ICOs you're looking forward to

What ICOs is everyone looking forward to, besides the obvious ones?

Looking at ethbet.io/ right now, looks like it'll be the next Etheroll and theycrowdsale is staying small enough that I will probably be able to buy 1% or more of all the tokens. nice to see a whitepaper that isn't a bunch of marketing bullshit for once

These real estate ones look profitable like atlant and real but are probably scammy as fuck so not a good long term hold, just pump and dump

what do you guys think? plans?

If it's anything like etheroll, stay away. That piece of shit as an coder circle jerk.

Could you elaborate? Etheroll seems like a good purchase right now, what's wrong with it?

do you realize people who bought etheroll corwdsale got like a 60X return on their money since irc, right?

i dont give a fuck what the circle jerk is if there's a 60,000% return

Probably circlesproject.io

Under the radar ico atm with an actual real-world use case

Red Pulse, Kyber, Chainlink and possibly Science.

chainlink seems like a pretty huge meme to me but it wouldnt surprise me if their investors still get good returns, at least just for the first bit

I can't invest in these, I am an Amerifag.


>not investing in them anyway
do you hate money?

they have to say that so that the SEC doesnt ask them to register with them is all

It looks like EthBet isn't doing any bullshit KYC like Kyber, so just fucking lie and invest anyway

some ico's will blacklist us ips yes you can use a vpn but not always as simple as checking a box at ico

Chainlink became a meme because Veeky Forumsraelies jew noses smelled the project. They do zero marketing and let the strength of their product speak for itself. Not getting in on chainlink's ico is literally the dumbest thing someone can do.

sounds like a ponzi scheme my friend :^)

That's true, but if you can find out their contract address (if it's a normal eth ICO that is), then that is all you really need. They can't actually do KYC on-chain, luckily

this looks like one of the few non-scam coins. I was looking through threads on btctalk the other day they are all shit.

thanks for the free ticket to the moon suckers

most of them don't even try anymore, it's pretty pathetic. The ones that do with marketing are all scams.

Etheroll was good becuase it didn't spend a huge budget for marketing so the guy could actually develop the damn thing.

That's what is nice about this one, developers and technical expertise > huge marketing bullshit

Did you invest in etheroll early?

fuuuuck i always kept thinking it was worth too much already

nah but I still made like 5X on it, I still hold some of it really

once etheroll starts doing marketing I bet it will double even again, it's still undervalued compared to its potential

and are you going to sell your dice for EBET once this crowdsale starts going?

im tempted to go all in on day one just for dat bonus

I dont want to sell my dice but if it has no huge movements yes, unless something bad happens. Ethbet will be so undervalued that I cant resist, since it doesnt seem like they have a huge marketing budget

how do you know it's underavlued if there hasn't been an ICO yet, it could easily sell out, looks like they said $2.5M USD is all it takes to sell out so

>The total amount of possible tokens is set to 10,000,000. Of these tokens, 80% are available during the crowdsale (5% bounty, 5% partners, 10% Ethbet).
>The base exchange rate is 1,000 EBET per ETH.

holy shit i'm going balls deep on this one. EASY 10 bagger

that's exactly why.

the ICOs these days ask for fucking 50 million dollars and this one wont even accept more than 1 or 2, so if it succeeds which it has to at least a little bit, you know you will get an easy 5x or 10x return if you bought in on day 1.

i dont think the amount of coins really matters, based off of past projects

it's more important how much it goes up

I was looking forward to science as well before I read the white paper they just uploaded to their site. What a fucking joke.

I imagine it looked like most whitepapers do now where they spend $500 on graphics and $0 on actual fucking content

more like $50,000 of graphics :^)

just get cheap shit from fiverr and pajeets imo, the real place to spend the money is on advertising

true, the larger projects have way too much money to spend on that shit

This actually looks good. I don't expect this level of posting from Veeky Forums, I expected a whitepaper with broken English again

dat 3d logo

me again, the more I read this paper the more I'm info this, really interested to see how the crowdsale will go, wonder if it will sell out

if it gets close to selling out im just gonna buy all in

thanks OP.

The real estae ones are scammy as fuck indeed, don't touch them with a 10 ft pool.

Ethbet looks like it has serious serious moon potential though, wonder if they will have a beta out soon

why do threads always die after i post in them

because you're not screaming about moon and lambo enough bro

Circles Project.

Supposedly it's similar to investing in entertainment? basically you donate Circles Tokens to Youtubers based on their videos and you receive dividends as other people donate after you.

DICE holder here. First rewards period worked flawlessly and I got my share of Eth profits. Can't wait till next period.

planning on doing Ethbet as well?

you should probaly understand what it's doing if you think it's good enough to invest in, you sound pretty unsure

Haven't heard of Ethbet until now. I will read into it a little bit, but it is unlikely.

Well, I understand it and how it works.
I said "supposedly" because I'm not sure I can call it "investing in entertainment."

The project as a whole is very neat though.

These ico pages without team member info scare me

Seems too scammy

I feel you but I read their FAQ entry and that convinced me. Basically they just made fun of ICOs having team pages of 50 people all with PhDs and bullshit, when it's all a scam

This project is a lot smaller I think it's like 2 devs according to what they've written, but that's why they're trying to raise so much less

Hey wat did u think of cryptobeak's video on bitdice? Did u get in on the ico?

ive never touched bitdice but i made a fucking killing from etheroll so that's why im doing ethbet too, i have a good feel for it

Electroneum. Mostly because biz is not shillong it. Going to hold for a year. :)

How is the Ethbet token generating dividends? If each player pair can choose what house edge to pay everyone naturally goes for 0?!

from the paper it looks like 2 things:

1. they actually CAN charge a house edge, but it will be small, less than 1% of their competitors

2. match making isnt a perfect process so some players would be willing to give up a small house edge (like 1% or lower, or whatever) in order to have their bet executed instantly, so a cut of that goes to ethbet

that's correct. so the profit margin might be a bit smaller but when it takes over we will all still be in lambos so who cares

Players don't have to pay a house edge if there's no house.

Even the most popular cryptocurrency dicing games demand a house edge of 1% or more. This house edge is applied to every bet a player makes - slowly ensuring players lose all of their money over time. Ethbet solves this problem by removing the house entirely, allowing players to place bets against each other instead.

>their website says "no house edge

The Final Step in the Evolution of Online Gambling

With the advent of cryptocurrencies, options for online gambling have significantly improved over the last decade. House edges have become lower, barriers to entry have decreased, and provable fairness has been implemented. Even with these improvements, all forms of gambling force players to pay a house edge to a centralized party, even if that party allows others to invest in it. The next step in this progression is removing the house altogether. With network effects, Ethbet will offer a house edge lower than every competitor. Any player that wishes to maximize their expected return will rationally decide to use Ethbet over other less-profitable alternatives.

>like what now?

First they say "no house edge", then they say "close to no house edge" and in the end every can choose???

Sorry but I believe this is not thought true well

the point is that if two players agree to bet 5 ETH at 50% odds, they can do that with no house edge

so 0 house edge bets sound like theyre possible

yeah thats exactly my point. How do we as possible token holders generate profit then? How could the price per token possibly rise? Everyone is buying DICE close before the payment circle just cause they get extra money...

I would refer you back to So basically, let's say I want to bet 100ETH, there might be no one else there willing to bet 100ETH, so I can offered my bet with a 0.5% house edge, which is still a better deal than all the other dicing platforms, which makes someone want to take it who is rich enough to risk it

based off of like one paragraph it sounds like what happens too is the token holders bet to make a house edge anyway, just because it is more profitable for them. but they wont make it more than 1% so that Ethbet is better than its competitors still

so the no house edge thing is just like theoretial

I still dont get it, sorry. How is putting a house edge on the bet making it any more attractive for my competitor joining the bet?

Red Pulse.

Seems to be a great investment for yuropoors as we get it at ICO price while amerifats and chinks need to buy it from binance.

Yeah desu im goin into Red pulse kyber and the circles icos

Marketcaps are what to look for


Blackmoon ICO looks amazing.
Went a little overboard with all those eye candy aesthetic videos but what they're pledging to do speaks volumes about the project.
Definitely see at least 10x gains on this one, especially with their connections to fiat agencies

How does one buy the coins when a coin ICO's? If that makes sense