Is this tinfoil or legit?


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Oh,many experts have already advised to pull out of the current market.Probably real.Sounds crazy though,biggest recession in the history of the US.

The people running stawks are the same ones running crypto.

So no.....bubbles can never pop.

All your easy money is totally safe with them.

all money will spill into crypto and all us neets will get rich as fuck


I understand bubbles are predictable unless you work as a PRfag for the federal reserve. That being said are Hindeburg Omens real and if so what are they?

You will be filthy rich in hyperinflated government fiat. This much is so true.

Delusional.When the bubble pops,the first thing people do is not go to another bubble,its to cut their losses and liquidate everything.
Besides,forex has a higher leverage and better markets unlike bittrex which takes forever and coinbase which jews you out of your gains

Did you know that Coinbase is owned by Digital Currency Group?

They also own the crypto news site

You can't make this shit up.

Did you also know that a Clinton buddy is on their Board of Advisors?

It's all true yet they still bid rig Bitcoin and people still buy them.

It's truly unbelievable.

What the fuck are hinderburg omens?

By the way, yes, I'm ready to buy the fucking stock dip.

who is the clinton buddy?

Larry Summers

Basically a democratic lackey.

Hence this reaction a few weeks ago:

"All CEOs should quit Trump's advisory councils"

He knows Trump is pro gold so he is lashing out in defense of his crypto buddies.

This shit runs real deep and goes way beyond all the shilling on Veeky Forums.

Hope you know what team you're on.

I pulled my entire 401k out of stocks and into bonds when the DOW failed to maintain 22k

Smart move.

An even smarter move is to move some of those profits into US TIPS and Gold/Silver.

Anyone touching crypto now is asking to get burned.

You can thank me later.

>he is lashing out in defense of his crypto buddies.
fiat diving is good for both gold and crypto, look at gold market correlation with chaos/uncertainty in the trump administration, it spikes at every trump cabinate mishap, big crypto also spikes in global tension points.
Summers is just another big money lizard, he wants to make money on crypto and he wants the lion share for him and his reptile buddies.
The real choice is are you going to try and be some kind of moral anarchist or are you going to make millions and have a comfortable life following the breadcrumbs of the world-eater-tier sperm whales.

The word life and comfortable are two things that should never be put together if you are actually living.

Let that sink in real deep into your protective bubble. Be careful though because it might pop it.

2 years ago Larry Summers was saying we eon't need Bitcoin, we just want blockchain, now he is operating in the Bitcoin ecosystem. If that is not a sign the elites see where things are headed I don't know what is.

I've got 10k in crypto that I made by mining equipment that I'm now selling for my acquisition cost, so basically 10k in crypto for $1400 in power.

If BTC corrects to $700, where I'd effectively be at a loss at this point, my solution is simple: buy more and wait.

>he replies with pure ad-hominem, spouting faux-deep pseudointellectual shite

I was on the fence with you, couldve been a real critical thinker but no, just another fake-woke internet teen

i don't know why anyone hasn't mentioned interactivebrokers , account min at 3000 start if under 25, should be puts on the stock market right fucking naow

this is the meme timeline, this is where u double down,
watch as kek makes all these billionares into millionares when they lose on their shorts

>he thinks I worry about his blessing
>he uses words like ad-hominem and pseudointellectual to sway readers away from the truths that they are seeing before their very eyes

You should probably stayed tied to that fence with your blockchain. It is safer for you there.

Just closed my Scottrade account and asked for a paper check. When it comes I'm putting it all in Bitcion.

They await your proof. Hurry up and get that photo editor fired up quick.

Going off the trends in that bottom graph it hasn't peaked yet.

hurr durr bubble.

You can't even compare traditional markets to crypto. It's completely uncharted territory and has no reason to follow the same behavioral patterns as traditional markets. A lot of deep pockets are starting to come into crypto and this is just getting started. This just could steadily climb for the next 15 years before anything happens. Even if it does who cares unless you're a weak handed retard and sell. I have no problem waiting 5 years knowing it would bring good profits.

bunch of smart stupid fucks

I feel like a janitor listening in on CEO's arguing.

>he thinks long words are impressive

Sure. Just ignore that big IF. IF you can sway them to idolize you. The future does not hold a bunch of assholes trying to mange other peoples money. Instead they will mange their own without you while you sit and try and play god with your ants.

Only to the less educated that you are trying to deceive. You already knew that though.

do you even into dotcom bubble?
The bubble will pop, there are far too many scam coins and pointless noncompetitive projects to come back from that point, like any bubble to do with emerging tech however a few will rise from the ashes and become dominant players in the future of our economies and societal landscape.

you could atleast argue against my points if youre gonna reply instead of shitposting

>you could atleast argue against my points if youre gonna reply instead of shitposting
The only point you tried to make is that gold and crypto should live in harmony as fiat burns.I disagree because they were never designed to agree with one another.

-One is real and physical and one is mental and intangible.
-One is about prudence and savings and the other is about infinite creation and doing whatever it feels like

Welcome to pretty much every self fulfilling scripted dichotomy in the entire universe that the human mind comes up with.

Accept it as fact or be against it because of your own financial interests.

That choice is yours not mine.

that wasnt my point at all and I made several other points backed by hard facts that you've ignored.

Tell me the truth have you missed out on the crypto hype trains thusfar

>putting all your eggs in one basket

Well, problem is, this person isn't the only one saying it. Very respected industry geniuses are warning of a correction large enough to trigger a recession.

I'm waiting for blood in the streets to buy buy buy. I've been waiting a month now, but I'm watching all of this artificial growth predicated on absolutely nothing, so I know that some type of fall is close.

It's the bond market that's totally overvalued right now and is in the most danger, my bros.

Rolling sums are not good statistics. They have very bad time series properties. Anyone who doesn't know this shouldn't make believe that they know what they are doing.

So, Reptilian's have co opted Bitcoin?

>Crypto vs gold

Sorry lad you're not gonna win this one when SHTF

Gold is the all-time champion.

your gay mate

check'd and don't forget Ben Bernanke.

Jewish bankers.

What are Hindenberg omens?

Are they real?

>not hoarding your fiat like a dragon for when the gold, bitcoin, stock and property bubbles all pop at once then buying 4cheap in the aftermath

Is not gold currently itself overvalued, given that there's only one physical oz of gold for every 92 that exist on paper?