Funfair Company Update

>Tokens will be burnt during phase 2
>New exchange listings announced
>Major Rebrand in September
>New games as well as Asia tour

I think we found our next moon mission guys

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Yeah looks good

but I only have 220,000 FUN

anyone else want to talk about this coin?

Kinda want to put a few thousand in and see what happens.

The biggest thing this coin has going for it is the Dev team behind it.

Edgeless, to my mind, offers a much more disruptive possibility. If online casinos do indeed exploit their own customers with observant administration, wouldn't full transparency zero house edge be the way to really seize the emergent market?

Not that FunFair won't be successful.

Observant administration, meaning software exploits to see players hands, etc.

i don't think funfair is meant to be online, but rather in actual casinos
think of it like an operating system

Should I sell OMG for this?

Yes, but get back on OMG once you make profit

Check this out.

>selling omg

come on now.

tell me what you think about it

It makes a pretty bad case for edgeless, and edgeless confirms all of it in their FAQ. Edgeless looks significantly overvalued.

I'd like to stick with projects that actually work like Etheroll and later this month Ethbet

>zero house edge

see post in , Edgeless won't be able to compare to Ethbet once they are up and running

Good coin to drop 300 bucks worth of btc into overnight? Or should I just hold my ~ 2k of btc

Is that even possible? At first glance it doesn't even make tbqh


You know what? I like FunFair a lot, but the logo is just yikes. What where they thinking ffs ? lmao

Thanks for the reading material (ID changed). I actually work in a casino, and have a lot of interest in blockchain-based gaming. I feel like I am living with dinosaurs in management, with complacency rotting us within.

Give it a moment and the shills replying to their own posts in this thread will fake some rebranding slack message soon.


this was on their update from yesterday

The FunFair brand is still in its infancy, and although we’re proud of our unique identity so far, we want to continue to evolve. So we’re working on something which says more about who we are and stands the test of time. We’re also building a more effective website which can speak to the various audiences that need this gaming platform, and which can also inspire a new wave of FunFairers. We’re close to completing this part of the puzzle and you’ll see the results very soon.