Shift - Decentralize the Web

Shift has been slept on for some time now.

It's up 74% in the last week, and not to mention, I don't recall anyone here hyping up Phantom when it released on the testnet.

Does user really not understand how POWERFUL decentralizing the internet is?

Hosting your website(s) on the blockchain is better than hosting with providers like Godaddy, Namecheap, etc.

No one can touch your website. Only you. Host whatever you want, however you want.


Shift is undervalued as fuck...11000000 coins at 26mil marketcap...This thing should go up by 10x in a month

Nice just bought 100k

I wanted to invest in it but the more I read about it, the more it sounded like vaporware.

Not gonna invest but I'll keep an eye on it in case I was wrong and they actually build it.

It sounds like a great idea but is it really ready ?

It's live on the testnet right now,
"" is being hosted on Shift's network :)

Got some. When vtc rises some more I will sell and buy more shift.
Or tnt? Or blocknet?

Is this any different from Substratum?

Block ready took off

True, still room to 2x I think.
But yeah, I think shift would be the best bet.

That took a really long time to load.

Testnet. It just recently released for people to *test* on. Official release of the Phantom dApp has not been announced. Everything is still beta.

It's better to be early in an investment than it is to be late :)

But waiting for months to moon is gay.

good project, but you guys will not have the patience to hodl, you WILL sell at a loss.
Here is their last tweet from 30 mins ago:
>No newsletter for this month

don't do this if you have weak hands.

is it based on eth or what?

I just saw the tweet something about a profile pic

got in a 46866 and plan to hold a couple days for the next hill, might let some ride though.

we're probably gonna bounce off 47000 a couple times before takeoff though - good entry point

can anyone explain to me what this coin does? i don't understand, is it trying to be the new darkweb or something?

Not darkweb the new web, but with decentralized hosting. There will probably be a way to configure it's own darkweb tho.

Now if you could explain how to forge shift coins, and how does that voting system works

please explain it to me like i'm 5 i still don't understand, what do you mean by new web?

Unironically stop shilling this until I can buy more I only have 100 I want at least 1k

substratum wont use blockchain

It's going to be a fun month

With how long that took to load i was expecting the AOL homepage to pop up.

It says it does use a blockchain though.

it's alpha; what do you expect?

It still runs on ipfs right? Ipfs is pseudo-mature, but it's only fast when the appropriate content is already cached somewhere. Site loaded instantly for me (if you try it again that might be the case for you too now). Normally this problem is also supposed to be solved soon when pubsub goes live in ipfs-js.

But it would be best if shift went on a different network for file storage.