Best altcoin to buy for next week

What is the best altcoin to buy from now to get 100%up in next week? And, why do you think so?

cause it will

Ecc. Lead dev is starting full time tomorrow

What do people think about Trig Token? I did some research and they got an active team, white papers, roadmap, and somebody on their team worked at Intel Labs. The tech behind the coin is gun control and the recent news on their social media has been helping the price of trig token slowly rise. But I want some some other people's opinions for more insight on the coin.

Lol oh shit, guess what's mooning guys.

strat, releasing developer update tommorow with "big news"
been stagnat and steadily increasing lately, no reason why it shouldnt hit its old ATH atleast which would be 40-50%


It only has a 15m marketcap atm. Good team, working beta.

Only tradeable on Delta and on the ZRX exchange right now.

espers on yobit sir



edg and fun

edg is launching it's casino this month.

fun is a better currency than edg, but it's marketing is weak. It's getting boosts when edg does though, because edg goes on about how much better it is than fun.

This. Good product, good team, low marketcap, its primed.




Adex will moon

>expance will be listed on binance
>lisk will rebrand
>game will be listed on bitbay
>edgeless in q3 in one month
>bata masternodes

Any source for this?

and BTS is going to release app


Pretty obviously EDG. Launch incoming so people will FOMO in the leadup.

Unironically, this.

devs made a post on bitcointalk
go to coinmarketcap, follow the link, look for the dev

Cv2 lads. An absolute STEAL

>Trusting a shitcoin because they are totally working with Visa
>They remove visa name on website
>Entire coin is a scam

Internet is overwhelmingly progun and against electronic blocks. Expect major fudding at every corner.