They say if you have 10,000 IOC you are in the top 250... Most people aren't... In 21 or so days...

They say if you have 10,000 IOC you are in the top 250... Most people aren't... In 21 or so days... it will be almost impossible to get in the top 250 due to the fact that IOC will be worth way more than you poor fucks can afford.

Get in while you can.

We are putting gas in the rocket. Target isn't even the moon... its fucking Saturn.

September 27th the day crypto changed forever.

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stop shilling you fucking cunt you're driving the price DOWN
everyone knows about IOC now just let it sit holy fuck I'm gonna burst a blood vessel


tech seems retarded.

Whats the point of this vs pretty much anything else?

Its a pajeet coin

I have 2k IOC and I want the shilling to stop. user do you even want gains?

need people to sell so i can buy more

DIONS, dear user

Yeah the fact that people arent buying with this much shill is a bad sign

I hopens MUH DIONS will get this wandering to the top

i am trying to get people to sell

You obviously don't know what it does if you say the tech is retarded LOL

Private Messaging, Storage on the Blockchain, Powering Dapps, and Bitcoin address aliases (instead of 2301rr04501n214ge3 you have like

take this fucking thread down and stop posting the same shit over and over you fucking faggot.


you really underestimate fucking biz we don't have the buying power to move markets like that. now fuck off and stop doing this retarded shit its annoying.

when it happens it will happen, we don't need 10 threads a day

NEVER!!!! i will post til DIONS release hopefully itll be 30,000 sats by then

yeah...and I also said "vs any other crypto"?

Biggest feature is bitcoin aliases.

everything else obsidian can do.

what if i told u i was a obsidian spy



Correction it's anything IOC can do, ODN is not even distributed yet whereas IOC has been distributed freely for 3 years now, with production ready product releasing in 3 weeks. Production ready as in not an alpha or beta but a fully fledged ecosystem which facilitates the use of the native IO coin whereas your ODN coin is simply a token put on top of a niche privacy suite, on top of still being undistributed and most likely non-production ready.

the fact that it is what it is makes it great...

we are looking at an iphone of crypto currencies

sure sia, storj, etc can store
sure obsidian and stealth have private messaging,
sure etheruem powers dapps

but we have all that in one convenient coin (not an asset a real cryptocurrency), and if the execution is clean i can literally see this coin taking over. They are going to be going to Fintech a few days before DIONs is released. Expect people to flock to this token as soon as they truly understand it's potential.


Fuuuuck thanks for the shout out brother. Get some more IO while you can and god bless

and by iphone i mean how useful it is.

before smartphones came out we had to have certain mp3 or cd players to listen to music, a phone to text and call people, computer to email, those cheap disposable cameras or a really big bulky one to take pictures, camcorders to take video, etc.

think about how the invention of the convenient smart phone wiped out the need for a lot of products (music players, some non-professional camera /camcorders, etc)

this coin legitimately will be another step to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain

>pls take my bags

LOL keep shilling faggot

IOC does everything, yet people still manage to squeeze in FUD, really makes me think desu senpai.

Not many coins build for interoperability in mind, they only focus on being unique in a form of a niche coin.

IOC is not just privacy, it's not just one thing, it's built for everything essentially, DIONS is just the framework which can allow for a true user friendly experience. Chameleon is the real fire starter.

Stop trying to get people to sell and just market buy you fucking faggot

Yeah Jesus Christ is it not at a good enough price yet? Fucking dogecoin is above it