go IOC!!!

>ark nowhere to be found

Fuck I knew I forgot one

No neo?

Will plummet down to ~25 USD until November

best time to buy?

No 0x, no expanse, no lambo.

retard alert

where's ZRX
keep up the good work
best of luck

Wheres funfair

whats the blue circle logo next to litecoin

why is tenx a good hold over monaco and that other one?


>no LINK
>no kyber
>no enigma
Why skip all the ICO gains that are coming in September?

cuz he's stupid and people shouldn't listen to him just because he put some coins and text in an image, lmao

Shift looks the not promising. Lowest market cap, and huge potential.


*The most promising

Stupid thumbs

>tfw can't invest in ICO's

Is it really better to always be in the ICO? How important is that to actually accumulating capital vs being an effective trader on the exchange?

Will make an ICO one aswell

LINK looks great dude, did you also get into the presale?


I think so. I got in at the very end of animechan's just before it broke 300 so if the people saying that only the excess is being refunded I'm good. Will be getting a bit more than 24k LINK.

OMG is not teaming up with Golem.

Not happening.

you will have a slow painful death during the next year, just check its 1 week chart

they already did. they will do again with plasma.

Unironically add NEO to the list. Da Hongfei is going to Korea in midseptember for a crypto meetup. Sounds like it'll be listed on Korean exchanges this month.

>No ark
Will reach at least 5$ until end of fall
Screencap this

probably has the biggest potential of all these coins. shame its still relatively unknown

On crack. Should be $300+ by end of year.

Weird, i read it as "the most promising" anyways.
So, Shift looks the same as Lisk to me. The reason I didn't invest in Lisk is because it isn't truly decentralized. Is there any significant difference that distinguishes Shift from Lisk in this way?

>no ARK


the LINK presale price was .13 usd, it will get to 1$ izi on sept 7 then 10$ by q2 next year,
Icos with tech like LINK r too op, thats why (((they))) are nerfing them

How are you suppose to get in on this if the sale is already over? gg?

regular ICO crowdsale is on the 7th, though you'll have a lot of competition. Could also try to buy it shortly after it hits exchanges at less than 2x ICO price, would still have a lot of room to profit.

Thank you, my friend. This list was very informative.

Hopefully I will have some money soon.

Should I just buy all now 1/8th of portfolio in each one mentioned?

Do you know what exchanges LINK will be on?

Etherdelta will probably be the first one.


you wish

You had my respect until this comment. This is what I think of you


OP you have really solid picks in the image, nice.

Can you please explain why you believe this about NEO?

Monaco spent all of it's time and effort marketing and making it look cool instead of engaging the community and building a strong foundation. Hence, it's hyper moon and crash and pump and dump and so on and so forth. TenX has a working product and is taking their time to get everything in order. TenX will be the longterm hold here. Monaco will become another good idea trashed by greedy marketing and pnd faggots.

No filecoin or SAFEcoin?

Is STORJ any good? I heard of it before, but never looked into it. Is it really gonna be used in a project by Kim Dotcom? The market cap is only $95M, that's low as fuck.

Excuse me sir, where can I buy these 'lambocoins'

The only coin that will prevail

Doesn't look too good to me right now. I don't understand the details though: it has fixed $ pricings for the service but there are coins involved? How/where? You have to enter a credit card to use the service? What's the relation with storj coin? How are files stored on nodes, if applicable? How centralized is it? The site says you pay for both storage and bandwidth, is this the case? The prices are quite high (much higher than sia for example). What's this about? Lots of questions, few answers.

Sell your NEO

Also, thoughts on SIA?

U 4got ANT

No. Kim talked about it when shilling his own storage coin idea but it never went further than that.
Overall, it's a dead coin. The main dev left, their CEO left to make another coin. They're centralized because it's easier and they own more than 90% of the coin (premined).
It pumped because of filecoin ico but it will never amount to anything.

Better coin than storj.
Long hold. Good time to buy (or whenever it'll reach 0.006$). It'll likely go back up to 2 cents within a year or two.