One of the biggest bank runs in history = NOW

>he is still buying tokens
>he thinks they will set him free
>like an infant he needs a third party to manage his money

The bankers are literally oozing gold and silver out of their pores now. This is the biggest bank run in the history of man. Are you participating or are you stacking fools gold during this great event?

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nice just bought 100k

what are you criticizing exactly? cryptocurrency investors? people with a bank account?

if you're saying you should own precious metals, way ahead of you

>buy gold
>bury it in backyard
Great investment.

Anyone buying fools gold.

Just so you know what pyrite was used for I will tell you.

Pyrite was used to spark gunpowder in firearms.

Now scroll out to the monthly and note the 2011 sell off.

Bitcoin = like gold

Hope you're good at puzzles with big pieces cause that bag of air is going to weigh very heavy on your minds once you realize that you are too late.

Oh the butthurt is going to be extreme....

Thank you

for the advice

my friend

I will be sure to

cash out my bittcoin

and all of my esper$ on yobit

>he doesn't understand what a bank run is
>he parrots banker one liners because they own him
>he has a lifetime supply of kneepads
You're only missing Vaseline.

if the banks get a liquidity problem and fiat crashes bitcoin is literally the way to go, are you dumb?

Long live the king!

>he's not too bright

The only thing crashing into Bitcoin are greater fools and normies. Have fun with that. If fiat crashes your Bitcoin will have hyperinflate with it to maintain it's "value".

good thing i can anonymously buy gold with crypto until then

Brain damage or worst FUD ever?


Looks like a manic episode. Classic schizoid ranting.

might be tripping his balls off on 'microdosed lsd', who even knows

>at mcdonalds in 2035
>gold has taken over the world entirely
>electric cars banned; steam power returns, world regresses
>walk in
>countergirl was air tight
>"how do you do user?! what could i get you?"
>"u-uh ill have a number two with large fries"
>"okay! your order comes to .02g Au
>*reach into knickers and fiddle around*
>line begins to form behind me, screaming meemies increase
>"err i-i needa run out to my auto, think i dropped .01g"
>awkward chuckle
>"ok user hurry!"
>walk out of store
>get in my 2027 Doble Model E to never return
>people clearly watch pull away from window
>go back to work in the mine
>hopefully the coal haul is good today

Bank runs are pretty much useless now,since fiat isn't backed by gold anymore

I don't think you know how this works
Once you've seen enough of these rants, you can recognise those that are alike. This is just like the others; schizophrenia/manic episode/schizoaffective disorder, whatever the shrinks call it nowadays.

Real money = Gold/ Silver

It is leaking from every hole in their big banker body and their isn't a damn thing they can do about it now.

Bank run = real money being taken away from the bankers of old.

Do you need me to say it slower Block Boy?

i meant he might have tried to microdose it and in his stupidity took a high dose but yes, mental health problems are more likely


All those exchanges have fantastic records. Nothing you do with Bitcoin is anonymous. It is all traceable. Who the hell have you been listening to? I hope you have been keeping tabs on your in and outs. They will know how much you owe them to the penny now with 100% accuracy. You delusional pyrite hoarders are going to be so disappointed.

tell me then what are the advantages of paying in fucking gold? are you going to trade gold coins for bread and water and and gasoline?
you really have to be deluded to think we'll fall back upon that anywhere in our lifetime

Nigga please gold is for fools. Gold doesn't produce anything, it has zero yearly profit, and it is completely inedible or usable. It also only costs whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

Real true value is in LAND. always has, always will. If you were really worried, you'd be buying up valuable land with precious natural resources

>he doesnt know how to anonymously buy things with crypto

i think you are the brainlet here buddy

what do you suggest i do? i have so many cryptocoins weighing me down. should i sell them all and buy real gold?

>civilization breaks down
>gold becomes useless
>most valuable resource becomes life sustaining resources grown on land
Gold is trash, OP.

>as he types a response using a device that has gold in it

Does it hurt being this dumb?

he's either psychotic or trying to make people shit their pants for his enjoyment, i suggest you ignore the idiot

Yes. Crypto only fuels meme dreams and certain slavery. Free yourself and eliminate the counter party risk. Tell me you are smart and don't need anyone else managing your wealth.

Dumb nigger

BTC is traceable,but only the feds have the resources to do it.No hacker will steal your buttcoins,its that secure.
As for the feds,as long as you pay your taxes and don't buy illegal things,you'll be fine

i dont even live in the US, i dont have to pay capital gains taxes

bitcoin is true gold. Gold is just a fake gold

This OP.

Let me break it down for OP.
>gold is now silver
>bitcoin is now gold
>silver linings are now integral

Get it now OP?

this times 100 gorillion bajillion

Goldbugs, when will they learn? Check these sick gains guys, they even lose to fiat.

Hol up hol up
*smacks lips*
so you be sayin that
*Smashes wytegurl*
>war is peace
>Freedom is slavery
>Ignorance is strength

/pol/ syndrome. many such cases here now.


>he is here to save you from certain block shackling slavery

They will watch their exchanges get hacked and shutdown by .gov yet they will still love it.

They will be told the IRS is coming for them and they will still love it.

They will continue to watch it centralize and dilute and they will still love it.

They will watch real gold take control and they will bid rig their coinz up higher and higher in pure delusion and they will love it still.

>They will watch real gold take control
Speaking of delusion.

>not diversifying and having everything

poor people disgust me


Good, but needs improvement

>buttcoiner triggered

It's not too late to save yourself...

Lolz pretty much this. If you aint using crypto just to buy PMs you are missing the picture here.

>still hasn't figured out how to get the bank to buy your PMs for you

Just look at all your block slavery to the bit god.

How much shilling do you have to do to get your nano satoshi crumbs?

I'm not insulting or trolling you, that's my dispassionate considered opinion. See a doctor, get some pills, feel greatly relieved as your brain chemistry normalises.

>buy gold
>bury it in backyard

Are you a licensed psychologist? Your misdiagnosis can only bait me into disproving your arguments. I'll leave the emotional outbursts to you. You shouldn't get angry or upset when someone states a view that doesn't fit your narrative. Like I said it's not too late though. You seem like a good person.

>Your misdiagnosis can only bait me into disproving your arguments. I'll leave the emotional outbursts to you. You shouldn't get angry or upset when someone states a view that doesn't fit your narrative.

>the entire monetary system will collaps and everyone will be paying in specks of gold

Do you think they realize that they were the women and children?

What did he mean by this?

Dollar supposed to be gold certificates/silver coins/copper pennies

Fiat's might crash, stocks will definitely crash, IMO protect youself best with a diversified hedge
>crpyto (never hodl shitcoins)
>when btc crashes, only hold Litecoin and Moner
>actual US bonds (not bond funds)(hold through market crash to maturity, if dollar stays up this works)
>foregn currencies: Euro, Aussie Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Norweigan Krona
>if the crash isn't bad: hong kong dollar (through everbank), swiss franc, jap yen
>longer term: British Pound

And Land will Useless when War Happened.

Thanks for the input, Pajeet.

Of what?

>If fiat crashes your Bitcoin will have hyperinflate with it to maintain it's "value"
Isn't this the exact same as gold? If no one has money to buy gold, the value is gonna go down...

>forgets that PM holders don't give two shits about fiat value
>forgets that Gold and Silver have been used as money for 5000 years

>forgets that BTC hodlers don't give two shits about fiat value
>Forgets that this ain't horse and carriage times anymore.
We will never use gold as a currency again while we have the internet. It doesn't make sense to. Digibyte would be accepted as the world currency before gold.

Gold was accepted as a currency and given value because it was scarce. BTC is scarce, and it can be sent anywhere, and you don't have to carry a lump of metal around. The same reasons gold was used are the same reasons BTC will be. Also pretty sure this is a troll thread but not 100%...

>>forgets that BTC hodlers don't give two shits about fiat value

Remove your fiat value and Jim Cramer will never pied piper the normies into your self created coin hell.

You are getting a bit desperate now.

You would have been better off not even responding back to that one.

>Hey guys check out the ridiculous volatility of my fake currency that can be destroyed at any moment by a various array of reasons

I'd rather just buy gold futures with leverage at least I know a 400 lb hacker isn't going to destroy it or get fucked because it turns out Iran has been trading with me.

BTC and it's 21 million altcoinz are not scarce.

Just ask ETH.

What is the cap again.

What about Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin can't create more than 21 million but yet it can get all pissy with itself and spawn a direct clone of itself and then call it an altcoin?

Keep em coming cause this is getting hillarious as you meme dreming block bunnies thrash about in your own shit.

I hope these shitcoins get listed on a real exchange in some form because the Funds will fucking crush them in a matter of weeks if not days.

>BTC and it's 21 million altcoinz are not scarce
Same as saying Gold and all the other metals aren't scarce. I can go buy a rod of copper for $1.50, so why would I spend $1000/oz for gold? Both are shiny and look pretty, you precious metal cucks are cucked lol.

What makes people think that it's impossible that anyone will ever be able to spoof buttcoins?

Because you need to create a ledger for those buttcoins about where they came from since the beginning of time. And that's not even the hard part. That's the easy part. Next you have to 51% of the whole bitcoin network to sign off saying that those buttcoins are OK.

They already have over 800 times and counting.

They are called altcoins.

They have spoofed themselves in an attempt to give their market "choices".

goddammit who told peter schiff about biz?

Gold? Are you out of your fucking mind? It doesn't even keep up with inflation.

Precious metal cuck, could you tell the difference between Gold, fools gold and a rock a kid painted yellow? Of course you could.

Now at the moment some people are getting tricked by this with the whole BTC and altcoin thing, but this is only a phase, and will pass with proper education, just like it did when people stopped getting tricked by fools gold. This shit ain't going anywhere.

>People aren't even certain of whether these things exist or not
>Quantum computers get implemented
>Your shit becomes worthless when inversion becomes trivial

Lol this idiot thinks bitcoin can be "hacked" and destroyed. You probably believe in Bigfoot too.

People only stopped getting tricked by fool's gold because people got hanged for getting caught. Same thing with Jewish coin clippers.

No one is going to save you from getting jewed this time.

Quantum resistant cryptography has already been made and is proven to work. Some coins already implement it. Bitcoin has it on it's roadmap. Choose another strawman.

what is a protocol upgrade

If the blockchains are compromised (which no one can actually determine if it will be possible in the near future or not based on the growth rate of technology), then it will indeed be "hacked" and "destroyed"

There is a non-negligible portion of the BTC network that gives no fuck about fiat. As it stands, it seems there's far more fiat dollars out there that want bitcoin than bitcoins out there that want dollars, as evidenced by the price.

about 1/5 of the circulating ETH got stolen last year with the DAO hack. They just hardforked to a point before the attack. Everyone got their ETH back. Everyone but the hacker pretty much agreed to fork. The value dropped for a while but is now up over 20x what it was then. Find another argument.

>Banks don't lend Buttcoins
>What is deflation?

Buttcoin is going to deflate until one day that someone discovers a vulnerability that isn't fixed and it goes to zero and never recovers because confidence in it is shattered.

I'll stick to real exchanges run by real people and not 400lb hackers.

Again I'll say it:
>Vulnerability is found on the bitcoin network (never happened before but for the sake of argument)
>Many many people lose their BTC because the BTC network failed (never happened before but for the sake of argument)
BTC will simply fix the vulnerability, and fork to a time before the hack.

>our corrupt federal government
isn't it supposed to be ANARCHIST capitalist?

Speculative. People in the 90s thought we'd have flying cars in 2015.

Stop being a fucking tard. If tech were to suddenly become magic, which is almost what it would take I'm sure there would be a consensus to. Hild some magic protection into the block chain.

You fucking tard

implying we don't want bitcoin (cash) to hyperinflate

>watches peter schiff on rogan
>b b but gold is also online

you can't unfork segwit, once it's in it's (((in)))

>please by my gold bags they are so heavy

And what are you going to do with all this gold you buy ? Pay for groceries with it ?

I'm a big believer in holding physical gold and silver, but that being said, do you have a head injury or something? What the fuck is this nonsense about a bank run on gold? It'sIt fucking gibberish.

Stupid fuck OP doesnt realize who holds the vast vast vast majority of gold in the world. And he says its going to hurt them... Lmao
Kill yourself.

why do so many people fall for the gold meme