually only lost the one trade because I didn't follow my rules fully (which I now know to do - I did something that the broker had suggested, stupidly enough as I was new then). I traded way too big too. I'd want to get back into it, but cryptos seem fun too. Want to get me started with three fiddy or whatever you feel like? What are transaction fees like?


>New place
>No food
Seems like you made a choice somewhere.

Lol get a tranny like us

Send it to me if it makes you angry BTC 121VWn3RNXRTNbTMjKTfC9U4afJ8WHwx2F

*cuddles in a nonhomo way*