When is CV2 going down so I can load up


its on fucking groundfloor. Its your last chance to get it for 4sat. everything under 10sat is a good deal

PRE-ANN for the new COLX coin is coming out tomorrow night. This is the lowest it will be for the next who knows how long. I still need 2m more for MN and im freaking the fuck out cus no more btc available to increase my holdings at 4sats

this is a pump and dump shitcoin endorsed by the infamous group XTRABYTES dont buy this piece of shit

Where do you guys usually get it ?

Thats the reason I'm getting it

Link to discord? right. you don't have it. because it doesn't exist.

Novaexchange is most recommended because Yobit's coins are being sent to Nova for the upcoming swap. Afterwards, the coin will be mainly traded on Nova and Cryptopia. Cryptopia has currentyl disabled trading and left a message warning users to send coins to Nova for upcoming swap.

Cant load up novaexchange... Is it down or something ?

working just fine here, try a different browser.

Tried it with IE and FireFox no luck. It just times me out. Here is the error message that I'm getting This site can’t be reached

novaexchange.com took too long to respond.
Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall
Running Windows Network Diagnostics

make sure its the right web address and not a phisher cus its working well for everyone except you

I have all my coins on yobit should I move them to nova?

Yes, the swap is taking place on Nova and that's where you shuld expect to see the largest volume of CV2 in the next 2 weeks and onwards. There will be many inactive coins left on Yobit which will be burned during swap.

absolutely. you'll get fucked if you leave them anywhere else.

So what's going on with this shit?
I bought like 50000 3 fucking months ago for 2 sat apparently, I thought it was going to go up.

Guess I'm up 100% now, kinda cool. Not much money. Is this going to pull an RDD and go up to 100 sat or something?

trips confirmed 100 sats

PIVX dev is working with them to swap to COLX (aka PIVX lite). it'll go up quite a bit but I dunno about 100 sats. I think 30-50 is more reasonable.

Instead of just saying something because you heard somebody say it, maybe you should do some research.

people where fudding this to get price to get lower to buy cheaper lol.

hope people where buying, its going back up to 5 sats.

So I have 32.5M of this coin, bought at 2. What exactly is a masternode and how do I profit from it? Can anyone explain please?

you will need 20mln CV2 os 10mln COLX to run masternode. It is to verify network transactions when it will go fully POS. You will just put exact amount in your wallet and you will collect POS coins + fees from transactions that was validate by you.
Last chance to buy it for 5sat, only 0.18btc worth left on sell orders. We are going to 10sat till the end of week. Today at 20:00 there will be ANN theard for COLX on bitcointalk so you have still time to jump in before new wave of bitcointalk users

Alright thanks. Got a source for me on how to acquire a masternode and just some general info about it?

So far we have only roadmap. Swap will be till december and masternodes will be avaliable around december/january. So far we do not have more informations. Today will be COLX ann theard on bitcointalk and there should be more detalis

pre-ann comes out today, but you can swap your coins on sept 15th, and it will last till dec.

it could be 10sat today

This is the day the market will truly decide where the price belongs. Current price is the bottom.

Holy shit. This coin is severely undervalued.

we're going to 15 sats if the market reacts the way it's suppose to. Only thing standing in our way is Yobit pajeets but I think they're gonna get the memo with the PRE-ANN today

Practically no one is selling below 5 sat now, only 1 BTC to clean 5 sat out on Yobit

yeah. Nex COLX blockchain is kind of PIVX lite with PIVX lead developer on board. It could be next XVG-like flight. x10 is really possible and x20 its not impossible

6 sat wall being eaten holy shit this is an actual moon mission isn't it

strap in lads, 15 sats in a few days

it will be 50 sat till 15th